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Hi, there seem to be a bug in details.html on the ipad and iphone. not work elements(datepicker) room rates part.

please check and fix it.

thank you!

Find this line
<div class=”col-md-4 center offset-0”>
add left class
<div class=”col-md-4 center offset-0 left”>

Thank you your help!!

updates today?

It’s waiting themeforest’s approval, you can check back later today or tomorrow morning.


i did receive a mail that its updated but on demo its not showing any difference

You now have a dasboard, about us page, blog page, and the user profile with all tabs

Latest update is awesome awesome awesome! Thank you!

Thank you mystus, glad that you like it.

Hi Template not working good in safari in ipad and iphone Can u try it in safari and u will see ;) 10x u for nice template. Great jop.

Thank you asaafh. You can open a ticket on our support forum and tel us what exactly is not working , the device used and browser version, and we will look more into the details and fix it.

When we move up the page the background photos not move up. And when move up the page contents is going nested. ?n ipad iso 7.0.4 safari

I will look into it. Probably touchscreen devices don’t support scroll events.


I think this is one of the best HTML templates on themeforest, bravo

can you fix the bugs/incorrections for IE11, if yes do you have any idea when you can do that ?

Thanks CHeers UOU Apps

+ just by curiosity, why did you opt for a 1100 grid and not 1170 ?

You get a conflict, delete also the nicescroll initialization from list js-list.js . Regarding the grid, for no reason, it was a grid system that i was used to work with. I think the reason was that i worked on a 1680×1050 screen and the proportions are better when designing on this screen.

if you’re talking about removing this: <script src=”assets/js/js-list.js”></script> —> i did it but nothing changes on the same link

Hi, A very beautiful template. I would like to see this with a CMS. I will pay you if you can help me customise the template and create a CMS for the same.

If interested, you can email me: ishankahuja89@gmail.com

Regards, Ishank

Hiya, just downloaded the updated files.. I’ve made various modifications to the design, can you let me know if any of the js and/or css files have changed so i can only replace the files effected and leave the ones that are the same.

Guessing the actual html pages and the assets/css/custom.css are the main changes? unless you’ve got round to fixing that seriously annoying bug with the ipad and mobile devices???

if you can’t fix the ipad scroll / layering bug on the slider then please let me know as i’m gonna need to abandon the theme completely if you can’t.. guessing that’d just be a refund situation would it?

Cheers for your help

Please use the support forum & i will help you with the changes.

nice template but need some help .. cant acces it .. the docu not realy shows me how to set up the backend.. password to the backend.. need i code all this stuff or is there also a backend like wordpress .. sorry for this quest but i completly new to this kind of templates and cant find any stuff in the web maybe sombody can help me..

or maybe you have any easy to edit backend solution for non coder?

Unfortunately you can not, you must hire a developer to do it for you.

ok thx

Do You think obout mooving Your Html into WP theme?

Don’t know exactly about when but i am thinking about it.


We are a online B2B/B2C travel agency and we love your work and we have a few points if you please help us with answers :

1- Can we ask to add more functions for the B2B part and can you do it for us with extra cost ?

2-Can that theme linked to our CMS and it functions ?

3- How we can purchase the complete copy right of this theme ?

We appreciated your help and support.


2 – It can be if you find a developer to do that for you.

I have found a developer and i have already give him the requirements for the B2B functions. What about the copy right please ? and thank you so much and we do appreciate your work so much you are one of a kind we can a sure you that as we are in this traveling work for 11 years so no one has done a clean and modern template. good luck and keep up the good work …. Thanks

Selling you the complete copy right for this theme means that i must remove it from here. Are you sure you need the complete copyrights? I must need to know for what you need it for.

We will have to talk more by email since this getting a private conversation. Please use this contact form or our profile page contact.

Also thanks for the kind words.

Hi, I like the template – nice work. I’ve noticed one little thing: in Chrome menu drop down (Home, Pages) on Home 7 get’s behind the slider. I have a screenshot if you need it. Thanks.

In my browser looks fine. Screenshot.

i want buy the theme but the theme have aproplem with IE

this contain the (original html files) or theme only

Only html and psd files.

What would you recommend as a good editing software? Dreamweaver?

You could try sublimetext if you are a developer, it has lots of features and you can install many others, like for example Emmet.

Thanks. What about web dev software with visual editing?

Sorry i can’t say that i know any good wysiwyg editor.

Hello, when this theme in wordpress?

thank you

Hi, when you have full dashboard.html?

Most likely next year..End of January, early February

thank you

I really like the intro pages. I was wondering if you have a template in a similar layout. Instead of having a search function,on the right, can it be other content?

Unfortunately no but surely i will make one in the future, or an update on this theme.

3pre-sale questions: a)Is there a way to disable the slideshow b)custom side bars? c)login page template? Thank you. Theme looks nice. Definitely worth more than 16!

Sorry if i wasn’t specific earlier. Let me try to rephrase :

1)I meant removing the slideshow completely.(is there a toggle in the dashboard to turn off slideshow completely?)

2) custom sidebars = different sidebars on different pages

3) login/register page for sub-agents (travel)

Omzen this is not a wordpress theme you can’t do these things by a simple press of a button, this is an html template.

oops my bad :(

Hi Team,

Really awesome template. I want to purchase this template. If there are any updates after the purchase, how can I get those updates? Please tell me….

If you hover your username, you will find a section named downloads, there you will find all the items you ever downloaded from envato.

You can download any item again for free, even if it’s updated.

Also when an update is available you will automatically be informed by email.

oh great thank you :)

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