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Hi, this is a very good theme :bigwink:

There’re news about Wordpress theme? I looking for something like this theme now.



Can you assist me how to disable the navbar responsive???? thank you

ok just to understand, I just replace that files to your theme and delete the meta tags????? thank you

Ok, already fixed everything, just last question, how Can I disable the zoom to the top header at mobile, if you zoom the page the header get smaller and Cannot see the menu, do you know how to disable it??? thank you

I can not help you blindly if i don’t see what you did there, and if you don’t tell me what do you want to achieve. The purpose of the responsiveness is so that you do not need to zoom to see the entire page.

If you disabled the responsiveness than your device automatically zooms closer to see the page at 100%.


Are you planning to release a WP theme in few weeks time? I know that it is a non-trivial task. If you can say something about the release date, I could wait to buy it. I am looking for something very similar. I may not need all the functionalities now. Just a demo site at the moment.


really good job on that template, just some question if you can help me (i am not expert, so my question will look so):

1 – do i have the right to keep the pictures in this template for my website use?

2 – do you have a mobile site, or responsive it self is enough?

3 – all the items mentioned in item details i get it for the 16$ ?

4 – our main work will be API integration through PHP, is this site suitable for that?

thanks in advance :)


1. All stock images are just for demo purpose only and NOT included in the final purchase files. You must purchase them here.


2.You are the only one that can decide if responsive is enough.
3.Those are not items, they are features. What you see in the demo is what you get.
4.You should ask your developers they will surely know if they can integrate it.

That’s the point of the template after all so that the developers integrate this design template into whatever they want, they can make any CMS/eCommerce website (Wordpress, Joomla, Cs-cart, magento etc) if they are skilled.

Hi TitanicThemes team,

You do not answer any more questions regarding the WordPress release date. But I have another question.

Do you develop/convert this PSD travel theme to a WordPress theme?

I read the support tab and I read the comments. Based on your comments half a year ago it seems like you were not able to convert the PSD travel theme to a WordPress theme in half a year time. Which is all okay.

But that looks like “perhaps we develop a WordPress theme or perhaps we cannot be bothered for the WordPress theme”.

Best regards, VTech

To be short, yes we are developing it to WordPress, so don’t worry.

tHi, When can I buy this theme for wordpress? Can you let me know the month in this year?



gnx Purchased

Hi. I would like to disable the navbar collapse when scrolldown. Is it possible? Thanks.


gnx Purchased

Any support?


My site for hotel booking only, hence i removed the option from search box for flights, and so on, and put the search button to up, but now white area under the search box,,, do you have any ideas or suggestions what to put there,,, Thanks Ahmed

One more thing,,, how i can customize for multi language,,, and can you do for me,,???


Nice Theme but can you please tell me why your top menu doesn’t seem to display nicely – the menu runs into the top banner image with no spacing and looks bad?

1.yea as I indicated before the menu seems to look really basic with the menu names touching the top of the banner image and bolded font with no spacing!! and some of the letters actually overlapping the image banner with a large block of white space above it. The menu would look better centred in the white space with nice rollover menus that change colour. That’s just my opinion but possibly that’s how you meant it to look! If so do you have any plans to improve the style with say rollover menus or a highlighted block colors behind as you hover. Happy to provide a screen shot but where do I upload it? Also I am viewing it with Windows 7 and have tried IE, Firefox and Chrome but all looks the same. 2. can you pls provide an approx. date when you are releasing WP 3. TY

One other thing… just noticed that none of the menus work apart from Home and Pages and their drop downs! Is it meant to be like that?

That’s how i meant to make the menu. It’s basic so that people can change it as they want. Now to answer your last question yes i meant it like that.


gnx Purchased

There is more support for pleople who don’t purchase the theme… mmmm

Hi, Sorry for the late answer i was away for a week and answered only the easy questions.

We have a support forum where almost all most common questions have already an answer, You can check the forum for a solution. Here it is http://titanicthemes.com/forum/forums/topic/static-top-navbar/ .

Or you can open a new ticket.

So my client bought this theme and ask me to convert it to WordPress.I have to say , the effect and visual thing are great.But if you look under the hood.And find out how you put js file , CSS file , that so horrible.How can you put so much separate js and CSS in different folder.And call js function right on your HTML file.This thing make me crazy.You have js file in assets folder , dist folder , js folder , plugins folder , update folder.Dude, that’s so hard to maintenance thing like this.Yes this theme are good at visual and effect thing.But i don’t like the way you organize the file.

This is awesome!;

Thank you!

This is the second time i post the same questions without answer,

1- My site for hotel booking only, hence i removed the option from search box for flights, and so on, and put the search button to up, but now white area under the search box,,, do you have any ideas or suggestions what to put there,,,

2- How i can customize for multi language,,, and can you do for me,,??? 3- where is the registration page….???

Hope someone will support

1. I can’t offer support for something that i didn’t do. If you make modifications regarding the design you are on your own. If something doesn’t work properly i am here to help you, but i see that this is not your case, you want “suggestions”. So the support is for things that don’t work properly.

If you remove something and you want to replace it with somethingelse but you don’t know with what, a webdesigner must think for you, with what you can replace it, and how it should look. The designer costs also his work.

If still need suggestions please use our forum, someone will help you there.

2. You can’t change the language. Only by hand replacing words from the source code. Also there is no registration page, only login page.

Keep in mind that this is an HTML template not a Wordpress theme.

Hi. I need support. But I didn’t understand how to contact you for support. How?

Hi, you can open a ticket here http://support.titanicthemes.com/

Hi! I saw you mentioned are working on wordpress theme. I have a client interested and I need to give him an estimate. So, could you please tell us when you plan on launching it? Thanks.

hi, you can have the version for drupal cms?

We don’t have plans for drupal.

Hi. Thanks for creating this amazing theme! waiting WordPress release.

Nice theme! waiting for WordPress release.

If you can please provide some tentative timeline, will help in taking the decision to wait or go with other wordpress themes.

Hello Titanic Themes

i would like to use different datepicker instead of jquery-ui.js datepicker. When i disable datepicker form jquery-ui.js file it also disable slider and may other feature.

Do you know how can i disable only datepicker from jquery-ui.js


Edit all the js’s from assets/js witch start with “js-”+“name of apage”.
Ex: edit js-index.js.

And delete the code that initialises the pickers
jQuery(function() { jQuery( "#datepicker,#datepicker2,#datepicker3,#datepicker4,#datepicker5,#datepicker6,#datepicker7,#datepicker8" ).datepicker(); });

Solved, Thank you.


how to show the hotel name on the map tab,,,, i mean when you check the hotel location on the map in hotel details page,, it shows only the area and the red mark to the hotel,,, but it doesnt show the hotel name on the red mark Thanks

Here you go made some changes to the marker. Add this lines to initialize-google-map.js
Check preview here

var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map-canvas'), mapOptions); var contentString = '<div style="color:black; width:200px; text-align:center;">'+ ' '+ '<span class="bold">Mabely Grand Hotel</span><br />'+ '<img alt="" src="images/smallrating-5.png" />'+ '<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam auctor aliquam felis, sit amet.</p>'+ '</div>'; var infowindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow({ content: contentString }); var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: myLatlng, map: map, title: 'Hello World!' }); google.maps.event.addListener(marker, 'click', function() { infowindow.open(map,marker); });