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Moc pekny design.

Very nice design.

Go Equiet Go!

Go Slovakia Go!

I love this design, any plans to make it into a WP theme?



Depends on sales, but looks promising.


Hi, love this template. Is there a way to get support for IE7 ?

Hi, this template extensively uses HTML5 and CSS3 . Unfortunately it would be quite time-consuming to make this work in IE7 . You can use Chrome Frame plugin in IE.

KUDOS !!!!

Great Design.

Is there a possibility to include an alternate way to display the FAQ , via maybe a ”+” TOGGLE to hide and display the FAQ questions?

Best wishes


I will think about it in the next update. Meanwhile you can e-mail me and I will send you modified files with quick solution.


Very nice work: Any WP version coming soon ?

Depends on sales. :)

How to help ? :)

I think that you have a great demand for this type of theme. WP would do very well on sales.

Agree. Much more sales with WP… I ll be the first :)

Wordpress…and Im in!

I want this for wordpress!

I would buy this theme in an instant for wordpress, it’s really excellent. Well done!

I would be great to have this theme in Wordpress and have the functionality of a reservation for hotels and trips/tours, contact form and rating/review system and events! I have client that is a travel supplier and tour operator and has all these needs. I’m sure many others do as well. Please consider working on this for WordPress!

Is it possible to add a drop down menu to the user input fields? And why isnt there a search button when your browsing all? Is there a way to add an actual booking button for each trip that redirects them to a contact page of some sort?

I am not sure what you mean with drop down, but there is an autocomplete showcase in location input. You can use that wherever you want. It’s easy to put it there, but it was designed to refresh results with AJAX (not implemented though, too user-specific). You can either make links on available dates or copy the form from homepage.

Can you make a wordpress version of this one?

Great template i love it…

I guarantee if you convert this to wordpress, you’ll double your sales easily. I’ll wait to purchase then.

GOD this theme is just the one i was looking for my new business! Can you make a WP version? i would certainly buy it! it’s a different travel agency theme cause its more informal. I see it that way and it just fits on the scheme i’m planning for my website. Any news about WP version just announce ok?


I will not buy the html version, i will wait untill it is done for wp.

Wordpress and have the functionality of a reservation for hotels and trips/tours, all working, i am happy to pay $100 for the wp version please everyone write if you think you can part with $100 for fully working version on wp, to the author you have a gem here and your wasting it with html version, i assure you you will sell 200 copies for $100 a piece easy on here alone you have to listen to the demand, do your maths according to current demand to see the potential for wp version. Do let me know when you have it ready im happy to pay as i said $100

Thank you for all your comments. I have never made a WP theme yet, but I will do my best to make WP version ready for spring season. Right now, the priority is to finish another 2 templates I am currently working on.

Hello. This theme isn’t working on wordpress. It won’t even install.

Any thoughts of making this responsive or adding a web app?


Sorry, no. This would be quite complicated for both me and buyers.