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please fix your forum

I will look into it tomorrow morning.. i enabled an older backup until then. Thanks

Please help :) I am a truly beginner. I purchased the template but I would like to know if I have first to upload it through the ftp to customize it or if there is a link that I’m missing to enter into a intranet area with my license code. Thanks

Hello Simona, I think i also answered you by email.

Hello, beautiful template! I wanted to ask, buying the template I can use the new updates or I will have to buy back another time the template? Cia and thanks Simone

Hi, you don’t have to buy it again. When a update happens you will be notified by email and you just go to your downloads menu under your profile and download the theme again for free.

Hello Wanted to know if I can be able to integrate this theme into wordpress,is it possible? Regards

Hi, HTML Templates are not for Wordpress. You need to hire a developer to make it wordpress or any other CMS for you.

Hello, I am a developer but I have only used your wordpress theme. I am a new developer, so I wanted to know if customizing this is very difficult. As well, would it be easy for clients to make small changes in text etc after the development is over? like wordpress?

Thank you.

Hi mberner this is html, if you want an easy customization wait for the wordpress.

Great theme! I was wondering if this or the WP version will allows admins to connect the site to our reservation system through API. This is a feature that is crucial to this industry in order to maintain and update inventory. Thank you!

As i said before only the WordPress version will allow you to do that.

can you explain what is regular license means!and if i buy can i edit the template, remove footer and link back?what covers the regular license?


You can read everything about the regular license here http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular . Also yes you can remove the link.


When will the dashboard (admin) design finish? I am waiting that part to do a purchase. In addition, could you make an email template with the theme? I think it is more useful than the blog page.


Hi, I want to create website for travel services, to what extent I can use the existing template under regular license ? – can I add actual cars to car rental part of the site? I cannot see it in the live demo. Also can we modify the template and add interpreters page – with photos and information?

thank you,

If you want to make a website only for you then you need a regular license. If you want to make one end product then sell it to more then one client then you need an extended license. You can’t add cars since this is not a CMS only HTML.

Hi there,

Fell in love with the template as soon as i saw it and purchased without thinking twice or even going through comments for issues – i have seen many templates on this site but this beats many by miles!!...

Can’t report any issues for but want to add on what Andology wrote 2 months back – I purchased this couple of hours back and every time i try downloading the files it shows time to download 3 to 4 hours and eventually it hangs up – one of tries i reached 97% after 1.5hrs and it froze.

I hope I get lucky as andology in next few tries..

I only need your email, you can send an email true our contact page and i will reply back.

Fantastic and now after several tries I get this from themeforest

This item has been removed as it has reached the daily download limit. Please see this Knowledgebase article for more information. You may still download your License certificate & purchase code for this item.

I can not wait for another 24hrs before I begin few more trials – Please can someone from your team have this fixed ASAP?

Most probably Themforest blocked it because you tried to download it to many times. I sent you an email.

How does this take card payments. Are there portals such as Worldpay built in?

Could this just be used for Airport Transfers and Car-Hire?

This is an HTML template it doesn’t support card payments.

Will the Wordpress version?

The wordpress will support paypal. Will have a personal booking system and a api implementation with one of the big websites out there. The airport transfers is something that we take in consideration i can’t give more details since is under development, i don’t want to spoil everything or give fake hopes, you will have to wait.

You can follow our profile and when the theme will be released you will see it on themeforest homepage, top right corner.

Will you be doing a Wordpress version for this. It looks great?

We are working on it.

Do you have an approximate date…just a general idea as it’s a potential business tool for us – thanks

I answered that question on previous page.. it’s hard to estimate a date.

waiting for the wp version to buy

When a new update?

Hi, you will get an email when any update is available.

is there anyway to purchase this theme with perfect money? paypal is not supported in my country and I need this awesome theme…... thanks

Hi, unfortunately no. Envanto only accepts Paypal and Moneybookers.

When are you going to release the pages that are in “Comming Soon”. And where could i contact you for support. I’ve already purchase this item, and i was wondering to get those templates. thank you

Hi verza,

Don’t have a release date for the update, i am still working on it. If you bought the theme you will receive an email when the update is released.

Here is our support forum.

Hi, just purchased a template – very nicely done. Do you plan on adding a comparison table? It would be very nice feature on About Us page for example. It would be nice to include video as well. thank you!

Thanks patric. I wrote them down, maybe i will ad them to the update. The comparison table it’s a must have so most likely it will be in one of the updates.

Thanks again for a great template!

Great template, we have customized it and are complete with our full build and now would like to have it responsive for mobile & tablet. Can you please assist us on the best way to get this done? We noticed some responsive css files but not sure exactly how to use best.

If you need assistance please use our support forum.

Hi. Any word when will the Wordpress version will be available?


I answered on the support tab.

Hi, very nice theme one question do you have a fix for caption on the slider in IE9 every yhing is on one line but in google chrome it`s oke


Hi, you can ask support questions on our support forum. If you can share a screenshot it will be helpful, also if you specify the page.