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Wow great job any hope having a portfolio page and side bars ?



I will propably add this gallery page to theme:

But nothing else isn’t planned at the moment.

It would be great to have a portfolio page any idea when it will be available, Thanks for the reply

Sorry but I can’t say any specific date.

Dude let me ask again after everyone else has. Wordpress theme please

Yes, I’m trying to find someone how can code pretty quickly.

Hi Smulliii

It would be great as well if all the adverts where running with sliders like the index page

i want to use it in Right-to-left site with unicode. is it easy to do so? some themes dont work on IE when i change its direction to RTL . will this one work nice?

Sorry but I don’t have any experience with RTL so I can’t say anything to this one. You just need to test it by yourself.

Hi there…

I also can’t get the background to show in the menus and in the slideshow in IE8 .

I’m hosting it on GoDaddy servers, but when I put it in a completely different hosting company everything works great.

I think that GoDaddy servers doesn’t know how to handle urls like this:


Can you help me? Do I need to change something in .htaccess?

Thanks and Great Template!!

If your site is hosted on Linux server (like most are) you need to chmod colors folder, which can be found from img directory, to 777.

Very nice template, I like it a lot!

Shame there isn’t a dark theme though… :’(

Thank you!

hi whats the best way you advice to edit this template i mean i wana fill it with information and news .. what program should i use ??? .. thanx

This is just basic HTML version so you can use any text editor you want.

Nice Layout! I purchased it and i am wondering how can i change the team color of the template?

Thanks, Arish

All the main colors can be changed from style.css.

very nice layout. I´m using it but I need dark version

Thank you

Let’s see if we can work something out..


Maybe then when I get my military service finished (July 2011).

You should put clear: both at #trips-viewer .trips-container class. Right now, if you rename tab titles it can become messy. Otherwise, great template.

Thanks for this tip!


I bought this amazing template and I’m already applying it to an existing website!! Amazing work you’ve done! The metalic shades are lovely, the php RGBA trick is amazing (i didn’t knew about it) and the code is impecably structured!

But (there’s always a damn but) the template has a very large width (1030px) and I need to set this site up for 960px.

I need help with this to make everything fit nicely … apart from changing the container div in the css to 960 px what else do I have to change accorgingly to still have the template fit the (at least to make it seem like it) ?

Apart from this I’m completely ready to give it a 5 star! Awesome work!

Can you help me with this mate?

Hi Smuliii.

The navigation between trips-viewer does not work with IE7 . The browser crashes.


Do you still have this same problem because this is first time when I heard this kind of bug?

Hey Smulli,

Forget my last post I posted 26 days ago … i already solved that problem by my own.

Now I noticed another big problem! Big cause I already delivered the site to the client and he’s complaining the links on the homepage on the accordion box trips-nav and featured-nav doesn’t work … and he’s right!

They only work if we left click and choose “open in a new window”. this surely must be cause of jquery and I needed to solve this as soon as possible.

Please help me mate.

Thanks for buying my theme and great if you like it!

Could you provide link or something because when I go to my demo site everything is working just fine?

Hi Great template, its says it’s compatible with i.e. 6 but it doesnt load a style sheet for this does it? the layout is lost in i.e. 6 and floats down the left of the page?

Cheers, Lee.

IE6 has only the basic styles so site is completely readable but as you can see it doesn’t look same like in other browsers.

I apologize that you all had to wait my replies over three months but I’m going to fix this issue in this weekend. Still I need to say that I can’t read these comments on a regular basis so I ask you to be patience and find solution from somewhere else, like from Themeforest forums.

Thanks guys for supporting me! :)

How can change Color on “TopShine” in the psd? is a flat image?

Open any of .psd file which is included in this theme, and then find layer called topshine and give it Color Overlay in Blending Options.


After I bought it I found out that it’s not Ie6 compatible.

How can yo make it compatible on Ie 6?

Congratulations for the design!

No offense but is there really any good reason why your site needs to look exactly same in IE6 than with modern browser? TravelGuide uses extra css file for IE6 so it doesn’t look completely awful but in fact quite readable.

I don’t have time or even desire to make any of my themes IE6 compatible anymore because it would take so much extra time (and so little extra money) and even Google doesn’t support IE6 anymore and I think they have few more page views more than you have. :P


Thanks for the reply Smuliii. The problem is not the look on ie6, the problem is that when you test the site on ie6 it looks like there is no CSS available at all. This happens even on the live sample that you have on themForest.

It shows like a site with no CSS available. :confused:

Thank you for your support.

IE6 loads very simplified css file which just centralize whole website and adds few basic styles.

You can find that file from here:

SO waiting for a wordpress version. This is an awesome theme! :sunglasses:

I just finished my military service last friday so I haven’t had time to work with any project for the past six months. But I’ve worked hard all week and now it’s starting look promising. ;)

Thank you.