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I just notice a bug accidentally on my site using GoExplore. And I checked it on the demo site and it exists there too.

There’s duplicate pages on the category pages of the listings.

For example : http://para.llel.us/themes/goexplore/demo/listings/sydney-australia/food-drinks/

Will have a duplicate page below. Notice the double URL :-


p/s Sorry to post it here. My support has ended but I just want to point it out so that a fix can be made.

This will affects the 2nd, 3rd and the rest of the pages too (if the category pages has lots of listings)

where do i input Google Maps API?! There is no such option in the Theme Options. Also, there is no more support forum. Please navigate me to the place where i can input the Google Maps key so the maps could work properly.

i’ve searched the forum and found the answer, stating: “Go to GoExplore! > Theme Options > Defaults and add your Google API key…”

but THERE IS NO TEXT BOX TO INPUT THE API KEY IN THE SETTINGS as it shown on the screenshot on the forum page http://para.llel.us/support/groups/goexplore/forum/topic/google-map/

Make sure you are using the latest versions of the theme and its associated plugins.

If you need any further assistance you’ll need to renew your support license and submit a ticket in our Help Center.


i use the latest theme. if i use the theme itself, i can see the google api key box. But in child theme there is no “other” section with google api key box.

please indicate how to add the chilld theme. Cannot see this information in the help system.

There are step-by-step instructions for creating a child theme for GoExplore! in the ‘readme.html’ documentation that comes with the theme.

Support is provided in our Help Center.

Visit our Help Center: http://para.llel.us/support/

If you can’t find a solution using the forum search, click the big orange SUBMIT A TICKET button.

Please submit a new ticket for each separate issue and we’ll do our best to help.


Is There Any comment box for directory items? I couldn’t find it in your demo?

By default comments are not enabled for directory items; there is a post in our Help Center that describes how to add comment support to both destinations and directory items.

Pre Sale Question: Will this theme get wordpress 5.4 support soon

Yes, GoExplore! supports WordPress 5.4.

Pre Sale Question: is it possible to incorporate listings and reviews into this theme? and to have user accounts where people can bookmark/favourite pages?

The theme doesn’t have this functionality, you’d need to find a suitable plugin.

Hi, for some reason the home page (https://www.tailormade-travel.co.uk) sometimes loads on first load but sometimes it takes 3/4 refreshes before it loads correctly.

How to solve this please?​ been a big supporter and customer of yours for over 4 years.

To submit a ticket in our Help Center you will need an active support license.

Could you please some guidance here on what I can do to sort this white page issue?

We can provide you with support only in our Help Center.