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Nice one. Good luck!


Nice work. One problem—site displays IE6 error message even though I am viewing on IE9 . Otherwise great site.

Thank you so much for the bug report, we’ll refine it soon ~~

We fixed it! Thanks again!

Great work! Good luck!

Thank u :)

Nice and unique! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks, glad you like it. :)

Shwiiing! :D

By any chance come with XML ?


Maybe :)

Good Shot !!! ;-)

Thank you! :)

Looks great , congrats. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks, glad you like it. :)

Something different and original. Great! :)

Thank you very much :)

Coolest theme I’ve seen in awhile. And it actually looks awesome on the phone unlike other “responsive” themes. Trying to think how I can use it for a photography website that has nothing to do with travel.

Thanks, glad you like it. :)

Off course, there are 2 types(location and portfolio) for gallery post format, if you don’t want the maps displayed, You could set it as portfolio.


Very nice!! I wish I could use it for a magazine project. I guess the block width isn’t individually set? If so, then I might consider this one.

The reason I ask is because if mostly articles would be used, it would be boring to have the same block over and over again.

Cheers! Tom

Dear Tom, not support by now, but we’ll consider it in the later updates, thanks for you question~ ^^


Ths block(standard post) width would be set individually now.


That is great news! Thanks!

unique work.. good luck!

Thank you! :)

easy and nice ! good job !

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

If you have any question about this theme, please send mail to uiueux@gmail.com, we’ll response soon!


Love it! Everything on this theme looks incredibly fresh and unique!

I wish you many sales! :)

Thanks, kind of you :)


Thanks for the great and original theme! I love it.

I have a question: in “image” post format, when using the “upload image” button, only images from the local disk are added to the list. If I choose an image from the library (already on the server), the image is not added.

Is that normal?

Also, I have a javascript error: b is null, being displayed on all pages. It’s a fresh WP installation, without any plugins.


Hi, could u send your url about the javascript error to our email? we’ll check it: uiueux@gmail.com

hi, Actually, it happens only when the WP admin bar is displayed. When I log off, there is no error. Nothing important, I guess. Thanks!

You are welcome, any question just contact me :)

Hi ! I didn’t buy your theme yet bacause I don’t want to change mine for now, but I’d like to know if there could be any way to get / integrate this timeline interface in the page of another theme. (clear ?? lol)

Could it be sold as a plugin or a page model for example ?

Thanks a lot. Regards.

Thanks for your interest in it, we have not the plan for plugin, but we are going to deliver the Html version around one month later :)

Thanks again!

Awesome theme! :)

Quick questions: Do the text pages allow column? And when the content exceeds the page hight how does it display the rest of the content, scrolling?

Thank you

Thanks, glad you like it. :)

1) Support column shortcodes, like the link

2) Yes, scrolling


Great user experience, I love it. Does it support video and can I sort so the most recent stuff is at the top?

Thanks, glad you like it.

It support embed video in standard post or static page.

The posts could be sorted by title/date/modified/id/random/comment count/author.


Hi, i think is a great template, but i have just a question, how work with vertical photos?

i’m a fashion photographer and i usually shoot in vertical cut so how can i’ll se in full screen? is it possible see photos in lightbox?

Thank you so much and great job…

Thanks! :)

The image would be cropped if it is vertical. If you don’t t want to crop the image, you need to change the js file. We’ll consider to add the options in admin panel to show the complete image.



good theme and planning to bu but have few questions.

- Is it possible to see all locations in one map and go to gallery from any pin on big map?

- Is it possible to divide the map locationed galleries into categories.

Planning to use the theme for a architecture company which have projects in different locations. Need a page for whole locations and divide the project into categories.

Thanks, glad you like it.

1) It’s not supported to show all locations in one map

2) Yes


Hi – Congrats! It’s a wonderful design and the timeline feature is amazing.

- I like you can post blog posts, google maps and it has it’s own icons. Can you post twitter tweets on the timeline with the twitter icon? What about Facebook posts with Facebook icon? Google +1 too?

- If you don’t tag ‘timeline’ for the blog post (when creating the post), will it appear on the blog page and will it be in a normal layout? If it does then simply adding a link in the menu for the blog will display all non-timeline blog posts?

- The timeline blog posts appear in a Iframe which looks really good, but for the blog SEO – title and meta tags would just be the site homepage title tag and meta tags, so is there a way around this for each blog post to have it’s own unique title tag and meta tags? Same question for pages for example ‘About page’.

- You mentioned it’s compatible with IE9 , any chance to make it compatible for IE8 and IE7 … or at least IE8 (I am not a fan of IE but many people still use IE8 )?


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

We will update as soon as IE compatibility issues, in fact, we’re doing this work.

We think your earlier suggestion is great. We are studying it. But not sure will soon be able to achieve.


Hi, The IE7 /8 compatibility was added, pls check.



Thanks for letting me know.

I’ve checked it just now quickly and it’s looks all good to me. Great job.

Great theme, on top of that I’m impressed with you implementing the suggestions and so quickly.

Will be keeping an eye out for your future work.