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just purchased, love the demo but i am unable to upload background images or theme logos via the WP dashboard When i click on ‘upload’ no dialog opens [although it will allow me to add urls to graphics]

i can upload via the ‘media’ and ‘page’ tabs but not the ‘post’ tab or the ‘appearance’ tab which means i cant skin the site.

any help would be appreciated? Kit

Hi Kit, thank you for purchasing our theme

Which version wordpress you use? Please try to update to 3.5.2

It there is the issue still, please send your wp-admin to uiueux@gmail, I’ll check


unfortunately due to server restrictions the latest version i can run is 3.1.4 i’ve found a workaround for most issues so the main problem now is that i am unable to upload or add pictures to a gallery post from anywhere in the dashboard.

if you could suggest a fix/workaround for that then i’d be grateful? best

HI, I dont know if it can run in wp3.1.4. Could you please send your wp-admin(url/user/password) and FTP to uiueux@gmail.com? We’ll try to change some code in your space

Listen, I am pretty sure of your good intentions for producing a really unique theme but I have to be very critical and if, as a customer I pay a pretty middle price [$40] I think I am entitled to get a quality product. Other themes in this price range have often more functionality but certainly more quality to offer. I think seeing your updates and coding quality are sloppy and not up this price. If not for the design, I would certainly request my money back. Sorry On behalves of potential new customers, please raise your quality and control/testing of what you deliver. I would rate this product no more then 2 stars. Thanks.

Hello, hello,

Yesterday I have purchased your nice Travel theme. I have three questions for you:

1. I noticed that WP has been updated to version 3.6. I am afraid to update to this version because this might cause problems with the travel theme. Are you working on an update for WP 3.6 and should I wait until that update is available? Or can I update WP without getting into trouble?

2. Is there a way to remove the small icons in the time line?

3. Is there a way to add rounded corners to the text box that appears all the way on the left after clicking on a post in the time line? I would like to create a visual link between this text box and the box in the time line.

Hope you can help. Thanks in advance. Kind regards.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

We replied your question in our support forum, please check: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-studiodos-question-on-tf/


Thank you for your kind assistance.


I have 3 questions for you:

1. Please help me to remove to grid/fine lines on top of the BG photos. Removing the following code in the style.css, like you suggested to someone else, did not work: background:url(img/bg_mask.png); What should I do?

2. After removing the icons in the timeline, the space is left between the line and the post title. How can I remove this space?

3. When I am on the gallery page of the post that is all the way at the top of my timeline and I click on the orange circle with the fine arrow pointing to the right, the next post page it shows is the one all the way at the bottom of my timeline. I would just like this to be the next (descending) post in my timeline. I have tried all the various setting options, but somehow I cannot change the order. What can I do?

Hope you can help. I appreciate it. Thank you. Joyce

Hi Joyce, thank you for purchasing our theme

We replied your question in our support forum: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-studiodos-question-on-tf/#post-570 plz check.


Hey there,

ive just purchased this theme but, when i try to install it WP just dont want to recognize it (it doesnt show up in the theme section of WP admin).

I have scp(ed) it from my local computer to the theme folder on the remote host running WP.

Im running: WP 3.6 PHP 5.3.10 NGINX 1.1.19 as Webserver

Do you have any idea what could cause this issue? Character Encoding of some files, BOM or something else?

Well…never mind _ Its was the Cache…

Really nice theme by the way :>

Hello, This theme is really cool but to my understanding it lacks some support for background. Can I use a panotour pro virtual tour as a background? thx.

Thanks, glad you like out theme

Sorry, there is not the feature.


Love the theme. It’s nice when someone does something very different. Cheers on that.

I’ve got one query however. I’m using my blog categories on my menu and they seem to be loading all the posts in one go in the timeline which is causing a strain on the page as expected. Is there anyway to specify to only load x amount of posts by default like you can under a pages posts per page setting?

Or would I need to make individual pages and then set them up that way?

Thanks D.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme, my colleague relied your question.

Please check the link, thanks: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-dimitrim-on-tf/


Thank You (:

Hi there, i just purchased your beautiful theme, i have a question :

When i create a photo album, after they load all photos, they will reload the whole page again, i dont want they reload the whole page, can u tell me how to fix it? just reload photos Thanks

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme, could you please give me more detail information? or leaving your site url here( http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-nguyenletri88s-question-on-tf/ ), I will check it for you later,

Thank you

Hi, is the licence one off or is it yearly?


By the Regular License, there is time limit.


Sorry, there is not time limit.

Hi there,

Is there a way to keep the navigation menu static across the website? I’d like the menu to stay present all the time and not fade away when a page loads.


Brilliant! Thanks guy!

Sorry, one more thing. Where can I change the default background to white instead of black? I’d like the background screen to transition with white instead of black.


Please check the post again: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-gooshs-question-on-tf/#post-1198

You could leave your question to our forum :)

i installed the plugin “gravityforms” and many things are not working fine. checkboxes are not displayed. check the following link http://celebronsle7emeart.com/test/inscrivez-vous/

My problem is resolved, thank you very much

Hello, another question how to remove comment on all pages of the site?


You could close the comment in wp-admin, or remove the code in single.php line224:

if (comments_open()) { comments_template(); }

Hi, is there a way how I can put the contact form into a certain column? Right now it only sticks to the left side of the page. Hope you could help me. Thanks :)

thank you :)

Hi, I’m not much of a coder so I have been trying to figure out what I should change here to remove the “automatic left side” configuration on the contact form. :\

/* Contant form*/ .contactform { margin:0 30px 30px;} .contactform h2{ font-weight:normal; font-size:16px; margin-bottom:20px; margin-top:40px; color:#333; } .contactform #idi_name,.contactform #idi_mail{ width:241px; } .contactform textarea{ width:241px; height:50px;padding:5px 9px 5px 8px;margin-bottom:11px;margin-top:13px;} .contactform input.idi_send{ float: none; width:auto; cursor:pointer; height:28px; line-height:28px; padding:0 10px; -moz-border-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-radius: 2px; border-radius: 2px; -webkit-transition-duration: 0.20s; -webkit-transition-timing-function: ease-out; -moz-transition-duration: 0.20s; -moz-transition-timing-function: ease-out;} .sending{ float:left; display:block;width:80px ;height:27px;line-height:27px;}

Ohh please don’t mind my comment above. Thank you :)

I have another issue, I’m not sure when this started but my site url stays the same despite of clicking posts and pages. When I click the x button of the page the url ads a ”/#” at the end (http://domain.com/#). I have checked my permalinks and it’s on the 2nd to the last button (/sample-post). Still my url stays the same. Is this problem connected to the theme?

Got it! Thank you so much :)

Welcome! :)

Hello, when I want to create a new gallery it doesn’t work anymore : after have selected the pictures from the library or computer, instead of displaying the pictures in the “upload/edit images” zone, there’s nothing in this zone. There is just an icon (image+camera) in the other zone below usually used to write text. And when trying to display the post it’s written “load fail, no data found” :-( Could you please tell me how to solve this issue ?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Please check the post: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-freestyle0013s-question-on-tf/

Hello maybe it’s already been asked if so I apologize in advance. How gets to view the articles in the (timeline) randomly? thanks Matthew

Please check the post: http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-appsmatteogmailcoms-question-on-tf/

Welcome to visit our support forum.

I was referring to items not on pages, however I have found a solution by changing studying. index.php line 18

if ($ listOrderby) {$ listOrderby = ‘rand’;} rand instead of date

and now the post have become random. Anyway thanks for the other information. regards Matthew

I purchased this theme a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it. Not only because of the unique design but also because of an excellent support that comes with it. The seller will answer all questions and even realise queries for you!

Very Recommended!

Thanks :)

Can the timeline be set to stay on the center of the page?

Thanks for your interest in our theme. It needs to change the css/js code.



After publishing a post i am unable to click the edit button for the gallery because there is always the loading image instead of the gallery.

Please for support!


Hi, could you please paste your page url and login info here through private message(check option ‘set as private reply’) in our support forum( http://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/reply-to-manibmw-on-tf/ )? I will check it for you later, Thank you

Is it possible to limit my recent posts on main page? I do not want to select a listpage because i want to show all my post from all the cats i recently added, but just limit to 10!


Thanks for the really good support! Now everything is clear and the theme works fine! I will give you 5 STARS. THANK YOU kind regards

Thanks :)