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nice work gud luck :)

good theme, GLWS

Nice template, Good Luck :)

Nice template, GLWS :)

Nice theme. GLWS :)

Thank you all :)

Nice template, Best Luck :)

Awesome, Looks great, GLWS :)

Thank you all :)

if i want to share my itinerary that include information flight date, date accomodation check in check out, time of activity like what tripit apps offer, cost, activity during the trip from time to time everyday etc by using your theme style

is it your theme can offer that function?

You can check the link of my item for preview. It has sections like itinerary, inclusions e.g. Flight, train, transport. You can see what itinerary shows you like location picture, description of the location, activity and best buy of that lcation.

Template also inlcudes sections for upcoming tours, gallery, testimonials. For editing this template, you should have knowledge of html and css atleast.

If you feel that this template has everything you need, you can go ahead for purchasing it. If you have any doubts or more questions, let us know and we’ll answer your questions. We also do customization but that will be for additional charges.

One thing, You cant use this template with existing WP theme.

can integrate with facebook comment, if want to put and integrate with facebook comment?

I am not sure, never did that before

Hello, I have bought this template, and uploaded to my server, but the form does not work, there is no action after clicked “Send Message”, the documentation does not have information about this neither.

There is a folder called /forms, and there are three files inside: they are contact.php phpmailer.php and subscriber.php

Do I have to change anything except in contact.php

I can change this: $receiving_email_address and $custom_subject

Do I have to do any other configuration? Such as enter my smtp details anywhere ?

Please advise.


replied to your email


Awesome landing page. Just wondering if its possible to hook up the forms on the page to mailchimp?

Thank you

You have to replace existing forms with your MailChimp a/c forms.

you didn’t want to put option like facebook like, twitter and whatapps to your html function?

What should I respond? Its up to user to put fb, twitter or whatsapp. Its not WP theme thats why I didnt added extra plugins.

how to put fb, twitter or whatsapp at your file?

Ok please email me using my profile page contact section, so that we can discuss further. It will be for additional cost as this is customization part.

Impressive work! Possible to add more flights and to distinguish between domestic and international flights?

Thank you and yes you can add as many info boxes as you want(its html template). At the moment there is not any other way to distinguish between domestic and international flight.

Sorry for the delay in reply- I’m travelling at the moment- would it be possible to buy the PSD files or would it be easy for the itinerary bit to be changed to Wordpress and be integrated within an existing Wordpress template? Can look at having this done on Envato Studio as well if you feel that it would be possible

Can you please email us from our profile page contact form? It will be better to discuss over email.

I have a wordpress theme in my website, can i use your landing page in wordpress?

You cant use it directly but you can integrate in to it with proper coding and developement or you may use it as a seperate html landing page.


LJNN Purchased

Hi there, I have change my contac.php but seems to not work, can you help me?

Hello there, can you please email me link to check? also I need your server files access (FTP) to check.


Nonski Purchased

I can’t seem to get the mobile subscribe form working at all? In the html files I just see one h4 tag for it but no functionality at all?

Hi Nonski: It surely is working. But I am unable to understand the issue you are having. Please email me the screenshot of the issue and also message me from my profile page. We can surely help you fix it. Thank You!


Nonski Purchased

How to remove the overlay green color on images (Day1,Day2,Day3,etc..) index.html page?


Nonski Purchased

As well as on the slider?

Hi Nonski, to remove background green color open style.css and go to line 1665, find: .day .placeImg { opacity: .7; }

change this to:

.day .placeImg { opacity: 1; }

For slider open index.html and go to section and remove BGprime and opaque class.


Nonski Purchased

What’s the idea of this field <input type=”text” id=”sub-security” name=”sub-security” class=”form-control hide” value=”” /> When there is literally no security on the forms that are included in the template?

What happened?


Nonski Purchased

My contact form was attacked by spam bot and thousands of requests were made in a matter of a few minutes because the forms lack any security.

Hi Nonski: May be you should consult with your hosting company about spambot attacks. But also email me your files and I will look into it. Thanks!