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Nice travel template! :)

thanks mate

Hello friend, in the future it will come in wordpress?

thanks :)


Yes we are in plan to launch wordpress version.

Nice template. GLWS!

Dear thanks for your wishes.

Good job mate!

Thank you themeRox

good job, good luck

Dear thanks

great template ! will you provide a Wordpress version RTL support ?

Thanks :)


thanks for for offer, please contact us through our ticket system.

Nice! Good luck …

thanks webtricks

when do you expect wordpress version?

The project is already scheduled and we are expecting it in June.

nice template, gud luck :)

Thanks Alia

Nice job, glws o7

thank mate

Nice design, great work :)

@mosaixel thanks mate

Nice work! Good luck!

Thanks @andrerevin

hi, i have a wordpress site currently being built, and considering using this template when its available, can you provide an accurate date of release? Or even can I start using a Beta release as I have a timeframe with the job, as this theme looks to be amazing if on Wordpress.


thanks for your interest,

We are sorry but currently we will not able to give you exact date as the team is working on different upcoming projects and we scheduled it by 15th of JUNE.


There was technical issue on server and it’s back.

Hi there,

how does Youtube Video in Lightbox work? The Template comes only with the code for Pics along.



It’s really simple you can change href to video URL e.g


If you need further assistance in this regard then you can contact us through our ticket system, thanks.

unfortunately it doesn´t work so, but i will send you a support ticket with my request.

We are sorry,

I think the HTML code was removed by themeforest and we replied you through ticket.

Any news about the wordpress version?

Thanks for your interest, the team is working and hopefully it will be available soon.

do you have a working contact form? can you help with that please?!?

no, we are sorry but contact us form is not included, yes please contact us through our ticket system we will help you.

Amazing theme, wordpress ETA ?

Thanks for your appreciation and interest

yes, it’s already in development phase and hopefully it will be available soon.

Nice theme! Do you have plans to create sidebar filters?

Thanks, nice option hopefully we will consider it in WP version.

Good day! Any news about wordpress version? Any approximate date of launch? Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your interest, we are sorry but right now we will not able to give any date, the team is working and hopefully it will be available soon. we strongly recommend you to follow us so you will be notified once it launched.