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I have used this theme but I have get errror for jquery.themepunch.revolution.js as

uncaught error

Please help me

Did you add or change some of the jquery code? If you can provide a live link i will take a look.


What’s the easiest way to go about keep the grid of units in place when going below 992px? I took out the side bar of the list page and am having trouble getting the grid to not convert to mobile mode. There seems to be plenty of room on the sides though.


Don’t quite understand the issue. Can you give a live example or exemplify true pictures ?

Hi there, Am I able to install this template into Dreamweaver to edit?

Many thanks

Yes you can edit it with any editor.

Hello ! I want to ask you if it is possible that each hotel can self-administer their own availability. Can you check the availability of each day? A screenshot would be great. Thanks!

Beautiful Yes, but in fact it is useless. I already represent as I will drive in 500 hotels into html, I didn’t notice operation of the filter on the price (it that for appearance? ) Sorry, that so skeptically, very much I wait this subject on WP

Is useless for someone who doesn’t know what to do with it and precious for those who do.

Hello! You can use this theme on wordpress?


Hello Teresa, no you can not.

Thank you for helping

Hi, i am trying to add an autocomplete field for the fly from city text box , or any other city, it is not working at all due to compatibility with the revo slider, please can u just give me 1 autocomplete? thank you

solved..just seen it :) sorry and thank you for this marvelous Template

for you to know, i’m using your theme from my client. he bought this and want to convert it to wordpress.

here are some advices from me

- your design is best! but, - your file structure is horrible. dang! i got headache when i tried to convert it to wordpress. you can see more than one JS folders. rs plugin folder, js plugin folder, js folder, js folder inside asset.. what the…

come on guys! i believe you can product better

hiks… now i’m stuck in the middle..

hi, i would like to know if this template is working with Bootstrap 3.2.0


You can download the original bootstrap 3.0 http://bootstrapdocs.com/v3.0.0/docs/getting-started/ file and compare it to the one from travel with this app https://www.diffchecker.com/ and see the differences

thanks… i’ll try…..

hello again! are you planning to separate the code you included in the original bootstrap.css? i have tried to do it as you told me, but I had not been able to make it work :(

Its really a great template i have seen. I will like to purchase this template for one of my client. Before that i like to know 1) When the remaining pages will be available which is shown as coming soon in admin section. Or that pages are available but not shown in demo. 2) if i purchase now and remaining new pages are added in this template then is it possible to get that updated pages? How much updates i can get in future release.

Waiting for your reply

1. They are not available, we don’t have a release date yet.
2. If you are a purchaser than you can download again the theme anytime you wish, including with updates.

would be possible to test the function of the admin panel before buying? I need to understand if there is a management booking for hotels and flights

Hi, this is an HTML Template so it doesn’t have content management system.

I saw immediately after .

I have purchased the template on today only. but while downloading its ETA for download shows about 11hrs. Can i get any FTP or other fast downloading support?

Hi, send me an email using the form from this page http://themeforest.net/user/TitanicThemes and i will give you another link

Thanks it get resolved.

Hi TitanicThemes! Great design. Looking forward to buy it. One question though – how difficult it is to convert it to Drupal template? Thanks in advance

If you don’t know how than is difficult. You must ask a developer that knows Drupal to make it for you, and he will not do it for free.

hi, i liked this template very much, i saw in the demo that the search is actually searching and running some script in the background. I get it it is not a cms, but does it has a backend where i can put hotels details and the search would work like the demo, or it is just an html template and i have to do all that ?

It’s an HTML Template

Hi! I have to change the icons of the menu into intro.html page ….how can I do this?


You either change them from the sprite witch is here http://demo.titanicthemes.com/travel/blue/images/sprite.png Or make new sprite.(Add image in sprite.png and add new css class).

If you don’t know what an image sprite is you can read more here http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_image_sprites.asp

You can also use icons from http://getbootstrap.com/components/

I’ve been reviewing this template before purchase and found that the mobile menu on my Android phone using the FireFox browser is quite unresponsive.

When you do manage to get the menu to open and manage to get the ‘Pages’ sub-menu to expand it’s near impossible to scroll through all the items. Trying to scroll down just scrolls the page in the background.

This happens due to the Nicescroll plugin that changes the natural behavior of the browsers scroll. If you delete the line that loads nicescroll than you can scroll fine.

Here is an example page http://demo.titanicthemes.com/travel/blue/indextest.html

Great, I’ve tried it and works fine. The Nicescroll plugin isn’t needed for anything else then?

The nicescroll only styles the scrollbar and gives a smooth scroll on desktop browsers. But seems that is not that usable on other devices.

Hi. When you plan to convert as word press theme?

@ycyuksel: This same question about WP version has been asked for almost 1 year now and TitanicThemes answer is: check support tab. That’s all you will get from them :( Maybe in next year we will receive the answer at least!

Great design guys! Would you be willing for some commission work to get the search feature working?

A tip. Do the research field as the User type. In search of hotel eg an image if it appears enter a city representing the city, if you enter a hotel, that an image that represents a hotel. Example http://www.booking.com/


Don’t quite understand tip… but i think you want a city page.