Discussion on Travelista - WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Travelista - WordPress Blog Theme

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Hey! I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you and a suggestion for showing featured image on gallery posts.

I edited single-gallery.php and added “if(empty($bpxl_standard_single)) { if($bpxl_cover '0' || $bpxl_cover ’’) { ?> <?php the_post_thumbnail('featured'); ?> <?php } }”

(from single.php) added this at line 52 and it made my gallery pages pretty again. Thanks!

Hi, I love travelista theme. I have a question. I wanted to know if the theme will be updated. Thanks.


Thank you for writing to us.

Yes, we regularly update our themes as and when required. You can also request any new features once you purchase the theme :)

Thanks for your answer. I have read that the theme is compatible up to wp 5.6. Is Wp 5.9 okay anyway?

It is compatible with WordPress 5.9 and works absolutely fine. The compatibility tag was not updated.

I have recently changed my domain name and Site Identity info. However, it is still showing the old info. I changed this about 2 weeks ago and it is still showing incorrectly when sharing links on social media. I did an URL inspection on google and it shows the incorrect info. If I look at the page info it is correct now after correcting an issue between Blog2Social and Yoast.

The issue is with the following via google meta property=”og:title” content= meta property=”og:description” content=

meta name=”twitter:title” content= <meta name=”twitter:description” content=

However, I am seeing 2 sets of og:title id:site_name when looking at my page info.

Glad to hear that :)

Looks like it is working everywhere but LinkedIn at this point. Once i do the final migration to the new domain and the old one is redirected I hope it will be fixed. Thanks for the great support!

Do let me know if you need any other help :)

Dear author.

I’ve wanted to ask if you were planning adding the option of displaying the date of posts’ updates in metadata as well in the posts themselves. I personally believe that it would be a great addition to this otherwise great theme. ATM, if I update the post, its metadata still show the original publishing date only, which makes it to look like a possible outdated post.

Thank you,



We have no plans to add this feature but we will think about adding this feature in coming updates.

Thank you

THank you for considering it. I personally believe that if it’s not too much trouble, it could make Travelista to stand out even more because not many themes have such feature, while quite a few users would wlcome having it :)

Thank you

Hi everyone, Anyone else is receiving breadcrumbs errors AKA Missing field “id”, Missing field “item”and Missing field “itemListElement” from Google Search Console?

I’ve checked my YOAST settings and those are as they should be according to their help page. I then went searching for the problem and as soon as I switched to twentytwentyone theme and checked a particular URL, there were no errors.

It leaves me with an assumption that Travelista theme might be interfeering with the process somehow but I might be wrong. Anyone who could point me in the right direction please? I’d like to get these 52 errors out of the way.

Thanks a lot.

It appears that I’ve sorted it out. Theme Options – Single Post – Breadcumbs hide.

Responsive for mobile has stopped working. Also, have lost all access to “Theme Options” Not sure if this is related to a theme, WP, or plugin update.

Issue has been resolved. The Redux plugin was not activated. Must have been a recent update

Replied you on mail :)

Hello BloomPixel! Thank you for the update that fixed the Redux problem.

With the new release of WooCommerce, I am receiving the error that: “Your theme (Travelista Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.”

version 3.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.9.0 travelista/woocommerce/single-product/related.php

Will there be another update? Thank you, as always.

(This is a fantastic theme!)


Update will be released soon.

Thank you

Hello! Will the new WooCommerce template files be released soon? Thank you!


Last update was released on December 25, 2020. New update is coming very soon.

Hello. Apologies but I seem to have the same problem as ccollins0325 above. After the recent update of redux, the slider appears to show recent posts only, regardless of the settings…

I hope you got the notification

Yes, it’s working now. Thank you. I appreciate your help.

Hello! It appears that the recent Redux update has possibly affected the Travelista slider on the home page.

I have been using “Selected Posts”, but when I added a new post to the slider, it began showing the latest 6 posts instead.

Troubleshooting: - Tried switching to “Latest Posts” and back to “Selected Posts”, it still shows the latest posts.

- Switched to “By Category” and it still shows latest posts.

- Disabled other non-essential plugins, same result.

Any chance of an update to the Travelista Theme?

As always, thank you! You are the best!


All options of slider are working fine here. I need to check the issue on your blog. You can send login details here – https://themeforest.net/item/travelista-travel-blog-theme/9308392/support

Thank you

Hello, again! It seems that either through an update – or some odd mistake of my own – the link to “Author’s Posts” in the Author Info Box is gone. The box, avatar, bio, and social links are there, just not the link to the author page. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Just checked the demo and they are missing from there, also.

Thank you!


There was never a link to the author posts from author box. Theme is showing name of author only without any link since its release.

Thank you for the reply – I remember now that the links are on the “About Us” page. All good – appreciate your reply.

Hello! Please let me know if this is something you can help with easily. If I need to renew my support, I will. :-)

I have (finally) put my woocommerce storefront together, and I’m having a very minor issue. The text size for the product name appears REALLY big on the product page. I was able to change the button colors and all of that just fine. Only need to change the font size. I believe the class is “product_title entry-title”

I can send a link to an example, if needed. As always, thank you!

Figured it out – was pretty easy, actually :-)

.product_title.entry-title {
    font-size: 24px


The release notes only show up to 1.3.8. I am currently using 1.3.9 (which added the “open links in new window” option). I received notice of an update to 1.4.0. What changed for this release, please?


In 1.4.0, issue with JetPack like button is fixed. Changelog is also updated.

Thank you

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if any of you have a problem with JetPack’s “like” button. It wasn’t activated on Android platforms and now it’s not working on desktops as well. JetPack customer support response was:

“Typically issues like this may be caused by either a conflict with your theme or with another plugin.To troubleshoot this further, can you please temporarily switch to a theme we know works, such as Twenty Seventeen?”

I’ve tried that and the button worked with 2017 Theme. Any suggestions, please?




As I requested your earlier as well, please submit support requests in support tab – https://themeforest.net/item/travelista-travel-blog-theme/9308392/support

It becomes difficult for us to keep track of it.

Thank you

Hi there. I understand and I’m sorry about that. I’ve already asked you about that and you said you’ll look for the bug and then you told me to contact JetPack about that, so I’m trying to ask other users, if they have the same problem with JetPack “like” button.

Hi BloomPixel.

Thank you for the update. I’m however afraid that even after updating the theme, my feature pictures are still not showing in full. I apologise for being persistent with this thing but as I’ve explained above, it is a rather important issue to be solved.

No gallery crops the work displayed and in this case, the theme is the gallery. Is there anything we can do about it please? Please? It’s been 4 months I’ve been waiting for this update, in which you’ve promised me the solution.

Thank you.


I have already added option to choose Image Size and you can choose full from the options.

Or do you mean you want to show images in full width without sidebar?

Hi BloomPixel. Thank you so much for doing that. I could not find the option but when I did, it solved my problem. Thanks again :)

Hello! Just a quick question to see if it is possible.

I use the “Link” post format to provide useful stories and posts from other sites. It’s a great feature (thank you!). My question is, is it possible to have the links open in a new browser tab instead of the same window?

Currently, it takes the visitor away from my site to the linked site.

Thank you! Still love the theme!

Hello – reading the documentation that is provided with the update, the update should appear in my Envato Market plugin, but the update is not showing there. Suggestions? I am currently using a child theme for Travelista.

Update showed up! Tested – PERFECT! Thank you!!

You are welcome :)

Hi Bloom Pixel. I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to ask if everything is OK. It’s been 14 days since I’ve summarized my queries (above), out of which some are 3 months old and I’m not getting any reactions from you): I hope that everything is OK with you. Please let me know what can I do to receive the support from you. Thank you.


I have replied to your other comment. Please check.

Thank you

Dear Sir. I’ve recently purchased your theme and ask you for an assistance with few issues I’ve faced. First of all, thanks for helping me with some of them, I appreciate that a lot. Other issues however appear to have been buried under other requests because it’s been over two months, since I’ve asked about them. I thought that I would ask again so here I go:

1: I would appreciate if there was an option of getting the feature pictures “proportionally resized to fit inside dimensions” so they are displayed in full size, rather than having them cropped. It is a rather important issue to have pictures displayed the way the photographer intended, rather than having a software to do it for them.

2: Would it be possible to get the picture description to appear in the centre under the picture, rather than on the left hand side as it does in all of the posts on my site. The example of that could be seen in any of my posts, such as this one: https://quaintplanet.com/colombian-conflict-explained/

3: The Jetpack’s like button appears when viewed on the laptop but not when viewed on the android phone.

4: This is a new issue that occurred. Rather than actually inside the slider, the slider’s arrows are displayed under the actual slider, creating a whole blank space of the size of another slider right between the slider and the newest post. It happens 9 times of 10 when viewing the home page. When you click on the arrow to change the advertised post few times, the space disappears but upon clicking on logo to refresh, the blank space is back. I’m not sure what is it caused by but it doesn’t look professional and I would like to get rid of that, if possible.

Thank you.

Hi Bloom Pixel. I’ve replied to your email from 12 January to Simr*eep email with the login details that should be the same as the last time. Thanks.


I have added CSS code for mobile layout. You can check.

Thank you

Thank you. I appreciate that.

where can i edit the top banner? I can’t find the option where to replace it.



Are you talking about ad in header?

Hi there,

I would like to ask if it would be possible to get the picture description to appear in the centre under the picture, rather than on the left hand side.

Furthermore, the Jetpack’s like button appears when viewed on the laptop but not when viewed on the android phone.

Good afternoon Sir. Apologies for being persistent with my inquiries but are there any there news on the possible appearance of the Jetpack’s like button when viewed on Android phone and the option of having the picture descriptions in posts aligned centrally under the picture rather than on the left side, please? Thank you.

Good afternoon Sir. Apologies for being persistent with my inquiries but are there any there news on the possible appearance of the Jetpack’s like button when viewed on Android phone and the option of having the picture descriptions in posts aligned centrally under the picture rather than on the left side, please? Thank you.


I replied to your query on your other comment.

Thank you

Hi, great theme – thanks. Just a quick question – is there any way to reduce the gap between the main menu and the content/sidebar box ? or are they fixed? thanks

hey, thanks for the quick response, appreciated. I’ve purchased the theme so let me know where to get the css code from

Also to bug you a little more, do you have CSS code for replacing the category archives: gallery header background with an image? on the demo it comes up as a background image of a night sky, but on mine i just have a grey background

thanks a lot

Ah no worries- i’ve got the CSS for it – thanks a lot for the theme really good :)

Great (y)