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Wow this is great, well done!

Awesome, any plans to make it a wordpress theme?

wordpress theme please!

Thanks guys! If I only have time I will make WP version but I can’t promise anything yet.

I agree that Wordpress would be great!

This is a really beautiful, elegant, flexible and well thought out theme. Fantastic job.

Thank you! :)

its pretty nice template you should convert it to wordpress

hallo guys is a very nice template but i have a small problem the bg in drop menu in ie 8 i have is not show also the trasparent bg on slide photos also don’t show.

i make something wrong? please tell me

I assume you are already uploaded theme to your site so try to chmod colors folder to 777 which is in img directory.

If you don’t know how to change folder permissions check this tutorial:

Amazing job! If you decide to make a WP theme I’ll for sure purchase it ;) Would love to see a gallery page added.

fantastic theme, i think i’m going to buy it :) a gallery page would be perfect!

Purchased it :) Hope the gallery part get’s added too, niiiiiiiceeeeeee work!

Thanks! :)

Throw this into wordpress with an admin interface and I’m 100% buying – outstanding clean work (without all the extra bullshit!) :-) !

it can’t be done in WP, any possibility of having the admin panel instead? would love to have this theme for a travel site.. :(

or it has an admin panel already?

Sorry but this is only HTML template so it doesn’t have admin panel.

We want a wordpress version for this template! We need it! `Cause it’s so beautiful …

And you will make happy more users!

Very good job – so clean and elegant!

I absolutely adore this and would like to vehemently back the calls for a Wordpress theme!!

I for one will buy 3 licenses whatever the price!

WP please and multiple colors please

Hello, I noticed you are ignoring each user’s request for a WP theme.

We would really like a Wordpress theme designed for this. Can you offer that please ASAP ?

What is the status on the WordPress theme version of this?

I know you all want it and I also would like to code it but right now I’m coding another theme and after that my military service starts (in january). So I need to find someone who can convert this to WP as detailed as possible.

So you will get it, I just can’t say exactly when…

Hi, I have recently purchased this theme. Only issue I have is that I cant get it to work at all in IE7 . I am viewing it with IE Tester and all I get is a blank page. Has anyone else come across this issue?



I just checked my demo site but I didn’t spotted any problems.