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hi, on your request a make a login but get no password by email


Tell me your email or username i will reset your password.

send you pm username = marco

Could you provide different designs for pages like cruise, vacations,taxi etc. as all page results are similar designs. Also would appreciate if you could provide more page designs in admin panel.

Cruise, flights, transfers, rent a car, and activities is something that i work on, so probably they will be available in a future update.

Registered at your support forum, but didint receive password???

also the password recovery does not work: The e-mail could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function. this ist the word press error that appears

Thanks for pointing that out. You can try now to recover the password it should work.


is there any chance that, you create FAQ page, early?


You can easily make a FAQ page with the element’s that the theme has. I wil think about it, there are more important pages than FAQ, like for example the flights listings.

i really like this teplate and i noticed that you guys are working on a wordpress version which is mentioned in the support tab.

do you already have a date, just to know it is worth waiting?

how can I slider sliding stop?

Please post true our support forum i will help you there, also provide a link to see what exactly you mean..

I joined to your forum. I’m waiting to be verified.

Hello 5pixel, i don’t see any ticket opened on the forum, i can’t help you with something that i can not see. So please also post the question there.

Why did you rate 4 stars the daily brands item? because it has nothing to do with travel.

:( – hope you have a good lawyer..

Thanks for pointing it to me it should be down soon.

Cool! Hope it is successfully


I really like this and I have some pre-purchase questions:

1. Will there be a wordpress theme version? If yes, will it have all the options as this one, and when can we expect it? (It’s quite urgent for me)

2. Does this support payment gateways and are they already integrated?

3. How do you add hotels, rooms, flights, packages, etc. THrough the dashboard or??



1. Check the support tab.
2. The HTML theme doesn’t but the WordPress will.
3. Again as point 2 this is a plain HTML template as the name says, it is not a CMS so you cant add anything only if you edit the code. Only the WordPress version will have a functional dashboard from where you can change everything.

Thanks for the answer, I scrolled through all the comments and I see that you also plan on channel integration so I’m definetly buying the theme when it comes out. Can you tell me what payment gateways you plan to include? Will it be woocemerce compatible? That would be sweet. Will we be able to disable flights for instance? I don’t need them on my page for now. Also, do you plan to include a customizable section for bookings, something like cars and hotels, but where you can cusomize the type of service you offer…for instance golf, horseriding, etc…? That would be a great plus for the theme. And how about the possibility of giving discounts for customers that pay in advance? I know this is a lot of questions, but I’m willing to pay you extra for some of these options ;)

Hi there,

Could you provide icon for sina weibo???


Hello, the theme is beautiful, but the scroll bar of the browser becomes almost invisible. How can I change this to a regular scroll bar? Thank you.

Hello eu12clid,
Please use the forum for support questions. You can browse for solutions there.

I already answered this question here http://titanicthemes.com/forum/forums/topic/how-to-normal-scrollbar/ .

Hi Awesome,

Can you provide either less/sass or stylus for your css files?

Currently no, but in the near future i will consider using one of the above.. since variables are really helpful.

Hi, I understand that you already mentioned about wordpress theme development in the support tab. But I really appreciate if you can post a tentative timeline(1month, 3months …) of the release so that I will be in a position to make a decision of waiting or moving on..Thank you and sorry to bother you with this query.

hi Thank you for the beautiful template, We want to buy this template. Is there a new update?

:) What are your expectations from the update? I will make an update with additional pages soon.

Thank you for your interest car rent acar, restaurant, search results page vb.

I see you don’t support IE8 which currently holds 21% market share. Do you have any plans to add this support? Also what are your plans for IE11?

The theme is partially working in IE8 but making support for IE8 it’s a big headache, i prefer to encourage people to use a more modern browser.

Really can’t wait for the wordpress theme :) Do you think its released within 2 month? or you really can’t tell?

awesome theme, I noticed that you said your will add more pages soon, so what pages you will add ? how soon of the updating?

Flights, cruise, car rentals and transfers, activities and some other pages. Next week probably until Friday.

I saw in the support forum that you said that at the end of february Wordpress Version Will be Ready, is this true?, what is the date, i will definily buy this theme if there is a wordpress version.

Please give us a Date!

Please check the support tab for FAQ’s.

Great theme; three questions before I buy:

Can this theme be integrated into Joomla 3 cms (which now has bootstrap backend framework)?

One reason your theme stands out from the crowd is that payment is integrated and does not redirect to Paypal. In order for this to be secure do I just need a good e-commerce hosting company?

Say a room was booked, does the theme update the database so no one else can double book it and it appears as unavailable?

This is an HTML template not a Joomla Theme, it doesn’t have a database.