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Discussion on Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Discussion on Travel Booking WordPress Theme

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The theme does not support to work with it yet.

Please use WPML plugin to make your site in multiple languages:




can you please advice, how can we translate partner’s panel ?

It seams that WPML String translation does not help

Thank you

I don’t understand why you don’t return my money for the topic since I can’t use it. this is not a customer attraction policy. just your theme is not suitable for me but this is of course after installation. I want you to refund my money and I will not stop writing until it is done.


As mentioned before, your refund request does not match with Envato Market Refund Rules https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

Traveler still works as described. In Traveler Item Page, we always emphasize the role of the WPML plugin to build a multi-language website. And Traveler is compatible with WPML.


“Multi-language support and checked with the WPML team. We work directly with this team WPML and confirm point by point for 100% compatible.”

“Multi-language, compatible with WPML and RTL layout with Arabic languages.”

We have never ever mentioned that Traveler included WPML plugin

We show a multi-language website demo to let users know that WPML compatible with Traveler and customers can use it to build multi-language content. Building multi-language content is the website owner’s task, not Traveler Theme’s responsibility.

Hope you understand Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

what is that…I cant installing your theme??? whats the problem..I making this business 10 years


Did you mean which scenario?
(1) Translate all to Turkish: Use PoEDIT http://guide.travelerwp.com/docs/licenses-and-support/manual-translation/

(2) Build multi-language website: WPML + PoEDIT http://guide.travelerwp.com/docs/installation/traveler-plugins/wpml-compatible/how-to-install-and-setup-wpml/

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards!

Hello i bought the theme today but when i installed it i saw that the mega menu is missing and the language changer is missing. I would like to get the files for the full version of the following theme from the demo – Grid Images Traveler with all connections and the language switcher as its shown in the demo. If u cannot send me those files i would like to have a refund Thank you!


To build multi-languages website, you can use WPML (recommended)


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Thank You and Best Regards!

Hi ,when using WPML is there a way to translate search box and hotel details or search filters in result pages?

Hello, so I installed WPML to translate our French site into English with your theme. A lot of things are working but I have some home page blocks that don’t display English home page content, including two Hotel List and Place List blocks. I can see the title of the blocks in English but not the dynamic content with places or hotels, which are displayed well in French version. thank you in advance.


1. WPML plugin help you make the site in multiple languages.

2. About the translation, you can use Poedit to translate text of theme:


Don’t forget update the language file in the step 4 to get all available text.

3. You can refer this document for the way of set up WPML plugin and translate your post/page/service to make it display in multi languages.



Pagination not correct on not page 1

Page 1 Thai Language

Page 2 item show English version why?


But If logged admin role system is working fine.

But I found problem.

I must to setting

Language filtering for AJAX operations on WPML

Your Function is working fine now.



Dvid972 Purchased

Hello how i can translate hotel Facilities and Catégories de Parcours in the search bar please, it is not well translated. I have installed loco translate to translate but I can’t find what I’m looking for


If your website is one language, you can change Hotel Attributes as this below images. https://prnt.sc/111dft3 https://prnt.sc/111dge6 https://prnt.sc/111diuf

If your website is multi languages, you need WPML Multilingual CMS to do this part. Loco Translate cannot translate attributes Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. Thank You and Best Regards


gaelson Purchased

hello, Please look at the Ticket ID: 22405 that you close but the trouble still. I’ve update the text as you recommanded. regards


Kindly recheck your WPML plugin or upload fresh package of this plugin.

Currently, your WPML does not have settings section to set thing up.


As mentioned previos, we have doubt about your WPML

Regarding to your ticket, you can create a new ticket and attached screenshot video to better understand.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Thank You and Best Regards

do you support polylang


Unfortunately, our Theme have not been tested with PolyLang.

Besides, you can use WPML to build multi-languages website with our Theme

Thank You and Best Regards

Hello, I have an unsolved issue since months (and I even asked about it when I had a support) and I was exchanging by e-mail with Miss Thao and now I have no answers. The theme is uncompatible with WPML in arabic and even WPML support team couldn’t solve this and now even you don’t reply to emails

Can i change the url of destinations? Thanks


1. This options is available in our Theme

2. For Multi Languages, you can use WPML

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Thank You and Best Regards

Hi, same problem here. The availability calender did not work any more. I see we are not the only one. Please can you fix this?

Thanks, our support is on the end so we can’t do this. But we see other people has same problem: https://themeforest.net/comments/26155030 we are also working with wpml. Maybe this is the problem? Best regards, Tim

Hi, - When using WPML does partners will have to create 1 listing for each language ?

- if yes : does that will count for one listing ? I mean, membership has (Number of item can upload) if this membership is limited to 1 (Number of item can upload) will he be able to create a translation of his 1 service ?

- Wich membership of WPML do we need to run a mix-service with your theme ? ( BLOG, CMS )

- Can we use automatic translation for admin and make sure partner can’t use the account for automatic translation on your theme ?

- Can partner use their own automatic translation account ?

thank you

Hello graujm,

Thank you for your detailed question, please have look at our confirmation here:

1. Only website owner can create and control WPML. For examples, Partner can create hotel A with language English . Then Website Owner duplicate hotel A to each language.

Therefore, partner cannot use automatic translation as well

2. For full translation, you better buy WPML Multilingual CMS

I hope these information are clear and helpful for you, please let us know if any further or result later.


Is there a way to translate the bokking language system into spanish easily? Do you have a test admin demo? i would like to know more about availability (single hotel), when someone book some days the room automaticaly change to not available in the system? Thanks


1. For translation, you can use WPML + PoEdit easily. http://travelerdocs.wpengine.com/docs/licenses-and-support/manual-translation/ http://guide.travelerwp.com/docs/installation/traveler-plugins/wpml-compatible/how-to-install-and-setup-wpml/

2. Unfortunately, we don’t have test admin demo

3. Yes. When customer book specific date, the inventory will change that day to unavailable.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information. Thank You and Best Regards


pre-purchase question:

Scenario: If my company offers “3 identical museum tours” of 2h each the same day (1st session in the morning, 2nd session at noon, and 3rd session at 4pm). I am interested in the mix service marketplace.

1) Is it possible to create 1 listing with 3 different sessions? Or do I have to create 3 different listings?

2) Is you theme compatible with elementor?

3) Is your theme ready for translation? Is it ready for multilingual? both?

4) Can I add my own fields in the listing description?

Great theme!

Thank you!

— GM

lethithao Author Team

Hello There,

Thank you for your interested in our product, please have look at these information:

1) There are 2 ways you can do this:

+ You can create one tours, then setup 3 different start time. Then, customer will able to see the time and select the one they offer.

+ You will create 3 tours name (which included description as morning, noon, and afternoon). And these 3 tours are actually same tour, just different about the time.

2) Unfortunately, not support compatible with Elementor.

3) We have support compatible with WPML plugin, so you can purchase & use this for multi-language. You also can manual translate website by using Poedit.

4) You may need custom code for this request. However, we do not support or guarantee for any custom code or 3rd party plugin activate in site.

For more information, please visit us here:

- Demo: https://travelerwp.com/

- Documentation: https://docs.travelerwp.com/

Looking forward to be your partner soon.



Presale question:

Hi, I like a theme and want to buy it. 1. I’m worried about how your demo works and I will have problems. On this page: https://remap.travelerwp.com/st_rental/spacious-3-bedrooms-apt-near-champs-elysees-avenue/

the availability loads endlessly. I read written about it here 3years ago and the problem still present is really scary.

2. Couldn’t the map be Google here? https://remap.travelerwp.com/search-rental-half-map/

3. Will I be able to use this topic to upload hotels, rooms and apartments, cars, etc. from various sources, as in my site to pay a percentage for the reservation

4. Will I be able to divide the sites not only by cities but for example: Mountain, Rural tourism, sea and to be able to search by such criteria

5. The same for a house, hotel, apartment ….

6. Is there a calendar where I can easily view all reservations and will I be able to synchronize with the bigest sites?

7. Can I use the paid version of Gtranslate to make my site multi-language

8. I want to be the only Host I don’t want users to be able to upload anything I want to have the option to just book and rent.

I will be happy to answer my questions. Thanks!

lethithao Author Team

Hello There,

Thank you for your interested in our product, please have look at these information:

1. I have passed to our Dev to check on demo already, we will inform to you as soon as possible.

2. Sure, you can use google map. We have support both google map & mapbox you you select one of them to use in theme.

3. Do you mean about partner features? If yes, we have support partner function in theme already which allow them to register and sell their own product in your site.

4. For the location, you can just need to add the name of location which shown in map then customers can search for the destination. We mean that, not only location must be city, but also can be another kind of destination.

5. Sorry, we need more detail description to answer this question.

6. All the bookings will be mark and display in each service. For example, if you want to check booking of hotel you can access to Hotel -> Hotel bookings, then can see the list.

7. We have support compatible with WPML plugin for multi-site only, and we not yet support compatible with Gtranslate plugin yet.

8. You can turn off register option so no one can register in your site to upload.

Please let us know if any other further, for more detail please visit us here:


Looking forward to be your partner soon.


There are problems with the WPML in Tours, can you check it please? (a tour cannot be translated)

H, we want to have our site in french and in English too, want do you recommand ? How can it be possible to switch langage for the final user ? Do you support Loco translate ou WPML is the est way ? Thank you

lethithao Author Team

Hello There,

We have support compatible with WPML plugin in Theme already. You can purchase this plugin to use for multi-language site.


Loco translate or Poedit will able for you to manual translate some fixed text in theme.

Please let us know if any further question or information you need to know more.