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in general I like your theme and I would be interested to order a complete custom made theme on a basis of the the travel guide but with modifications and additional requirements.

But first of all I would like to test the Travel theme which is available.

You are commenting that users or potential buyers shall report bugs to you.

There is a bug ( or display issue ) when viewed on an almost square 1024×768 px monitor because not all of the content is displayed in fact one has to use the horizontal scroll to see the entire content.

Now I have also checked your other themes like “insdidesign”


Also I would suggest to give the theme more margin on the left and right and less space ( padding ) between all the elements.

I am not a designer but I guess that you have probably not spent the same time and care like on your other projects.

To be honest I like your work and if this is fixed I will purchase the theme.

From there on we may continue to establish some future work and relationship.

If you would like to have more detailed information about me I will drop you an email to your mail and after that a screenshot that you see what I mean.


I must admit that I haven’t tested TravelGuide with 1024×768 resolution but you’re right, it doesn’t look good. I will optimize this theme also to 1024×768 resolution so if user has smaller screen he doesn’t lose a thing.

i cannot get the theme to upload no matter what i do. Is there some special instructions? Do i need to unzip the theme and then rezip it to upload?

Sorry but this is just HTML version so it cannot be installed into any CMS , like Wordpress.

If you need Wordpress version keep your eyes open because I’m gonna release it within a few days.


Do you have Wordpress template for this template?

Regards, Melrish

Yep, but it was rejected because design reasons.

If you want you can check demo here:

can i have the wordpress theme ? where? i bought the html template by mistake

I answered to your email.

Hi Smuliii

I purchased this template works great, but at the drop down menu the text is white and the background is in red, but I notice in internet explorer the background some get lost and i think it is in ie7 it has happened 4 different peoples computers what should i do?

Try to chmod colors folder to 777 which is in img directory

If you don’t know how to chmod (change folder permissions) check this tutorial:


Beautiful theme !

I’d like to purchase it but only the Wordpress Version, could you please keep me up to date and let me know when i could expect it?

Also, could you please provide a way in the wordpress version to simply translate de site in other language (I’m french I need to translate the common words in french).

May I suggest few things for the wordpress version? - IPO file for translating easily all words - 728×90 header banner instead of the 468×60 (old school) - Instead of FlickR widget, it will be very good if you could make the same widget but with “latest uploaded pictures” (we select a folder to display for eg)

Let me know !

Thanks, Alexandre

Hi and thanks!

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to release Wordpress version in here. It would need so much design improvements to get approved that it just doesn’t worth it.

However if you want it, I can sell it to you if you contact me via email.

And WP version includes .mo and .po files (for localization).


Thanks for the info,

How can I contact you, I didn’t see your email?

Thanks, Alexandre

You can contact me from my profile page:

Hello. Have this been fixed for 1024×768 ? I’m having the same problems than “weeramon” 3 months ago.


Oh, it seems I totally forgot this because Wordpress version got rejected and I decided to move on. But if I just remember, I’ll try to update this, after I’ve finished my current project.

Hello, I like this theme, and i’m using it for a new project but… Is it possible to do a full page without sidebar ? and after this, is it possible to provide a “forum” style template page ? Thanks ;) Ludal

Sorry but I have to say no for forum styling since it isn’t really relevant to this theme.

Thanks for the update ;-)

Glad you liked it! :)


I sent you a message regarding your WordPress version of this theme yesterday. I would be great if I can get this from you as soon as possible.


I replied to your email!


I would like to purchase the Travel Guide Template in Wordpress. How can I get it? How much also?

Best. =)


Contact me from my profile page to get more info about WP version:

I would like to get the wordpress version as well, can you let me know ho to get it?

Can you add a way to change the colors and theme? Did you already add the full-page option?

Can I please get the wordpress version of this template? Thank you

I replied your email!

Hello, Nice template here :). I will buy it very soon and start a brand new travel blog. There is something I do not like and I was wondering if I can do something else. The gallery has only one page now. I wish, when a visitor accesses the “Galery” page to be shown a list of sub-galleries (ex: Pictures from Rome, Pictures from Munich, etc) and when you click on that album you will see the real gallery for that one. Yes, that’s the word: I need to be able to manage albums. Is this possible in your template? Thanks! Later edit: I did not noticed that this is not a Wordpress template, so the question is for the wordpress template :). Can I see a live demo of that template somewhere?

This is just HTML template so it doesn’t have any functionalites (like for example album management).

You can check Wordpress version from here:

If you are interested with WP version, you can contact me from my profile page.


Dude i sent you an email and a tweet. My email is I want to buy your the WP version of this theme. Please contact me :-) Is there any documentation of this theme to learn more details ? Thanx a lot ;)

I replied your tweet!

I purchased the WordPress theme and I am really happy with it. It is very well built!!! A really nice clean theme that suits the subject perfectly.

Thanks! :)

Hi, Smuliii

I just updated the version of jQuery and the “trip viewer” on the home page has stopped working.

Is there any way around this?



I just tested to change jQuery version to 1.7.1 and at least for me everything still works, so maybe you have done something else, which broke it?


Is it possible to change the red color for the navigation buttons to a different color. I can not see to find it in the css

I love this theme!!

The main navigation colors are #9c163e and rgba(156, 22, 62, 0.8).



I bought this tamplate today to my wordpress website but when I tried to upload it I coundt install it. The massage error is: “Are you sure you want to do this?” and just this without options. What happened? Please, help me. The WP version is 3.3.2. I bought the right it? I will wait a answer.


JR Caimi

Sorry but this just a HTML template, so it doesn’t work in Wordpress.

hello again can you comment if this theme is responsive?

No, it’s not responsive.