Discussion on Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Discussion on Travel Booking WordPress Theme

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Hi there. This looks like the perfect theme for my client, however, I have a question. Is it possible to remove the huge search box on the homepage header area and have a regular sized header (eg: just a few hundred pixels high)? Thanks.

Hello markmapstone,

Yes of course you can remove it.

Hello, we upgrated last version but we have problem.. 1. search engine: when we search the specific places ( hotel & tour) system is showing all places and destination how we can fix it.. 2. we need to upgrade all location or we dont need it ? could u pls send a solution or can u fix it ?

Hello anaikin,

You can post a ticket on our support system then we can check it later. Our team is in our Lunar New Year caused that all answer will a bit later to you.

Thank you so much!

Hi, thanks for the answer. I would like to know when there is a new update ? to solve problems of breadcrumbs

Thank you so much

Hello paolossum,

We will update at end of this month.


How to add more languages like French, Korean, and so on other than the one it’s given on WPML. I already saw Japanese, German, Italian and Arabian languages are available, but I need more languages. Thank you,

Hello UXmongolia,

You should do it for yourself.

I Understand that i have to do it myself. The reason why I’m asking was there is no Chinese language available with this theme and I want to know how to add it. Basically, how to add languages that not included with the default theme. Thank you,

Hi, with the new register form how a user can switch from Normal User to Partner automatically (without request or admin approval)? Thanks.

Hello gutie,

On the current version, we don’t have option allow that.

Thank you.

I accidentally clicked two more times and now I have three of same demo contents on my site. Is there anything I can do to delete two of them? or do it over by any chance?

Hello jksdhfjdshfk,
This is solution for you:
If your Traveler theme is version 1.2.1, You can following these steps:
1. Install and activate plugin WP Reset, then go to Tool > Reset site.
2. After reseting, go to Themes > activate Traveler version 1.2.1
3. Install and activate the plugins requirement.
4. Go to Traveler Settings > Install demo and choose the version you want :)

I hope that’s help.


Is there any possibility to integrate this theme with Sabre airline solutions


Can you provide this as customized support ?

Thank you

Hello jabali,

We are really sorry for that. We don’t have solution now, and we don’t provide customize service now. Because our Tet holiday is coming and we have more plans in the future.

Thanks you so much.

Hello, DoodleMcSnap! A user have to apply to be partner. After he gets the approval, he can post a listing on the website on Traveler theme. See Partner section in demo site of Traveler.

Hello! I have registred on support page for Traveler and I haven’t get the password for the account. My email address is cristi.culea@gmail.com. Please, help me with this.

I have received the password. Sorry. It was in a filter in my email.

Don’t hesitate :)

Thank you

Hi, before buy this theme is possible to know if the prices are just by night or also, for example, 700 euro for 14 days?Thank you.

Hello aghi75,

Thanks for interest in our Traveler theme :)
And the question about prices, On current version:
- Hotel + Rental + Car can be shown 700 euro for 14 days
- Tour + Activity, the price will be calculated by the number person/tour

Please don’t hesitate for new questions.

Thank you once again.

Dear sir,

We have purchased the wordpress travel theme on 16.01.2016 vide purchase code: 4d54fc07-68eb-4766-86a1-2dd414e05c58.

We have successfully installed and i have booked one new car http://cityroamtravels.com/st_car/maruti-ritz/ and when i submit the booking form it is showing an error “Your Sessions Expire, please reload this page”. and again i reload the page still the same issue.

We are are also sending you the screenshot for the same. Please let us know how to resolve this issue.

Hello webtexindia,
Could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin + FTP account?
Our technical support team will help you :)

Hi – Great theme, I was wondering if a user can login to post a rental/hotel?

Hello DoodleMcSnap,
Thank you very much for your interest in Traveler theme.
However, we can’t give you the permiss access to site demo, you can view the dashboard by watching video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hghfObbp-v0&list=PLKwVkOFkT-MYozhDeR8PKarhL7To_9npN
Please don’t hesitate for new questions about Traveler theme :)
Thank you once again


Nice theme and perfect what I am looking for.

Just want to know one thing, is it possible to add day wise itinerary on the tour package page.

I have checked your demo but you have only displayed the day wise itinerary.


Waiting for reply.

Good morning,

Thank you so much for interested in our theme.
And your question about Tour package. I quite don’t understand it. Could you explain more?

Thank you so much

Thanks for the reply,

Example: Visit: http://tour-packages.org/tour/exciting-kerala/

You can see day wise itinerary, so that visitors get complete knowledge and information about the package.


Hello again, as I was trying to install your theme on my own I learned that its too much work :( :) haha So I decided to take your advice and use one click install function. So I far I only uploaded the parent theme and child theme. Should I delete them in order to use the one-click install? what should I do?

Hello jksdhfjdshfk,
If your Traveler theme is version 1.2.1, You can following these steps:
1. Install and activate plugin WP Reset, then go to Tool > Reset site.
2. After reseting, go to Themes > activate Traveler version 1.2.1
3. Install and activate the plugins requirement.
4. Go to Traveler Settings > Install demo and choose the version you want :)

I hope that’s help.

I am interested in your theme, can i use it to book and sell cars? thanks

Hello owhen,

I'm not sure Traveler can meet your requirements because I don't know specifically your using purpose. For Booking online ( for sale and purchase) any theme integrated with Woocommerce can do it. However, to manage a car-showrooom, some tasks like testing or validating data can't be done by Traveler

Thank you so much for interested in our theme.

Hi, why my breadcrumbs not work? Or what I have to do to have a working breadcrumb? I’ve insert location country, location locality. but when I open my tour there’s no breadcrumb as Home > Italy > Rome > My Tour Can you help me please?

This version 1.2.0 has a few new data updates. Click “Update Now” button to perform it.

But when I run the update with my google api it takes me this error

Hello paolossum,
Could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin + FTP account?
We want to check more about this trouble.

OK! I opened a new ticket. I hope for a quick response.

Thanks so much

Hi , I’m interesting in this theme. But I wonder if there are two person booking the last room at the same time, what will happen? Will they both succeed? Is there any way to prevent such a thing happen?

Hello ETM-Amanda,

We are counting number of room ready for book. If same time if have room ready it will successful.

Only 1 booking success.

Hope that help.


Hi, thank you for your quickly answer.

And we also would like to know can the plugin support the function as below? 1. Can the plugin call api of our PMS system while customers do the room registration ? 2. Can the plugin sync with our PMS system to check if there’s any empty rooms immediately ? Also, we would like to know if we can revise the code or not, if the plugin can not support the previous requirement as well.

Hello I just purchased your theme and I can’t wait to start working on it. As I was just checking out the theme, I noticed that I don’t see “visual composer” plugin?! I thought it was included in the theme as one of the features. Can you tell me how or where to find it? Thanks!

Hello jksdhfjdshfk,

Thanks for purchased our product.

So our theme support One-Click install function caused that you can use it for install all ( include Visual Composer ).

You can check our documentation included in the package you download to see more info we ready guide step by step on it.

Hope that help!

Thanks again!

Hi!! we open a ticket in your forum for 3 days a go (post #49516) without answer. Please we need help to set the “word rotator+slider” as home page. your video : https://youtu.be/xGRnDEdjsVw dont explain fine the procedure.

thanks in advance

Ok, we got it.
We are sorry about the delay can’t give you a solution as soon as received ticket.
We have other client and we work order by time. If you post comment continuously, We can’t check old comment to help you resolve it.

Thanks for your sympathy.

ok, we wait for your help. The main trouble is to set the “word rotator+slider” home page.



I have a pre sale question, i am looking forward to create a website for transportation of goods and services where the user can list their requirements like items to ship , pickup and delivery location etc, and on the other hand i want a pool of transporters, who will be quoting/bidding to the listings for work, also there will be a subscription model for transporters to access the listings, something like uship.com but tweaked, so does your theme supports the subscription plugin , if yes than which one, also is it possible to create such a website with your theme? also can we integrate other local country payment gateways? waiting for your reply Regards Gaurav

Hello Gaurav,

Thanks for interested in our theme.
However, I’m not sure Traveler can meet your requirements because I don’t know specifically your using purpose. For transportation of goods and services online some tasks like testing or validating data can’t be done by Traveler, You have to customize theme very much. Are you a developer?
And the subscription plugin, we don’t have any testing with them, I don’t sure.

Please let us know if you have any question about Traveler theme :)
Thank you once again.


Thank you for your prompt reply, I am not a developer I am willing to buy your theme but I would require customisation are you willing to customise the theme as per my requirements please let me know the costing involved. please also tell me your email id ?

Waiting for your reply


Thank you very much, Gaurav.

However, While workload is so heavy, small workforce is priotizing to solve customers’ problems. Therefore, we can’t provide customize option right now

Have nice day.


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