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Thanks for your help. You are right another plugin writes jquery in lines below. Thanks again for the fast and useful reponse.

Hey Dzamars,

Great theme, i’m using to make a wicked travel site, but I’m curious is their a way to make:

the index page only display posts from a select catgetory, thus the slider only displays those posts as well?


make a new posts page which displays only a select category and set it as the static home page? Would this method also be able to have the slider available?

Thanks for any input!

the second method could work :). Unfortunatelly, in order to implement the first method would require some modifications to the theme files.

Ok thanks! I’ll give it a shot and see which method works out for me. Appreciate the input.

Hey Dzamars,

Thanks for the help, i solved my problem previously, but I have a new question. I’m using a static page as the home page and I’ve made a new page for the post page. Is their an easy method to removing the duplicate page link in the navigation?


If are refering to the “Home ” Link, that you can simply remove one from the header.php. Just delete the next two lines:

  • Home
  • Hello!

    Just bought the theme! Thank you!

    Any plans to update it for WP menu? What plugins would you recommend to give it the same functionality?


    I will update the theme to Wordpress 3.2 in a very short while.

    Check the theme again, it was updated to Wordpress 3.


    I have uploaded the theme but it looks strange and if i activate it the pictures of the posts doesn’t appear OK. In fact they are not displayed at all. if a switch to a different theme they showed up. The problem with the pics is present only on switching on your theme.

    Also the site looks nothing as in your preview. Please take a look:

    I just purchased the theme, but I am having some problems uploading it to wordpress. Everytime I do so it comes back that the install had failed and if I am sure if I want to do this. I’m not sure where the problem is since I don’t get anything more than a fail message. Any idea how I can get this up and running?

    I presume you tried to upload the www folder, not the entire main_theme folder, which contains the PSD and documentation. If you want to upload just the theme, it should work, I see no problems why you won’t be able to upload it.

    If its something from the theme, you will get an error when trying to activate it, not when uploading.

    Question… Can I add youtube Videos into Front Slider??

    Unfortunatelly, no, you cannot add youtube videos. Sorry

    Thanks you so much for helping us.


    I purchased the theme and have it setup I only have a few questions, 1. I am using the modern theme and wanted to know how to change the background color and post background color. 2. How does the slider work? Does it just pull from all posts or work with tags? 3. Is the header image part of a background picture? If so how would I go about changing it? Thanks in advance hope to hear back soon. =)


    1. In the theme folder look for a file called: style-Modern.css. There you will find the background for body (theme background) and .post(responsible for post background). I used a combination of jpg (to create the shadow effect) and standard background color.

    2. The slider automatically takes the last 5 posts.

    3. The header image is part of body background. You can find it in main theme folder/i/Modern/bkg.jpg. You can either replace that image with another one, or… in style-Modern you can change the path to another one. The background is located at line 12 in style-Modern.css.

    Hope it helps .

    Thank you I was able to change the theme color now the only problems I have are with the contact form not sending out mail and for some reason every time I make a new post the picture is the bicycle default picture :(

    Ok I was able to fix the contact form issue now I only have issue with posting pictures, it always shows default picture.

    It seems like the thumbnail generation for the front page is looking both in the trash, saved drafts, and published posts when it should only be looking at published posts. Can you fix this ?


    It should take the post, find the post ID and then look for an image.

    Can you give me access to the website?

    Its ok, If you make a post and delete it you must empty the post from trash before being able to use the picture again in a new post. Not a big issue.

    Does this theme work on iPhone5. I’m looking at it and it is not formatting correctly.

    Please respond ASAP I would like to purchase this theme but it has to work on iPhone properly