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Hi, I would like to get a quote and know if you can connect to an API with your theme? If you are able to do this work I would like to talk to you some more. Thanks

Please use our website contact page and send us more details about the api.

I’ve seen that you are working on the “elements” page. When will the page be available?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Hi, somewhere at the end of january

I would like to use the for my homepage. But I’ve seen that if I do add more rooms, they are not visible at first glance and one needs to scroll down. This is something not clear and easy to understand for every user. Therefore, are you studying a solution to make this part longer, thus every part can be viewed at first glance? Or do you have a solution?

Yes i know what you mean, you can add as many rooms as you wish, i will try to find a solution for an automatic scroll, this should solve your issue.

I like a lot your blog page ( and I would like to know when you will have the wordpress version ready?

Hi, i’ve already bought this template, would be nice to have a table example added, since i need a big table to show our prices and there isn’t any example on the page. Thank you, keep the good work!

Do you mean a pricing table? Maybe i will make a sample. If you want a clasic table you have some bootstrap samples here http://getbootstrap.com/css/#tables

Dear sir, interested in this template, but I would also need some text pages, please advice if text pages are in the near future planning :)

Best regards


A page where just text is to displayed, which is important for > conditions of carriage > terms and conditions etc..

something similar  to:

would something like that be possible :)

But i dont see the point for a page like this.

You have the about page for example. You just need to delete the content and write anything you want there.

Hello, very nice template In your blog.html file in the carousel under you have some comments e.x. (“Visit the Hawaii Beaches”), which don’t show up on the page. Can it be fixed? I would also like to see some text pages. thank you.

Hello, Those captions were copied by mistake from index7.html page but you can make it work if you change in custom.css this class like this:

.m1 { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #000000; margin: -71px 0 0; padding: 10px; position: relative; text-indent: 50px; }

I love this template. One is I am having is in the List View #4 the images get all crazy. They become really stretched tall on mobile device widths. Do you have a fix for that yet?

Hello, Fix it in the demo. You need to edit custom.css and remove line 1671

.listitem2{background:#efefef; width:100%; height:100%; overflow:hidden; position:relative;}

Hi Guys,

Awesome template, however when I try to use “sort filters” on demo page and search it’s not doing anything? can you please let me know why is that?

Regards Zee

So how I am going to make it work?

You must build a CMS upon this template.

oh, sorry I haven’t done this before, I usually just buy templates and install on a CMS i.e. Joomla Can you help me with any links of how to do this?

May i make this template like this?


Thank you for the answer.


Didn’t understood the question. The structure or the functionality?

wp version please :superbashfulcute:

Hi! Nice template! I would like to know if it provide also a registration page or frontend submission for hotels and, in the first case, if once registered they can manage their offer by themselves (availability calendar, reservations etc…)

Best regards!

No. You will have to wait the wordpress version for that.

Hi, just a few questions: Is it SEO optimized (meta tags, h1, h2, etc.)? On the from page you have 4-star ratings blue image, do you have similar ones for other star ratings?

thank you.

It is a template so saying it is SEO ready is not actually correct. Its more like SEO Friendly and just waiting for someone with expertise to work their SEO magic.

Regarding the 4 star blue ratings, you have the PSD files so you can make the rest. If you can not do it i will make it for you, just open a ticket on our support forum.

Thank you for your reply. Do you include php script for Contact page? If yes, is it AJAX-based?

Hi Dev Team,

Great product and anxiously waiting for your Wordpress conversion. :D As this seems like it is in the works, could you please incorporate woocommerce and the vendor plugin. Do you guys have any availability for some customization about 10 or more hrs of work, if so please shoot me an email with cost per hour estimates. I can provide more details on project scope if you like.



I regretted that chose this theme. you disrupt the structure to bootstrap. I can not move the way I want. theme imposes its own structure.

What do you mean ? It is the same grid system you can make any structure you want. I only changed styles and colors.

And this is how bootstrap works it imposes its own structure. If you want other structure you must build your own framework.

I should organize their size slider? what the cstyle05? Where height is changed? Today’s Top Deals area consists of two lines for both height specified. Not for this document. Not at all descriptive information.


This is a great theme and I like it. I believe only one page is missed. it’s booking confirmation page that should be appear after the payment page. Do you plan to add such page to the theme ?


Thanks. I will keep that in mind and probably do it.

Hi great looking theme. will you release a wordpress version soon?

We are working on it, don’t know how long it will last. Last time i said at the end of January but it will most likely be at the end of February. It’s hard to estimate a fixed date. Apologizing for those of you who are waiting this theme, please be patient.

Hi,will the wordpress version be ready within the next two weeks?Am realy looking forward to it. Regrads

Unfortunately no.

Hi is this a wordpress theme?

No Axel, it is an HTML Template

how can i upload i’ve a web domain would like to use it!

Log in to your ftp and u upload it to public_html folder. If you don’t know how you can send me an email with your ftp details and i will upload it for you.

hello. work with api travel operators?


Unfortunately No. But the WordPress will have a connection with booking.com api.