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hello, i’m interested in this theme, but i’m wondering if its possible to get your Flowfolio menu integrated into this.

basically what i want is this theme, with the flowfolio menu. or flowfolio, with this time string. can you send me message? thanks

Thanks for your interest in our theme. It is possible but it needs a lot of custom coding work.




We’ll leave soon for a multiyear bike tour through the world and are very interested in your theme for our blog. Before we buy it, could you please answer the following questions ?

- we would mostly create “gallery” posts. Is the excerpt the only place where we can write text and descriptions? Is it limited in size or number of characters ? Is its size customizable ?

- the Google map is displayed in the excerpt too. We would like to upload kml and kmz path and layers to the maps. Is it possible or is it location based only ? Can we link here a map craeted on Google maps with the kml and kmz overlays integrated ?

Thank you in advance for your help

Best regards

Anaïs & Gilles


Thanks for your interest in our theme

- Yes, the excerpt can be shown text and descriptions only.The theme will automatically extract 130 characters for the description,or you could enter the descriptions to the post’s excerpt box. There is not the limited number of characters, but consider the screen height, 15 lines(900 characters) is better.

- No, it does not support kml and kmz .



If you are considering purchasing this theme, just go ahead right away! What you get will not only be an outstanding theme but also great and instant service. I’m more than satisfied after buying and regretted not discovering bwsm earlier… :)

Thanks! :)

How can i integrate buddypress and woocommerce in this like i want the ability for people to create separate profiles with this so they can feature their own experiences and woocommerce so we can sell tour packages and so on?

Thanks for your interest in our theme. sorry, it does not support buddypress and woocommerce. The 2 plugins needs lots of custom works.


Thank you for the reply, although i am not buying it but still, it is unique and good. Try to integrate what i said for future use..all the best!


I am looking to buy this theme and had few questions:

1) Is it possible to replace the background with google maps from time to time?
2) When I click on the pics gallery and it loads the page, there is a small map and text that come up on right, can we add more text there just below where it says Tokyo?
3) In the picture gallery, the pics look stretched to fit the page, can we change the behavior to load original pic size via dynamic pic sizer?
4) When I click on the page titled: “Porta in sit duis augue augue”, the blog opens and when I click on the link “You must be logged in to post a comment.” under “Leave a reply” link, it takes me to a blank page. Hope that is not a bug.
5) Lastly, Is there an admin panel to control the theme or is it done via Wordpress?

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in our theme

1) it is not possible

2) Yes, the excerpt can be shown text and descriptions only.The theme will automatically extract 130 characters for the description,or you could enter the descriptions to the post’s excerpt box. There is not the limited number of characters, but consider the screen height, 15 lines(900 characters) is better.

3) the image could be set : crop / show whole. The image could not overflow the screen height/width.

4) We’ll check it

5) Did you mean the theme option? plz check the screenshots: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/2778417-travel-fullscreen-responsive-ajax-wordpress-theme?index=11&url_name=travel-fullscreen-responsive-ajax-wordpress-theme


Thank you for your reply.


I’m wanting to purchase your theme but I will be traveling without a laptop and will be wanting to upload photos and videos via my iphone. Is this easy to do with your theme?



Thanks for your interest in our theme. I suggest you use the computer (a pad at least)to edit / admin the wordpress


Yeh definitely, sorry I didn’t really explain myself very well. I’m wanting to use the wordpress app on my iphone to upload images and create posts, is it easy to add images in your theme using the iphone app?

Hi, sorry I didn’t really explain myself very well before. I’m wanting to use the wordpress app on my iphone to upload images and create posts, is it easy to add images to posts in your theme using the iphone app?


I tested by iphone wordpress app, i did not find issue.That is no problem if only publish article(including upload images) .

I created a test account for you, you could test it:




Thanks for that, I will buy the theme!

The demo account is closed, if anyone need again, please let me know.


thanks for your work, I appreciate this theme, bought it and I’m installing it for my blog on http://www.famille-nomade-digitale.com... but I have some problems. - As you can see on the homepage, on the first post listed in the infinite slider, the title is misplaced, I don’t know why ? - The gallery is working pretty bad, especially when the user click on the arrow to go out of the gallery, it continues to appear like it was on the infinite slider ! - you can try on my homepage by searching “gourmandises bretonnes” : it’s a gallery post and have problem when you quit the post… - I have a plugin “travel map”, used to display our travel, linking each step, a very good plugin… But I don’t know why it works on all themes I tried, except your ? See by clicking “Qui sommes-nous ?” in the footer… - The social media icons are displaced if the except is short, I had to change font size to keep them a bit well aligned…

I hope you’ll be able to help me on this points as I will not be able to keep this bought theme in place with this issues…

For the glitch on the first post, it’s repaired too by removing widgets… Now, how to have the travel map, as it’s important for us ? :(

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

The “travel map” / “nomad map” plugin is http://wordpress.org/plugins/travelmap/ and http://wordpress.org/plugins/nomad-world-map/ ?

We need to make some test.


I opened a ticket for you, please check and leave your new question here: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-littleneogeo/

I am trying to set up the home page on my site with the background images as shown in the demo. This is my site – http://mushinda.com/demo/

I can not find any documentation regarding home page background images. Can you please provide instructions.


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. I opened a tick for you, plz check: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-leonudwin/



the 3.9 upgrade of Wordpress killed the theme ! The posts are no more opening when clicked on the timeline… :(

I’m sure you work on an update, I’m restoring my old theme in the mean time, but as I disabled all widgets and change stuffs to be compatible with yours, it’s a pain…


I was able to to a repair by : - adding a jquery noconflict (s2jQuery) then adding to main.js and easing.js : s2jQuery(document).ready(function() {...});

Hi, thanks for reporting, we tested the Travel with WP3.9. We did not find the issue. The demo site is installed with WP3.9: http://ximudesign.com/travel/

Could you please paste your url if you want? We’ll check. Thanks!

Best, Bwsm

my url : http://www.famille-nomade-digitale.com . Repaired by the operation I described.

Hello from Germany. I just installed a new blog wih the brand new wordpress version (3.9) and this theme. Everything seemd to work perfect but the Theme Options. Every change I made will not be saved and everythings stays in its default position. I can select uploaded pictures and after I press the Save Options Button every form field is empty again and nothing is saved. Same with footer “Enable Social Icons”, etc. Nothing will be saved. Thanks for your help MG

Hi, could you please send your wp-admin url/username/pass to uiueux@gmail.com. We’ll check it later.


I just set up another wp-blog and this time I used the default database settings with the standard prefix wp_ . This time everything works fine! MG

Thanks for response :)

Hi, I added a link to another site in my menu. In order to get it opening in a new tab I changed:

window.location.href=this.href; by window.open( this.href, ‘_blank’);

in the main.js file. (also added no ajax + ticked open in a new tab)

It’s now opening in a new window, but an error message appears on the main site: “Perhaps the network unstable, please click refresh page.” Do you know how to avoid this error? Thx

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. My colleague opened a ticket for you, please check: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-ben0ist/


Hi guys. Thanks. It’s working well ;)

Hi, very nice theme! I would like to use your theme for a tour of 10 days and I wonder if I could adapt the Menu and presentation adapting the Theme according to each day separately … (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3…. Day 10) Contact and About Us… to upload images/video for everyday … Thank you very much!

Thanks for your interest in our theme. You could put the every day content(images/video/text/audio) to each line list page(each category), put the video to video format post, put images to gallery format post…
Like the screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zp9mq8mcmww1btc/travel-day.jpg


Hi, I use your theme for my travel blog (and besides I find very beautiful), but I encounter an error (white screen of death) when I install the Jetpack plugin. Do you have a solution for me or should I resign myself to use it?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. Please check the post: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/bug-with-jetpack-2-6-1/

Hello, I have been following your themes and they look amazing :D Before I purchase this theme, I would like to know, is it WPML and WooCommerce compatible? Thanks

Thanks for your interest in our theme. Travel is not supported WPML and WooCommerce.


Wow… nice travel theme! Put that into my bookmark for futur use.. for sure! Nice work !

Thanks, glad you like our theme

Hi, I really like this theme. I’ve few questions before buying it. Is that possible to use arrow keys to navigate between photos when we are in full screen visualization mode (i mean inside a post) ? And is that possible to add a new post that include a travelmap, a custom google map or a tripline map (using iframe) ? Thanks in advance for your answers. Regards, Maxime

Hi, Yes, I mean gallery navigation using arrow keys. I don’t know tripline plugin now, I’ll look for that. Regards.

Hi, the gallery navigation by arrow keys function is added, please download and unzip the file, replace the main.js in \wp-content\themes\travel\js folder .

This working well ! Thanks again for this quick update. Regards, Maxime.

Hi there,

your theme is great – congrats to the unique approach. Having already scrolled through all comments, there is now a pre-purchase question.

Is it possible to use the video js player and mp3 js player with playlists? Asking because all the video and audio files are already on the server and I don’t want embed solutions like youtube, vimeo or sound cloud.

Plus there is an overlapping of audio and video in your demo : 1. When I click on the audio player in the timeline, the audio files starts – great. (But when I open the post, there is only text and NO audio player at all – should be actually there when I want combine with lyrics text,) 2. —> I didn’t stop the music player. Music continues playing while scrolling through the other posts – that’s very great !!! 3. BUT when I go the “Standard post with youtube embedded”, the audio player doesn’t stop, too and it overlaps with the audio of the youtube clip. There should be a routine, where the audio of the newest file stops the former clicked one.


Back to changing the post order – I can’t find in the theme options the “List Page settings” as shown in the screenshot. Where exactly are these settings ?

Forget the last reply. I found it now after setting up a sample page.

Hi, I’ve the same issue than LittleNeoGeo “The errors seems due to : TypeError: jQuery(...).prettyPhoto is not a function” I can’t open my post by clicking on it on the timeline. Please, help me to fix this. Regards

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. Please deactivate all plugins to see if this resolves the problem? If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s). If it doesn’t work, please send your wp-admin url/pass to uiueux@gmail.com, I’ll login to check it.


Hi, the issue comes from the akismet module (comment spam prevention). Do you know why ? Or do you know (or use) another good anti-spam plugin ? Thanks for your support ! Regards. Maxime.

Reply on the forum. Regards