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Great design and the idea is amazing ;)

Thank you louiejie

I love you!

You have a customer here for the WP version!

Hehe thanks

Please reply my mail.

hi, when will you have the html version ready? I will purchase as soon as it becomes available, thanks

I think at the end of the month. Still working on it. Thank you

Wordpress version at the end of the month?

Thank you for letting me know!. In a SEO perpective will you add a blog in a subdirectory or subdomain?

It will be a simple html page so i don’t see how i can do a subdomain. You will have to do that from your server. Also if i will make a blog page it will came later as an update because i don’t want to postpone the release date.

Thank you for answering my questions. I am truly looking forward for the WP version. Thanks!

Awesome Design. I very like it! ;)

Thank you

hi, when will you have the html version ready?

This month

Anyone knows where to get the backbone (HTML or CSS) for this template?

Hello, Is not released yet, it will be in 2 weeks.

WP version ASAP please

Awesome template. Big Time Saver. Used the same couple photo in my flyer. Its amazing!

Used it too in the past for a flyer :).

it’s seems perfect! good job. how long does it take for purchasing? Will you use any framework like Bootstrap?

Hello fornaxed, Didn’t quite understood your first question. But if your asking for the release date i already anwsered few posts above to PeterPer. Yes it will be Bootstrap 3 based.

Thanks for your quick reply. I got it, I will purchase it when it’s relased :)

Hey Chief,

Any update on the html version?

It’s almost finished, i’m preparing it for the release. If tomorrow night is not up then surely Monday. Sorry for the small delay.

Hi, nice template btw. I just want to make a question, if i purchase the first release, and surely it will be new updates ( correction of bugs, and new pages ), do i have access to download the new releases with just one purchase?

Thank you, looking forward hear from you soon.

Yes, you go to your downloads: http://themeforest.net/downloads and download the theme again after any update.

Thank you for your quick reply! Good job!

When will the html version?

Well, but what then?

The theme is finished ,i’m retouching it. It took more than i expected. Please have patience one more day.

Hi, very nice. Please tell me if this template it is responsive (for mobile). Thank you

This is a psd file. But the html version will be responsive

Thank you. Here I will find when will be done the html version? http://themeforest.net/popular_item

No, i will make an announce, you can follow me here or you can come back tomorrow or the day after that an check if we release it.

Hi, I was about to buy the PSD version but you mentioned html version is on the way. How long does it take to be available for purchase? Thanks.

Thanks, I will wait for 2 more days. :-)

Sorry if I asking again, Is today the release date or it has changed? :-)

It should be up by now, it’s waiting for approval

Thanks for designing such a nice theme. I guess you also designed the Modern Touch UI Kit for Pixelkit, didn’t you :?. Instant follow :)))

Yes i designed it the initial design was this one :). Thank you!

Hi, your template is very nice. I purchased the psd version but would like to know, since you announced, when it will be available the html version. Thank you

the html is available here

Hello! I would like to ask you to this template and you can buy the admin of this program?

Hi, i don’t quite understand your question, but you can find the functional version here http://titanicthemes.com/demo/?theme=travel maybe it helps. Check in the menu for dashboard.

when you gonna release the WP version please?