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Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for the Travel Island WordPress Jigoshop e-Commerce Theme. Please read below before posting a comment.

Support Requests:

Please send support requests to our dedicated support website by following this link: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html We cannot answer support requests if you ask them here.
Be sure to check the FAQ before asking a support question, we update this regularly with common answers to support questions.

We hope you enjoy this theme, we had a great time creating it!


Where can I get help for Theme related issues? lol, jk

Good luck with sales man!

Cheers :)

Hello! I’ve been looking for a travel theme, and I know I could apply travel products to basically any ecommerce cart, but I really need the ability to accept partial payments for products as expensive as trips. Folks will generally want to pay 50% to book and 50% before the trip or something. Does this exist or may be a plugin that you know of? Great theme, thanks so much!

You can use “bank transfer” payment method. In the bank transfer description you can explain to customers to pay 50% deposit. Please feel free to the free install Jigoshop or WooCommerce and try this out to see if it suits your needs. You can also ask on the Jigoshop forums: http://forum.jigoshop.com/ or the WooCommerce forums to see if anyone knows a more automated solution: http://www.woothemes.com/support-forum/?viewforum=150

Hi nice theme. This is compatible with woocommerce. and the jigoshop accept new gateways?

Nice theme. Might want to consider duplicating this theme for use as a travel information website.

very nice theme design.. cool

Really nice theme but the XML file for the default content doesnt exist. Have left a ticket :)

Hi DanielDalley,

Silly me, I must have forgot to include that XML file in the theme package. I will update that now.

Please feel free to download the default content XML file from my website: http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/wordpress/travel_island/wp-content/themes/wp_travel_island/travel_island.default_content.2012-05-02.xml


Hey this theme have localization files?

Are compatible with latin charset?

Where do you find the time to do all of these themes, client work and programming?? :) Great work guys.

I need a clone!

Hi i like this theme so much… But i need to know if this theme have localization files. I´m from Brasil and the .po .mo files are very important to me. Thx

We are working on creating these files now. If you would like to send through a support ticket I can email them to you when they are ready.

You can say me, about the localization files. Localization only of the front end, or admin too? Thx!


I want to buy this thème, but i would to know if it’s possible for the client to have a calendar ( for the date of his travel) ??

For exemple, if one customer want o buy a trip for Disney land, for the 13th may.

Sorry for my english.

2n question, have you the same theme for woocomerce?


There is no calendar functionality for Jigoshop (or WooCommerce) yet. They are working on creating it but you best ask on http://forum.jigoshop.com/ to see if it is far away.

WooCommerce should work ok with this theme, please send in a support ticket if it does not and we may be able to help.

Thanks, Dave

Cool! Just saw this theme.

Good luck with sales :)

Nice theme, but there are some features I don’t need: - E-commerce module - Cart / stock / availability etc

I just want to add some hotels (as product I think?) and show hotel information.

Is this possible? Or isn’t it possible to deactive these modules?

Yes you can disable the e-commerce module completely (just don’t install Jigoshop when it asks you to).

Then you can create “hotels” as normal WordPress blog posts. And you can display this blog posts nicely like you see on the home page.

Please send in a support ticket if you have trouble setting this up and we can assist: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

Author, nice theme. I like this theme alot and I have a client who I can sell this theme to. I was looking at it from an iPhone and when you ad a item to the shopping cart and you look at the shopping cart things get a little broken (off screen) is that an issue with the demo site only? Thanks.

Thank you for letting us know. This looks like an issue with our jigoshop styling. We will attempt to fix this and release it as an update shortly.

thank you for your response, i will purchase this theme. Please update tho issue, thank you.


this cart allows me to import products from XLS or CSV Files?


Yes you should be able to import from a CSV file to Jigoshop. There is a premium plugin that handles importing very nicely, and I would recommend that if you have hundreds of products: http://jigoshop.com/extend/jigoshop-product-importer-deluxe/

But you may find other methods available: https://www.google.com/search?q=jigoshop+import+from+csv+file

Hello! What a great theme, thanks! I have some question to customize it please.

1. How can I delete the date at the right of post? I don’t want any date at all on posts. 2. Where should I look if I want to customize some color (background of the sidebar, bacground of the widgets titles and so on..)

Thanks for help! :)


Very nice theme, i have one question can i achieve this look http://i.imgur.com/Zdpcc.jpg

no sorry

- Is it possible to edit the logo, background color, and the font ? - Is there a way to add twitter and/or facebook entries to the sidebar?

Thank you

Any help one day for me .. please?

hi, i have one question before i buy it Can I disable shopping cart / checkout / my account features? My customer doesn’t need this at the moment, as he only want to show his products with prices… thank you :)