Discussion on Travel - Premium HTML Template

Discussion on Travel - Premium HTML Template

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come si installa questo tema? grazie

can we use this template on http://www.phptravels.com script ?


I am really interesting with this site, however still confusing on the functionality of this template. Is it your template has similar function like this site http://www.tripbooking.info/ ?

So, can I connecting to affiliate booking site like agoda, booking.com, wego or cruise affiliate ?

thank you very much


Hi, this is a awesome theme, I bought this theme & now not able to upload/install it on Wordpress. Please guide me: 1. Is this theme is for wordpress? 2. If yes, Could you please guide me how I can upload/install it on wordpress? Kind Regards


Sorry, this is not a WordPress theme. It is just a simple HTML/CSS template.

i would really like it ..anf buy it ofcourse in wp version

Great theme! Will you be making a responsive version soon! Thanks

This looks like a great template – but before I buy it I have a couple of questions – can I expand on the hotel section i.e. add in guesthouses, game lodges, B&B’s etc, etc?

Then in the search function would visitors to my website be able to search in categories i.e. hotels, game lodges, B&B’s, guesthouses etc, etc?


This is just a simple HTML template. There is no CMS. Search is not implemented and it’s up to you how you make your own system work.

This looks good, but reading into some of the comments and looking at the slider bug in chrome (also happening for me in firefox)...

Is there a fix for this issue?

I am interested in purchasing this theme but not if there is no fix for this.



Unfortunately there is no fix for this. It is very hard to reproduce and therefore hard to debug.


Does this template include the PSD also?

Thanks, Dimitris


Unfortunately PSD files are not available.


Great author to work with, spectacular designs and excellent customer service skills. I highly recommend using this Author for any of your projects.

The designs is great but the slider bug still exists I think. I am using Chrome and its impossible to read the slider at that jet speed. Please solve this.

Hi, how can I add the navigation prev and next button in the lightbox when the image is open? On the “carousel inside” hotel page there are the prev and next button on the carousel but not inside the lightbox on popup. Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards


you can do this by adding rel=”gallery” to the image link. It should look like:
<a href="img/placeholders/800x600/12.jpg" rel="gallery">
    <img src="img/placeholders/150x110/12.jpg" alt="" />

You don’t have to use “gallery”, it can be any label.


Hi Equiet, thank you so much. The gallery works perfect. Thanks again. Best regards

Image Now

Hi, I have tried to install the theme but in IE8 the page header background will not stretch or fade and have tried everything but can’t get it to work.

I had to convert the site to asp.net so changes file names and folders but I can not see any broken links.

It also doesn’t break down well in IE7 . I see there is a fix coded into the head but again I can’t get it to work.

I hope you can help.

The theme is at www.cruiseshoretrips.co.nz.

Thank you


I’m using background-size: cover;, which is unfortunately not supported in IE. Try including higher-resolution photo, it should be big enough to cover most of the screens.

IE7 is not supported in this template, sorry.


HI There I have noticed this bug with the slider also, I use Chrome as my browser.

thank you

Hi, nice work,

But there is a huge bug with the text slider who becomes crazy sometimes (giong very fast).

How to fix that ?



which browser do you use? I am trying to reproduce this bug, but with no luck.


Hi. Can you help me please. How can I add a separate background at the bottom? https://www.dropbox.com/s/owu321a7rlri1g4/Untitled-2.jpg


please send me an e-mail. I don’t understand what do you mean by separate background.


Hi Equiet, nice work, i like very much, unfortunately the slideshow has a bug, if you close the browser, and u do something different, you reopen the browser and the slider is forcefully slide at full speed ?

any ideas

thanks for all



I am not sure why this is happening. I am aware of this issue, but can’t think of anything that could help. The problem is I can’t reproduce this bug on my machine. If you find out something, please let me know.


Hi – really enjoying the theme. I want to edit the find a trip table but want to use checkboxes and option boxes. Is there a class I can apply to them to make them appear as nicely as the text boxes please?


unfortunately checkbox and select are not implemented, but it should not be too difficult to use existing styles and apply them to these elements.


oh ok. any chance you could start me off in the right direction please?

For checkbox, use
input[type="checkbox"] {
width: auto;
height: auto;

For select, you have to add it to the selectors. Find input, .textarea {} block and add select there.

OK, it’s up now. Great theme!

Hello, your demo site is down. Please let me know when its fixed so I can have a look at it.


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