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Does this come with a backend database for flight booking?

What a great looking theme! I’m very curious if you could provide us a very rough estimate of the wordpress live date? Is it developing as planned? I understand that i’m asking the impossible but i’m holding off a great opportunity for this. If there is a way in which I could further help…?

Hi, great theme! Are you planning to include a page with a grid for text use? As those pages often have also about us, company infos and so on and it’s kinda hard to do that without a text grid (makes it much more easier) and also like picture on the right, on the left…basic stuff actually :)

Keep up the good work!


I wrote it down, a typography page it’s gonna be on the next update.

Cool, great! Thx!

Something else. Ever thought about a megamenu? Like it would be great to include travel offers directly within the menu, like a advert or so. Just an idea.

Forward to Wordpress theme – great work.

Hello dear developers,

? have a travel agency. if my it purchase this product on my name can he put all the inputs and make the site 16$ really? and does the booking modules work great because in demo it doesnt go futher than booking which i mean i couldnt see how the booking process goes like the invoice, hotel voucher and credit card statements are all work proper? If we nee to add currency converrter or weather forecast are these possible with the regular licence? Thanks for your prompt reply

Hello! I love that, congrats. I need the WordPress version that everyone is waiting. But I ahve one question, will the price update like on that demo site? By adults quantity, by children, etc? Will it have Booking API? <3 Will it be integrated with woocomerce? Or are you developing your custom “ecommerce solution”? We are at the end of March, I have bought 2 templates here on themeforest, and I’ve asked the refound of both of them, because they are useless, so I’m very impatient about that launch. Also I will only use it for 2 hotels, no flights, anything else. Will I have the option to disable all the other items? I am able to pay extra money for some features also. I need that.

Thank you, I wait to hear soon from you.


Please answer my question, I need to know if I have to wait, or if the theme will not make that, so i can move and search some other solution. Thanks.

You said that you have one question, i counted 6 questions. When Apple releases iPhone 6 you can’t ask them questions. Will it have a bigger screen ? how it will look ? what about the camera ? They will not answer.

If i say now that it will have all of these features and till we finish the theme i decide not to release one of the features you will say that you waited for nothing because you waited for that specific feature.

It will not be woocomerce, it will be a custom booking plugin, and you will have the possibility to remove the flights feature.

Haha! Yes, it will have bigger screen ;) just kidding, I like your acctitude man. It sounds really good, but PLEASE, trust me, consider in having extras (maybe this can be in a future release, but for the start release; the price should be different depending on how many people is coming. Please consider it, it will help lot of people that. I wait for your awesome release! Come on man! Go for it!

I think that when you release the the wordpress version, you will get a lot of money, we are all waiting for this, your theme looks really awesome, consider adding a feature where we can manage the amount of rooms available for each date, that would be so great.

We will be so exited if you let us know any release date. :)

Best regards

Fantastic theme TitanicThemes!!! Congratulations!! We also are waiting for the wordpress version in order to purchase it :D We will use hotel and car rentals modules, we would like to know if the flight module can be deleted/unactivate… Please let us know release date in wordpress platform!

Best regards

Can you make a version that supports right to left layout like Arabic language?

Never taught about this feature but i will take it in consideration.

thanks a lot, I really need this feature too much :)

Hey, I have displaying Turkish characters in my theme. I checked the ”.ttf” file of the fontawesome it supports the Turkis characters,but when i use a turkish character such as ç,ü.?,?, the site shows a ? symbol. What can i change to see the Turkish characters in my site.

Hi, you can use html codes for your character. http://www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm
I think I’ve found a bug in the orange style: in this page: the color of the small down arrow is green in the orange box on the left hand side where its label is: 9 vehicles found

Fixed it.

  • Lacking proper documentation and example pages (NO bootstrap examples doesn’t count). having an html page saying that you’ll have a WP version of this plugin isn’t documentation.
  • There’s a lots of file in this themes placed left and right without a clear file structure, basically is a freaking mess.
  • It looks like parts of theme is just copy paste from other pages without any cleaning, there are many left overs in the code, a simple example, in the activities page the html comments as mentioning hotels :S very frustrating.
  • There’s no clear html structure/css design, it seems to me that most pages of this theme was just thrown together till the looked good and then released.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone buying this theme if they don’t take a good look at the html/css structure via the demo page.

Don’t want to disagree with you, and i appreciate your comment but i don’t think this is a one star rating template, as you rate it.

If you don’t like it why did you bought it? You can always ask your money back.

Have a nice day.

Might not be an one star theme, three maybe? I was very frustrated at the time I was rating it. To answer your question, I couldn’t see the Documentation from your demo site, there isn’t a link there. I couldn’t see the file structure from your demo site, it’s a site. From a quick scan on your html/css structure I show some parts I didn’t liked but I wasn’t expecting it so bad.

Refunded, thanks for the try.

Woaw, what a nice template. Will it comes any CMS version like wordpress or joomla? Great work GLWS! :D

Wordpress, and CS-Cart after that.

CS-CART?? When?? I will it :D

I think I’ve found another bug here, you’ve made a login page which is very nice, but you didn’t make a section for displaying the logged-in username in the top menu, also there’s no registration page. And by the way in travel websites user can login at any time in the site, so you need to implement a pop-up login dialogue so the user can login from anywhere from the site

Thanks in advance :)


I am really interesting with this site, however still confusing on the functionality of this template. Is it your template has similar function like this site http://www.tripbooking.info/ ?

So, can I connecting to affiliate booking site like agoda, booking.com, wego or cruise affiliate ?

thank you very much



I am really interesting with this site, however still confusing on the functionality of this template. Is it your template has similar function like this site http://www.tripbooking.info/ ?

So, can I connecting to affiliate booking site like agoda, booking.com, wego or cruise affiliate ?

thank you very much


No this template doesn’t have these functionalities.

+1 woocommerce. Be nice if the wordpress version had a way to import flight and hotel data automatically too!

Hi! I’ve bought this great theme, and I’ve successfully installed it in my hosting…I wanted to know if is possible to access from the admin control panel and add post and pages? or should I use ftp to upload files? thanks

btw, when would be the WP version ready to purchase?

do you have any other similar theme (travel agency) that i can use in wp? thanks

Hi, unfortunately no.