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Travel Agency Bootstrap Template

Travel Agency Bootstrap Template

This travel HTML site template is made with Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5 and JS frameworks. It is fully responsive with amazing text slideshow! It includes 26 .html pages and most importantly flight, cruises, hotel and rent car pages as they are functioning perfectly!

Travel agency WordPress Theme

We have updated template, last update includes: a new (2nd) version of home page (with video background)

Travel Agency Bootstrap Template - 1

Travel Agency HTML Bootstrap template has a blog where you can view all the posts in either right side of the page or left side of the page, the same goes with the posts itself, however, if you want a user to view your post on the full page, that is possible too, basically, you can choose it with your own taste!

The template gallery is fantastic with Masonry’s working script! Moreover, you can choose the languages for your website and if you do not see the one that’s yours, you can add it! All in all, this website template is one of the best travel agency bootstrap responsive template.

One of the most important features that websites need nowadays is device responsiveness. Computers are not the only machines able to access the internet anymore. People use smartphones, tablets, laptops, even smartwatches and iPods, more often than PCs, which is exactly what drove us to make this template device responsive – it changes design according to the device it is viewed from, hence it looks good on any of them.

Travel Agency Bootstrap Template - 2

If we get some requests from our customers for an easier-to-manage version of this template, we will create a WordPress version as well.

Template package includes following 26 pages in .html format and 3 files in php formats:

  • index.html
  • about.html
  • gallery.html
  • flights.html
  • search-flights.html
  • booking-flights.html
  • booking-flights-page.html
  • hotels.html
  • search-hotel.html
  • booking-hotel.html
  • booking-hotel-page.html
  • cars.html
  • search-cars.html
  • booking-cars.html
  • booking-cars-page.html
  • cruise.html
  • search-cruise.html
  • booking-cruise.html
  • booking-cruise-page.html
  • booking-success.html
  • blog.html
  • left-blog.html
  • post.html
  • left-post.html
  • full-post.html
  • contacts.html