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what is the right permalinks structure to use? when setting up jigoshop along with this theme.

really love this, would you have just the HTML5 version? I do not need WP version, if you have html version, i will buy it. Thanks!

is there a way to adding hotels? not only tours.

Any support here?

I’ve got two problems.

1. None of the productpages is showing. http://tumbaevent.oxpand.com/produkt/golfresa-till-spanien/ is one of them. If you go to the homepage and try to click your way to one of the products you will see.

2. It seems to be an interference between Woocommerce and Jigoshop. I’m using woocommerce and when I try to go to settings in woocommerce, I have to activate Jigoshop. Very strange. And when I do that and they both are activated at the same time, nothing works on the website.

Could you please take a look at this,



Please disable jigoshop and try this suggestion from the FAQ:


After doing that please go to WooCommerce settings and click “Save” on the settings page.

After doing that please go to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save” there again.

Thanks for fast answer. There is no file named: “dtbaker.plugin_install.php”. There is one named: class-tgm-plugin-activation.php. Is that the one?

can use in woocomerce?

Is this officially compatible with WP 3.5.2 yet? Just asking cause I’m seeing some odd things.

I realized it was not having widget_area_manager plugin installed, and that was going on because currently downloading the plugin from the web installer fails. Luckily I had a backup.

We’re undergoing a server migration, grab the plugin from here if it doesn’t install automatically: http://widget-area-manager-wordpress-plugin.dtbaker.net/ Cheers, dtbaker

Thanks guys! :D

Question: what ‘rel’ or ‘class’ tag or css style do we need to include in our img HTML so that inserted images are also ‘responsive’?

Having an issue where all images I post don’t respond to mobile, tablet, etc. They stay the original size. Granted I am calling out the height, width in the tags but not sure how this needs to be done.

Hi, I love this great theme. My only problem at this point is that my logo in the header is not resizing for mobile view along with the rest of the theme. I do see the header_logo listed along with other elements in the Mobile Size sections of style.media.css, so I’m not sure why it isn’t responding? Please help. Thank you. The site is http://www.mauiweddings.com

You could try adding this rule to the end of CSS file from Appearance > Editor:
#header_logo img{ max-width:100%; } 
to see if that helps

Is this officially compatible with WP 3.5.2 yet? As soon as possible, please answer

Hi I want to buy but would like to know he is ready for other languages??? there are .po .mo files?

WP 3.6 compatible yet?

Hello, the live demo is running 3.6 and it seems to be working just fine.

Thank you much – see one of my sites could use some updates to WP 3.6 using this theme it’s nice to know there’s nothing to know ;)

Please can you correct this issue blockUI requires jQuery v1.2.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2. and send me the updated plugin to the correct version. After updating to wp 3.6 your themeforest/travel-island does not work.

When I check the my site, the error i am getting “lockUI requires jQuery v1.2.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2.” is on the following plugins Jigoshop Products Orders Please can you check out and correct the issue :)

Hi, How can I add Verdana font to the Travel Island theme? I am a newbie so please explain in easy terms? Many thanks


I just translated my website with wpml and everything worked fine but the slider on the frontage. I created an english (second language) version of the page and input 4 new images with different caption but it still shows the same as the swedish (first language) version.

Could you please take a look and let me know if you need logindetails.


Best regards,


I’m afraid to upgrade to WP 3.7 :P Can you tell me if your theme is compatible?

Yep should work just fine. Send in an email message if you notice any issues.

Thank you, sure does!

Hi dtbaker,

I know I asked a difficult question on your support site, but please get back to me. I created ticket 005274 on Oct 16 and I have to deliver this website to my client soon. Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks & regards, Frank

Hi dtbaker, please get back to me…

I need to deliver soon and have payed the suggested fee when adding the ticket on your support site.

At least let me know that you are working on it because right now it feels like you are ignoring me.

Thanks for your reply to my ticket and solving the issue!

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