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Is there a plan for bugfix update of theme? I would concider buying it.

If you are telling me witch are the bugs for me to fix them.. Next update will be somewhere around next week end

hello, when I open the site the calendar doesn’t work and I haven’t change anything…any idea?

What browser do you use? In my preview it works ?
Don’t forget that each calendar must be initialized

$(function() {
    $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker();
    $( "#datepicker2" ).datepicker();

where do I initialize it?

Depending what page you are modifying, each page loads for ex. js-index.js or js-intro.js or js-list.js from ”/assets/js/” folder

For support questions you can use our support forum

A truly successful work. Would it be possible to install on the home page Google Maps with locations of the hotels, to pop up? I would pay for your extra effort. Thank you.

Thank you. Yes it can be done. Please use our support forum and i will guide you trough.

Hiya, great looking theme, and good functionality, i’ve been looking for several months for a good foundation. You still planning on adding about/contact/team etc pages? or at least a typography / grid layout options page showing all the header / text options and things? Will probably buy if i know you’re going to add some pages to it :)

Thanks mate, looking good :)

great news, thanks bud, i’ll buy the theme by the time the day is out today :) (client getting bit annoyed about delays with the project so need to get it started, i’ve tried 2 other themes for this project but they’ve got bugs all over them).. thanks for your support :)

by the way, just testing with iPad, the main nav at the top retracts up as you scroll down as with desktop version but the white main menu bg stays large instead of shrinking up.



I will look into it. Thanks

exactly which files were modified? Thanks

No, you will see 1.2 changed to 1.3 when it will. You can check the item updates list as well for changes.

You promised to complete the missing pages. but still not updated.

Please have patience the update will come, this Friday or Monday. It’s not that easy as you think to make these pages.

Hiya, i’ve purchased but download keeps failing saying file corrupted.. it’s around 309MB file which i would normally be able to download in a few mins (i run 130MB/s Fibre optic) but it keeps saying time to download is 6 hours (then fails).. is this the file or is this Themeforest servers today?

Thanks :)



Ohh… 3rd time lucky! ;) < 1 min download this time :)




Love this latest update – looking forward to more.

Glad to see the multi-column drop down menu I discussed with you made it into the template. It’s a must have.

Yes, I’m still a very happy customer!

I’m still holding thumbs on that dashboard backend version… Any ideas on an ETA?

Next week i will release another update. The dashboard will be there.

Wonderful news! Really looking forward to it.

Hiya, thanks for the updates so far.. just starting to get my teeth into it and start to understand your structure used for the files..

Please could you let me know where i find the css etc that controls the top menu collapse and expand elements as i need to configure for different logo size etc. struggling to find it anywhere.



You can always use something like this
img.logo {width:120px; margin-top:-10px;}

I was trying that, although i was using img.logo {width:200px; top:-30px;} but the problem is that when the menu shifts up, the logo goes up beyond the top of the browser window, essentially, when the menu shrinks up, i need to reduce the top:pos to like 20px or something at the same time.

I did try in the .js file adding jQuery(’.logo’).stop().animate({top: ‘20px’}, 150); but that doesnt seem to do anything.

any help would be appreciated :)

Thanks for you quick responses



Its easier if i can see your page i can’t help blind. For me its easy, you either move the logo up or shrink more the logo when the menu is small.

You can open a ticket on our support forum and guide you there.

I love this theme ! I have a new project for a travel agency. Hope this theme satisfy them. Can’t wait to work on this.

Thanks Dario

Is this included back-end system for admin to add hotel, tours, vacation… or new page?

This is not a CMS

hi purchased this its really nice just need to know when will all other features will be available in user profile? secondly we need dashboard which is showing in menu but don’t seen any page

waiting for quickest reply

Hello, The Dashboard is under coming soon same as the other grayed links. I can’t tell a fixed date because i don’t really know how long it takes for me to finish them all.

It may be this Friday or the next one.

Hope this was quick :)

hi, I am following the discussion since weeks. lot of ideas and solutions / updates going on! But I would have a basic kind of question (hope not to “blond”: Is this template database ready or comes with a demo kind of database? For example: The great looking page: http://demo.titanicthemes.com/?theme=travel The rating & review…: is a modul/javascript already in the template in order to show the ratings? Add to Favourite: is there a javascript in order to do that already there? The images of the Travel page: Database driven or a gallery kind? Same question with room rates and the rooms details images…. Database driven – database ready or single image in order for your costumers to install the database script and links and so on… Same with … You may also like… Database..?

I don’t think it is database driven, but I would like to be sure… Best regards from Austria Martin

Hello Austria,
Hello Martin (:

As i said before this is not a CMS (Content Management System). The theme was submited to HTML Templates. This means that is no CMS therefor has no database.

The purpose of the theme is for who finds it attractive to build a CMS upon this design. So if you want you can buy this theme and hire someone to make it for you what CMS system you want, maybe you want wordpress or maybe you are familiar with joomla, magento or cs-cart etc. Or if you are familiar with HTML you can use it as it is.

That’s why is called a template and not a theme.

When we will release the WordPress version (but not very soon), WordPress witch is a CMS then you will have also a database to manage everything.

I hope i answered your question :).

Nicola Mihaita

thanks for reply! I do have a travel .html database driven page already. Another page with wordpress as cms…. , and Joomla aswell…, BUT I thought I better ask how you did that “showing of images and information on the template”.

It is not a big deal to get the data out of database and connect the page to it, BUT a lot of work for sure… But even as it is – with no database etc. – your template looks great and the price is quite unbeliefeable low. Grettings!

Merhaba, Joomla 3.2 ile nasil kurucagiz?

Hi, Could you please explain in English?

hi. I have a lot of visitors (Romania) who has IE 8.0 :( What should I do to be compatible with IE 8.0 ? There is a chance to update the theme for IE 8.0 ? I want to buy the theme.

Thank you very much. Multumesc :)

Hi Viorel, Unfortunately no, i don’t encourage people to use IE 8.0, we have to move on. Here are some browser statistics trends. IE usage is decreasing each year.

You can use a notification & teach your clients to update their browsers.

Hiya, there seems to be a bug with the carousel sliders.. if you only have 3 items, the 3rd one dissapears until you scroll, and then the last image always dissapears off the end.

can you give me line number fix if poss please as i’ve got all sorts of custom code embedded so need to fix separately (as apposed to waiting for update)

Thanks for your help (client waiting to see project but can’t show till i get the carousel working)



You didn’t do something right here is a working demo with 3 images.

If still you fail doing it, please use the support forum and i will make the changes for you.

sorry, i should have been clearer, i’m talking about the carousel’s on the homepage (todays top deals and featured offers). if you only have 3 items, you’ll see what i mean.

Also, got major layering bug on the homepage slider on the ipad, when you scroll, the main body of content goes behind the slideshow image.

Thanks for your support



edit js-index.js
search for “jQuery(”#foo”).carouFredSel({“
There you can declare how many items are visible. Replace visible: 5, with visible: 3,

For further support PLEASE use our support forum.

This information’s should be only available for buyers.

If anyone has the same problem as you then its easyer to search the forum travel category then reading each post.

how can i remove the three boxes “search”, “Rome”, “Cote d’azur” without any other change

Please post from the user you bought the theme, or use our support forum

Excellent theme! Please create the same eCommerce… :)

Thanks! We will try.

Hey. Great theme, overall excellent.

I have a bug (?) I need your help with. On all of your index pages, the slideshow AND font do not respond / scale down for smaller browsers. The image seems to move down and any font simply disappears on the sides. Please provide a fix. Thx.

Thx for the prompt response(s)...

The example you just email is a cropped image, not a responsive image.

As per your theme, all of the images in your template are landscapes (shot from a long distance with a wide-angle lens). B/c of this the photos includes lots of detail (ie.. the photo of paris shot from far away that shows the entire city).

With these types of photographs loosing portions of the image is not a big deal b/c the viewer still gets to see some of the content and understands what they image is and what it represents.

But when you use other types of photos (a headshot or a photo with lots of white space) the problem is more evident.

As an example swap out rome.jpg with test.jpg (girl on the beach) and you will see that this photo does not render correctly. Instead the girl is shoved all the way left and you only see a portion of her shoulder on the smaller screens.

The entire image should be displayed and simply scale down.

This is the effect that i wanted for this theme. I modified the jquery.themepunch.revolution.js to keep the distances in height for the elements inside de slider when you resize the window.

You can use the revolution slider that fits you best http://themes.themepunch.com/?theme=revolution_jq

You will have to change rs-plugin/js/jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js

the fullscreen.css

and change the slider initialization code

If you can’t handle to make changes i will guide you true the support forum.

I submitted a ticket on your support forum. thx.

Nice work, I’m ready to purchase. Do you have any plans on completing the other parts of profile sections? The ones that you have marked as “coming soon”. If so, when do you expect to be ready?

Yes, i will release an update Monday. The complete profile page will be there also.

Hi,there seem to be a bug in intro3.html.Elements (button,input…etc.)in the page will be disable when resize the browser to smaller or in mobile’s browser.

Please check and fix it(class “bck01” in intro.css ?). Thanks!

Add explanation: the problem if possible in js-intro3.js???

I think its a transparent div in front of them i will look into it later today and give you a fix

Edit assets/css/intro.css line 198 and change #tabs1 to 5 z-index:100; to z-index:1000;