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Beautiful Template!
I couldn’t find reviews under details page, where can I see it? Thanks

My bad, seen it. It looks awesome


Great template, but could you give an estimate on the WP theme? Will it be another month? Or 6 months? Otherwise I will convert it myself but don’t want to waste the effort if your release is close.

Such a beautiful theme. I must say outstanding stuff!! Can you release pages for Best Deals, Vacations and pages for Train booking as well?

Thank you! Vacations packages and train booking can be easily made from the existing pages. Best Deals i will think about it.

Also when are the admin pages coming ?

Don’t have a release date yet, we are busy with the WordPress version maybe after that.

Hi… i updated the slider revolution to the latest version … and some of the features in the theme break. For example when resizing the window, the tp-caption does not disapear and reset – it keeps on moving down … under the search form … Any thoughts?

Hi, can you give me a link on our support forum ?

Awful, awful theme html/js/structure, yea it’s beautiful but it takes a lot of your time refactoring and removing duplication :S Sucks big time. Only one star from me.

We know, you said that 2 times already.

Yes I think having this in wordpress would be awesome! Put it in word press and charge 60+. I am not familular with any other sites unforunately. Is bootstrap fairly easy to manage?

Hey! Do you have any live website that has bought the HTML template? Also if is there any of your customers that have converted into WP version? Thanks a lot for your answer, Regards.


I try to download this file for the last two days, but it stopped when it comes to 99 %, the Item reached daily download limit. I only download it once using Internet Download Manager but why did the item couldn’t continue. Please help me fix the problem? Is it problem if I use Internet Download Manager? Or I have to Use a manual download?

Hi, I couldnt download because it still reached the limits in these two days, that means already reached 50 times, but I only tried yesterday to download without using Internet download manager but failed, please could you help me fix this problem, I really need to use the template :)

Hi, send me an email from our profile page, and i will get back to you with a link from our server.

Hello Sir, Very nice theme and i really would like to buy this. But just need a clarification, how will the hotel infos and flight infos will come to my site. I mean how will the hotel rates and other infos get automatically update. Same in case of flight search. Please reply asap.

Hi, for hotels reservations we made a plugin where people who want to add a room will have to login to add it and the owner of the website must approve that room.

For flights we will make an integration with expedia and you will get a commission from those reservations made from this website.

Now these features they will be available only on the WordPress version, witch we are still working on, and we don’t have a release date yet.

Currently this template it’s only available as HTML so you can not book anything, only if you hire someone to develop it further for you and use this design as template.


when I could buy the template in wordpress? I’t really urgent


hello. How do I put a space to between search bar and slider. this; http://titanicthemes.com/demo/travel/blue/index7.html actually this; http://islamicholiday.com/
https://db.tt/gTxGbtpz I can write css but slider code is very complicated and maybe can I use yours solucion for this.

Here is an example.

You can use this structure <div class="container offset-0 z-index100"> <div class="slidercontainerr"> <div class="col-md-4 "> <div class="col-md-12 scolleft"> Left content </div> </div> <div class="col-md-8 "> Slider </div> </div> </div>

thanks. yours support is awesome.

How do I change the width of the slider??? For instance, I added the slider in a new template with a 4 left and 8 right column. I need to shring the slider down by 50 px or so. I am struggling to see where to adjust it.

I feel like the index7 template is a hair wider than the other pages. When I click back and forth…something with the pageheader class?

Hi, Edit index7, search for “ACTIVATE THE BANNER HERE”. And you will find the slider settings there. You will need to change the startheight:446. If you change the height you will also need to change the data-y=”371” position of the black label.

when it will come in cms like wordpress & joomla… it’s urgent..!!

Hii Sir

i am going to purchase this template but if tell disclose the word press template launching date that i can purchase it if are able to launch ti within one month…pls reply


I’ve the same question as many here. Please give us an idea when the wordpress version will be released? I too have to work on a website for my client and your template would be exactly what my client is looking for. The only thing is: it needs to be WordPress for my client! It would be awesome when it would be with the visual composer or at least compatible with this great plugin. I think it would be the best selling wordpress traveling template on themeforest!

So please :):)...I’ve a deadline for my clients website. It would be such a big help to hear when you’re planning the first WP-release. Then I’ll know if I can wait or (unfortunately) I’ve to look for an other template.

Hoping you’ll respond. Anyway….such a wonderfull template!!

Impressive job and incredible design, congratulations. I decided to go with it and will have some pages prepared for Joomla. Can’t wait for wp. Question: I’m surprised that you didn’t prepare a standard basket page offering checkout or continue shopping options? Thank you, you deserve your success!

Thanks, i didn’t make a basket because this is not a shop. You have a payment page. http://demo.titanicthemes.com/travel/blue/payment.html

Hi, Great looking theme, i’ve just bought it and i want to incorporate using the loading page (z-wearesearching.html), so that when someone clicks on a book now button for one of my hotels, it wil first go to the loading page and then transfer them to another page, so that it looks like it is searching, how do i get the loading page to point to another page? many thanks

Thanks. You can make this work with php or ajax. There is not a simple way to do this, you need to ask a developer to do it for you.

Don’t quite understand your question. This is a html template, so if you think you will install it and press a buton and will change your actual design then no.

Hi, I love this theme. Do you have WordPress version of this theme? I Search but there has no WordPress version, so do you have plan to make WordPress version?