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Wouah ! What a great Item, great Job ! One of the most beautiful Themes in ThemeForest, I bought several Themes with Ajax loading, I get so many problems, with TRAVEL there is some minors issues because Ajax, Ajax is nice but very sensitive.

This Theme is for those who want to give their site a unique spirit.

Thanks !


Hi Chantal, thank you very very much. Yes, Ajax is sensitive. We’ll try to make it better.

Hello, how can I adjust the speed of the photo gallery? thanks Matthew

Hi another quick question, when an article is kept private and visualize how the lever marked “private” next to the title? Thanks always Matteo

Hi Matteo,

Sorry, I am not very clear your question. Did you want a post is hidden in list page when guest visit your site? I tested private again, it can be hidden.


Last question to limit the number of articles on the home page what to do? Example 11 I would like to see only the top 5 most recent settings there is nothing in the general theme of wordpress is there but does not work. thanks Matthew

- Create a new page, select the page template as ‘list page’

- Select a category for the page.

- Set the Number of posts per page, e.g. 5

- Set the page as frontpage: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/how-to-set-the-frontpage/

Hi thanks for your amazing work! Great value for money. And the support! ;-) Is there a way to activate a < previous home next > navigation when you read posts? My content reads as a story back and forward. tnx!

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

It’s possible for without ajax way.

Sorry I don’t understand your answer. Is there a way I can navigate from one blogpost to the next or previous?

Sorry, there is not the feature in Travel. It requires a relatively large changes in the code.

Hello I installed the plugin for multi-language Polylang, the change of language works for items in home but not for the menu that I set down. I can also give the address with username and password, so you can also check you. And ‘hours I do test after test but nothing to do, do not disturb the first difficulty.

Plz send the address with username and password to uiueux@gmail.com

hi I have sent you email on July 8 has arrived?

Hi, I replied your mail.

Hi, when I want to make a new post I can’t seem to use images that are already in the library. I get the message Load failed. No data found. When I upload new images it works fine. Am I doing something wrong. It looks confusing that there are two ways to add media to a post?


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

The gallery post need to upload the new image.


Hi I am from Iran. We are also sanctioned Iran does not have a credit card, how do I get the impression you have a good site to get connected

plizzzz plizzzz help

Very very sorry about it, I do not have a way to help you. Please try to connect http://envato.com/ or initiated a post in forums http://themeforest.net/forums


before purchasing the travel theme, I wonder if it is compatible with my web hosting : wordpress 3.5 mysql 5.1

I t also will it be possible to put the menu on the top right by changing the code a bit? Is it possible to put the back office in French? And is it possible to propose in front office, one English site and other one in French version? thank you Anne


Thanks for your interest in our theme

Travel wp theme can run wordpress 3.5 mysql 5.1

It’s possible by change some php/css/js files in templates to put the menu on the top right

It’s possible put the back-end/front-end in French, there is default po/mo file in main zip, you need to translate it to French.

Did you mean English/French switcher? It need plugin like WPML


Hello I am Matthew, I have the last problem to be solved before the delivery of the work and now is, should I put a logo on the homepage but I wish should reach where I want and that is at the bottom left in the as low as possible. This link will have to be in index.php. I look forward to.

Sorry, I am not clear your question. Could you plz give more detail?

Hi, I need to enter the contract for the following code on the home page, I removed the address and other data for privacy: text I would like to place it where it seems to me better and I can not.

Hi, the image is broken.

Hello I am writing because I’m trying in every way to insert background music is on the home page is the gallery as you set, all without success. I was wondering after about a day of practice maybe you can not or you’d better ask for help? And ‘possible to insert music in the main page and in the gallery of the theme. Before writing I read earlier but no one has asked this or I have seen myself. Thanks as always look forward to your answers lit.

I have installed at least 10 plugins but none of them works with the gallery. The article also in automatic, but not in the gallery. If you can control this problem would be helpful to have a background in the gallery.

I’ll test some background music plugins in 1-2 days

Please try to change the line 83 of single.php as:

<div class="tip_con"><?php the_content(); ?></div>


Hello, great theme ;-) Do you know why i can see the background image if my url is, for example, www.mywebsite.com But if there is a direct link i can’t see it : www.mywebsite.com/?p=54

Thanks in advance for your answer :-)

I mean, your theme works great. It’s the plug-in WP-BACKGROUNDS that is unable to have a background that works well with single pages. If you can find a way we have www.mywebsite.com/?p=54 with a background it would be great. Background front page looks nice : http://s22.postimg.org/ojdznau8x/Capture1.jpg Background for single page is not that good (but with wp-background plugin) : http://s14.postimg.org/h1oixn8zl/Capture2.jpg


Did you mention the plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-backgrounds-lite/

Could you please send it to uiueux@gmail.com ? I’ll check it.

I downloaded some times, it always break.


Hi, nicoco3000.

I have installed the plugin, plz ignore my reply

For the gallery of images, is there any way to add a caption for each image?

Thanks for your interest in our theme

The image description can be displayed( http://d.pr/i/HviL )


Nice Theme! I’ve got two questions.

1. Is it possible to sort the posts in the menu in different categories? I’d like to make different menu-buttons for “ALL”, “Europe”, “Africa”, “Asia” etc.

2. Is it possible to use different backround-images/slide-shows for different pages (like BLOG, CONTACT, ABOUT…)

Thanks for your answer.

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

There is not the 2 features now.

Thanks for your quick reply. Too bad! With these features the theme would be perfect for me!

Great design but technical still flawed. It has potential but needs some serious work. But like I said the design is unique and clean.

Great design but technical still flawed. It has potential but needs some serious work. But like I said the design is unique and clean.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

Could you please give more details? We can try to improve our theme.


Hello :-) Two questions 1 – is there a previous \ next link post in single post to navigate 2 – dont know if it is a bug but if i make a list page with no more than 10 articles, it looks like that when it preloads the next 10 articles the box width is always 350 pixels.

By the way your theme is still great :-)



1) There is not the previous \ next link post option

2) I checked again, please make sure to enter a number in Number of posts per page (screenshot http://d.pr/i/g9U1) For box width, it is a bug, please change functions/include_block.php, move the code line 1-10(screenshot http://d.pr/i/RY4v ) below line 148(screenshot http://d.pr/i/JNkI). It will be fixed in next version.


Thanks for your great support. I will try that :-)

Hi, I bought this awsome theme about a year and it worked me great but I have a doubt… Is there a chance to put a password lock into a gallery, just to make that gallery only visible to one customer???

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Sorry, it can not.

Another question :-) Is there an easy way to put the timeline on the left side instead of the right side ? I just ask this because my background image shows a face on the right side and it would look better if the timeline was on the left. Thanks and have a nice week-end !

Hi, thanks, have a nice week-end!

Sorry, it is not easy way. It need modify some style and js code.

It’s ok, it wasn’t a request, i was just wondering if i missed an option ;-)

Hey guys, i love the theme but it’s made my site very slow. The ajax loading system doesn’t seem to work and it loads ALL the posts at once rather than just a few and then more on scroll – this is not effective because we have too many posts to display! Please let me know what’s wrong!

Also, for SEO purposes i would like to be able to have a default background for pages that are not ajax loaded and linked to directly, is there an easy way to set that up?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

We are upgrading this theme, I think your problem may be solved