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Hi TitanicThemes, nice template, but have many things missing and I need them urgently: 1- login status for the logged-in user in the top menu 2- login dialogue 3- signup or registration page 4- notification message (like success or error message) 5- loading gif or box to be displayed while rendering part of the page

We are not your personal graphic designers :). This template is just to have something from where to start when building your personal travel website.

-You have all the elements there to make a signup/registration page.

-Notifications you have them also since is bootstrap based you can find more about the code here http://getbootstrap.com/components/#alerts .

-Preloaders you can find many here http://preloaders.net/en/popular .

Of course you are not my personal graphic designer but you should know your clients’ feedback so you can avoid mistakes in the future.

And what I’ve asked for are missing things in your template that are supposed to be there in any theme without asking for it :)

Anyway thanks a lot for the information you’ve provided

Hello everybody. I am Andrei, the owner of Russian travel agency AviaBay. We provide online booking service for our customers. I have purchased your theme and we translated it into Russian language. You can find it at http://www.aviabay.ru

If anybody needs the translation this theme into Russian, please feel free to contact me by okosoft@gmail.com

You are welcome. And ofcourse, I am waiting for WP theme ;););)

If I change the browser size on new index page, it reloads the page. How can I fix this problem? Thanks!

you must edit the “updates/update1/js/js-new-homepage.js” file and delete these lines

setTimeout(function (){
}, 200);

Could you please make autocomplete drop down menu with select city and airport? with some request of php script. Can not connect jquery autocomplete widget… :( But If you are able it would be very cool Thanks

I wrote this code

jQuery("#departure_city").autocomplete({ source: function (request, response) { jQuery.get("http://www/", { term: request.term } , function (data) { alert(data) } ); }, minLength: 2 });

When it send request and get an response, it alert data. But I don’t know how to parse data and how to make list for autocomplete. Please, help.

You must understand that we are not here to make customisations. We can only help with bugs and issues regarding the code that we wrote.

If you encounter dificulties regarding this please use our support forum.

Ok, thank you. I will try it myself. The template is so cool.

Hello I am a new small boutique travel & concierge agency. I love your site for it’s user profile part. I purchased the template thinking that is part of the template. I paid to get it loaded for me to edit and now I was told that it doesn’t come with membership script. How do I get that script on demo?. I finally got the demo pages on my site and don’t want to start over. Help me please! :)

Hey i am getting this error “Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/html: “http://localhost/xyz/images/slider/rome.jpg”. ” For all images on the website. I just break the html into header footer and index blocks in php. Please help.

I can’t help if i can not see what you did there.

You can check this link maybe it helps http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8057030/resource-interpreted-as-image-but-transferred-with-mime-type-text-html-magento

Try to upload the files on a server not on your local machine maybe this is the issue.

Use the support forum for further issues.

The price range slider is not working in page: /orange/z-activities-list.html

Actualy it works, what is your device and browser ? Please open a ticket on our support forum.

Hi Titanic,

We have bought your nice template, and applied it on our commercial website: http://go2emirates.ae. The big problem is that the touch feature doesn’t work for me. neither on the original template nor on my applied design. Is there any tricks or batches to make it functional as soon as possible?!

Search for the “touchenabled” attribute in the index file, it should be on like this:
touchenabled:”on”, // Enable Swipe Function : on/off

(this is for the revolution slider only)

If still doesn’t work tell me what device you are using for me to test it. Also open a ticket on our support forum.

Thank you for your reply but the problem is not related to sliders. the problem is that the links and buttons in the template doesn’t work on touch screens touch, although sliding up down right and left works well, clicking on links and buttons have no effect. The platform on which it doesn’t work for us is a normal Windows on a Toshiba laptop. Thank you in advance.


Can you give me any information about the map source for the contact page. I would like to use another map. I cannot find the source for the google map in the contact.html- is okay…I am looking forward, I think is somewhere in a different js document. http://travelkirin.com/contact.php I think I wil find it within 20 minutes, but it will be better, if you can share it with me. :D Thank your for your time.

Nice , I found it easily. It was just a bad morning. I really appreciate if you can help me in some other queston. I use the mozilla firebug to develop – to check my works. My problem is, I would like to check an element, and it shows the targeted html and css sources. But how can I do this with js files – to find the closest line in a js script for the element. I hope you can understand what I mean. It does not matter anyway:D. Have a nice day.

I know what you mean. It would be great if such a tool existed. You can check this post.

Then figure out and give for 10$ for anyone. :) thanks for the solution what you suggested.

Hello,... For this template I need bus reservation system with basic functionalities and admin panel,... Please let me know how much it costs,.... So that we can go ahead and develop…..

Hello manojmk4u, sorry but we don’t do custom work.

Hello Nicola! I purchased this template, but there is no developer who can you edit your CMS engine. I’ll have a quote from you, if that is who this mucate could be carried out, or planned February release of the WP version when I realized, if possible. It is worth it to wait? It is important to answer. Thanks

Bun? ziua Nicola! Am cump?rat acest ?ablon, dar nu exist? nici un dezvoltator care se poate modifica motorul CMS. Voi avea un citat de la tine, în cazul în care este care acest mucatul ar putea fi efectuate, sau planificate de pres? din luna februarie a versiunii WP atunci când am realizat, dac? este posibil. Este merit? s? a?tepte? Este important s? r?spund?. mul?umiri

Congratulations… Your template is very very beautiful!!!! I’ll buy soon!!!

Doesn’t seem to vertical scroll on my Windows 8 Smartphone.

Shame. I could have used this but templates must work across iOS, Android and Windows OS’s.

This is because of the NiceScroll script witch replaces the default scroll,it doesn’t seems to work on Windows OS’s. You can easily remove it, then everything works fine.

You can check this topic how to do this.http://titanicthemes.com/forum/forums/topic/how-to-normal-scrollbar/

Here is a page sample without nicescroll.

That’s great news! Thanks for the response. That’s good enough for me. I’ll purchase it now.

is the result in your theme true ? are you know how can I get the data for this fine theme ? I think I must deals with hotels & agencies for that matter

Hi I have purchased and downloaded several times but I can not find the template all sides like air, car. i have only hotel. What is wrong

best regrds radwan

You should have some files named like this z-flights-list.html Also the zip file must have 376 MB. I downloaded the theme, the files are there. Also try to clear your cache or try other browser.

Hi, I am already purchase this theme, but I have a little problem with the form select option, please see the image an help me how or where I can modify the css because I can´t find them.


You can find the solution here. If you can’t figure it out open a ticket.

Ok I am already apply the fix but is not working :’(

Ok already fixed in file: jquery.customSelect.js Just modify the width.

var selectBoxWidth = parseInt($select.outerWidth(), 11) -
                               (parseInt(customSelectSpan.outerWidth(), 11) -
                                   parseInt(customSelectSpan.width(), 11));


Hi I just want to confirm before make a purchase, will we have lifetime updates for free if purchase this item?

This theme is a massive br fest. Its using br everywhere instead of proper CSS to layout the theme. Pretty annying stuff.