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Hi, I’m looking for some customizations, do you work as free lancer as well?

Hi, I’m sorry, no.


It’s a wonderful theme but…...... hurry up for the WP version!!

If you need help making it into a wordpress site let me know, maybe we can work something out ;)

I will receive an invoice if I buy this template?

Hi, you need to ask Envato Support. http://themeforest.net/support

Sent a request about this, but still no answer from them. Can you help me please by telling me how can I add some pages / hotels to your templates, and how can I change the menu? What soft do I need? I’m out of this domain, but I wanna try to modified this template. Thank you.

Basically you only need an HTML editor. If you don’t know how to do this, I recommend hiring someone to do it for you.

Is it possible to have the background image scrolling instead of having just static image. The image and the text should scroll together?

This option is not there by default, but few lines of jQuery could do it.

The search component really works? What I have to do for that? Can I add a sub menu? (EX: Early Booking – Italy – Rimini). so Rimini, to be a sub menu for Italy.

Hi, search form doesn’t work by default. You can use Google Custom Search. I’m sorry, 3rd level navigation is not supported.


:)))). I cannot use Google Custom Search. Is not a profi idea for a travel site, or any other site. Was ok if a script was working to do that search, not an external thing, like Google Custom Search.

Yeah, I know. Unfortunately it’s too difficult to search through HTML pages, especially within structured content.

I forgot to ask you about the forms. They works?

No, this is just a simple HTML /CSS template.

OK. Can you tell me some working script or something that I can use to replace that HTML / CSS template? Thank you.

I am afraid there is none. This is specific for every user.

It works in IE ?

Thank you

..... zkusil jsem “LIVE PREVIEW ” v IE a mám to dost rozházené … Díky?

IE je podporovaný až od verzie 8.

Hello men, is not functional on IE explorer 8 and 9, sorry but IE rlz for normal people.

Hi, can you be more specific?

Hi. Have you ever considered to make this interface for wordpress? I’m really interested in, so please let me know if you will have a wordpress version someday. Thanks.

Crikey – what is it with WordPress people? If you want to build a successful website; learn how to code!

Scuse me once again with one question. Can I modify by myself the “last minute” table? I want to use my own length for the columns, and also i want to add a new one at the end of existing ones. if yes, can you tell in what file do I need to modify? thank you in advance.

Hi, take a look at some HTML Tables tutorial, you will need this info. Basically adding a column means to just add

at the end of tag. You can resize the columns by using style=”width:WIDTHpx” attribute in elements.

Hi. Is not working just to add a column. The “last minute” table it has two colors, one for each row. When I add another column, those colors are not applying to my new column. that new column it’s completely white, without those colors and borders.

Can you send me your code? You need to add the new column for all rows (otherwise it won’t be a valid table).

Hi There:

I have just noticed that the background image extends to full size in Google Chrome and it stays in normal size in IE 8 . Can you try to fix it before I purchase this template ??


Unfortunately, IE 8 doesn’t support background image resizing.

I’m very much interested in buying this theme, one question though .. i wish to modify the slider in between the top menu and the 4 hotel pics below it. I want the sliders height to be reduced and to swap the locations of the booking interface with the 4 hotels pics.

Is it possible?


it is possible, but it would require a little bit coding.


Hello Equiet,

I’ve already purchased your template :) ... trying to see its setup now and make changes as i see fit, if i run in to any trouble i can contact you here or on your email .. if its fine with you?



Yes, of course! I recommend contacting me via e-mail, where can I reply faster, more accurate and with attachements. :)

Thanks for purchasing, Equiet

Hello I bought the theme but the searches do not work. how do you explain? The question there was no interaction with mysql had already left me puzzled, however, I said, it will be my little experience! you have a solution? sorry for my English :) thanks



this is just HTML /CSS template, not fully working travel website. Sorry for the confusion.


I noticed another problem. The formatting on different browsers (chrome, firefox, safari) is displayed in different ways. I saw that files are missing, and reset the text.css frameworks. If I add the files to re-format all I have to reset! another mess?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Everything seems to be fine for me. Can you send me an e-mail with some details?


Having major problems trying to get this to work in IE 8 and above. The header image doesn’t display correctly, the menu is vertical instead of horizontal and the 4 small boxes do not line up properly. Works in compatibility mode but not as standard.

Is there a way I can get support for this?


Hi, can you send me an e-mail with screenshot attached?

Email sent through the site. Link given as unable to add images to messages on here.

Hey nice theme i bought it and i have a question would you please tell me how to activate or implement a next and previous buttons to the fancybox

in other words in the image slider(not the one in the index but the others inside the other pages) when yo click on a image it opens a fancybox with this image but i want to view all the images in the fancybox with a next and preview buttons



add rel attribute to these images. It must have the same value (e.g. rel=”slideshow_gallery”) for the images you want to display in a group.