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when it will be released in html or wordpress

google translator

May be in 2 months :)

Hi. Looks great and stylish. Good luck with sales! ;-)

Thanks you liked it :)

I can hardly wait for the HTML version of this awesome piece of work!

Thank you very much :)

You’re welcome! Please what I have is Photoshop CS5 and the minimum version (you said) is CS6. Does this mean I can’t open the file unless I upgrade? Is there any harm in trying to open the file?

Yes, you can open it in CS5 version, but don’t hit save button. You might experience some blank area or missing button effects etc. It’s totally safe :) You can always re download the purchased file from “Downloads” tab in Themeforest. Thanks

This template looks very professional. I will be waiting for WP version. One question, would you offer customizations with a fee once WP version is available?

Yes, I can help you out :) But it could take upto 3 months before the wordpress version arrives.

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Hello Azyrusmax,

When I open the PSD file it asks me if I want to flatten or keep layers. When I choose Flatten, the design looks okay but it is uneditable, and when I choose keep layers the orange header and some other elements are missing.

I’d like to keep layers but it seems some layer elements in the design are missing? :(

Please help?

If this is a photoshop CS6 versus CS5 issue can you please save as a CS5 compatible file and send to me via email? It is urgent please. :(

Hi, I’m really sorry, there is no way to do it. What’s your email ID? Thanks

Please let’s discuss options I can have. I don’t want to put my email on the board so I will send you a message via your profile page.

ok, thanks


I wonder if soon be available for Wordpress.


Not soon :( looking for developers

Hi there, I’m a bit confused. Is this a working reservations theme or it’s just a graphic design? I’m not sure what this does or how it works.


Hi, this is a graphic design. not working version.

I would love to see a WordPress version of this! Excellent Design!! :)

Not working on the WP version at the moment. But will do in future. Thanks

and can upload a screenshot where you can see the issuance flights. http://awesomescreenshot.com/0cc2itbt74

Sorry don’t understand what you are trying to say.

here http://awesomescreenshot.com/0de2itjz6d (ONE-WAY Bangalore->Chennie) if there are several flight shoulders.? eg Bangalore->Chennie, Chennie->Moscow Moscow->Bangalore. and if there are several flight shoulders. such as round trip with transfer!! how will it look?

Hi, I can not help you out, since you are not a buyer of the theme, also modifying the theme will cost you money if you need my help. Thanks


I am looking for a meta search to star an online hotel search business. Can this work with OTA and API. I also want to go direct to smaller hotels and BB to give them direct booking. please let me know if you can help

Hello Where are the installation of this design Do you have a link demo Review

Hi, this is a PSD template and don’t have any demo link. There’s no working version available for this. Thanks

thanks of rapply this PSD work with wordpress or ….