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Hello, I bought this theme yesterday thinking i could book flights, cruises and reserve cars according to the homepage layout, but i now realize i may be wrong. Can i book flights, cruises, cars also or is this only for hotel?


I bought this theme earlier, I thought I can install it and set hotel name for booking according to website, but It’s just HTML page, there’s no SQL database and php files to install it in cpanel, how can I install it?

The support helpdesk on your site is not working. I created an account but the password is not sent out to my email so I can login. I tried resetting the password but that also isn’t working. I noticed you released a new version of the theme on 21 April 2016. Do you have a list of the changes? Has the release been approved yet as I cant see any changes to the theme. I’m guessing I wont get a reply as the people above didn’t.

Hi jamesking71 in order to create an account you need to use the username on the market (jamesking71) and the purchase licensecode. I searched for your username and didn’t find it in the user list so please try again and if still doesn’t works send me an email true our profile page and i will make an account for you. As for the changelog there were only minor changes.

I sent an email via the profile page. Do you have a list of the latest changes and is the new release available to download?

Hi Titanic Themes.

I really like this HTML theme, and i am considering purchasing it.

I would like to ask before i buy -

Do you have the original PSD file on the blue Paris image, that you use here -

Link To Template With Image: http://titanicthemes.com/demo/travel/blue/intro2.html Link To Actual Image I Am Talking About: http://titanicthemes.com/demo/travel/blue/images/parisbg.jpg

I would really need to be able to use this image, but i need to be able to change the Paris landscape background to something else.

Do you have the original PSD file on this, so i can use the nice blue gradient overlay, but change the Paris back ground on the image ??

Thanks – It would be awesome if you have.

Please let me know…...

Hi Titanic Themes

That’s great. I just wanted to check, as it is only the Blue image that i really wanted, and i wanted to make sure that the original PSD file on this is included with the purchased item. As i would want to change that Paris landscape image to something else.

I assume you have this image setup as a PSD, with the Paris landscape as a background, and the blue gradient effect overlaying it ??

So long as this is the case, i will go ahead and purchase.


This is how the PSD looks http://prntscr.com/b4zy9j


Thank you for showing me that.

Yes, so to confirm, you have the Paris landscape as a background image and the nice blue gradient separate.

I just want to check, as I really like the blue gradient effect, and wanted to be able to change the image from Paris landscape to my own.

I will go ahead and consider purchase sometime shortly.


HI, check your site titanicthemes.com is not visible !

Thanks essence!


ino_ok Purchased

Hello, I just purchased this theme and I have problem when installing it. It said that there is missing stylesheet. Correct me if I am wrong, I upload the themes folder only which are blue, cyan, green, and orange. Could you kindly provide me the detail instruction to install the themes. Thank you.

Hello Ino, Where did you tried to install it because this theme is HTML/CSS3 only.


ino_ok Purchased

I tried to instal it in wordpress

i go through this template and realy i like it ,, but i have some qustion first in order to buy it ,, i am asking about if this template have an easy back office to update (rates, information , photos , etc )) ?

also i see some comments here talking about how to install it in our website ,so i am asking what we need to install the template in a website just transfer the files to the file manager and start to edit the html codes or do we need to have sql and data base also ?

Ahmed Yahia

Hi zoser0, This is an HTML Template only meaning that it has no easy back office. And it’s not a WordPress theme so you can not install it on WordPress.


Hi Buddy, This theme is not for WordPress.But we are going to launch one pretty soon witch is for wordpress here is a preview http://kallyas.net/demos/travel/

Hello, I am interested in buying this template. I will want to know if you can integrate it with my website for my at www.wangotours.com, It runs on PHPTravel and same design flow. Thanks

Hello Quatillion, Unfortunately we don’t do custom work. We recommend Envato Studio https://studio.envato.com/ , there you will find lots of tallented developers who are willing to help you for a certain fee.

do u can change this template to rtl for persian language?

It doesn’t have Right to Left version. But is easy to convert it

Add this class to custom.css

.reversed { direction: rtl; unicode-bidi: bidi-override; text-align:right!important; }

and add class reversed to your paragraphs.


sample text here

and will show up like this: ereh txet elpmas

Hi, i want to ask you where i can find the photos that you have to your example with (paris , santorini and rome)

thank you

Hello Kornebif you can try shutterstock

Hi, what is the estimated time for the dashboard components: messages etc. to be ready thanks.

I am interested in this theme. Is this a marketplace theme? Does have an add listing option? Where can I find the Add Listing URL?

Can this theme be used as a job board for freelancers, where the freelancers can be booked for a few weeks in a row (e.g. book a film editor; 4 weeks in August).

Can professionals approve/reject their own listings?


We would like to ask if the theme has HOTEL search filter, according to location (location i a specific country). We have seen that there is similar filter for cruises section.

Thanks in advance,

Is it possible to integrate an API to this theme so it pulls data from a third party travel agency?


Couple of pre-purchase questions:

(1) can you change colour of theme easily? (2) is demo content included? (3) my aim is to use this for a different business and the website will have a different purpose other than booking a room, car etc. – what we are thinking is more in line with Air BNB…...is it possible to easily update buttons and fields that appear in menus? For example change the tabs from ‘car’ to something like ‘Truck’ and ‘Guests’ to something like ‘Driver’ ? (4) do you have demo access details to check out back-end?


Why the design does not contain templates for hotels, although the template name itself uses the hotels title

What do you mean ? Travel Agency purpose is for you to book hotels. The name hotel is a relevant keyword. That doesn’t mean that it must have hotel templates.


mf0411 Purchased

how i can refund Travel Agency – Responsive Hotel Online Booking because i think this wordpress theme

Hello mf0411, You can read everything about the refund policy here. If your case is one of these you can open a ticket for a refund at envato.

Does this HTML theme can be used with an Affiliate API?

Witch one ? Usually the websites witch offer affiliates services have their own design and offer a few options for you to easily embed their products in any design. If this this is what you ask then yes.