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Hello I am starting a holiday business in Sri Lanka. Only to list hotels from Sri Lanka. I have already registered my business, domain name and hosting. I am looking for a Wordpress theme to set up my website. your theme looks very good. But I dont think it is in Wordpress. So how do I do the installation? I have few questions before I purchase. 1) Can I customermise this only to list hotels in Sri Lanka? 2) Does it allow hotel owners to sign up and list their property? Or do I need to list them? (as admin) 3) What are the payment options? Does it support Stripe and Paypal? 4) When a booking is made and customer makes the payment. Who receive the money? Does it go to hotel owner or Admin(me)? 5) Does it have the options to pay the full amount or a deposit. Can it be set up for all the bookings only deposit to be paid. 6) Can the deposit amount be change to a percentage of booking. (ex 10% or 12%) 7)Does the hotel owners and guest have dash boards where they can check their bookings received and bookings made. 8) Can you explain how the booking process works. Is it as follows. a) hotel owner list the accommodation.(Does a email come to admin a new hotel/ room is listed) b) Guest come and make a booking. c) email goes to hotel owner and guest and admin regarding new booking. d) Hotel owner logs in to his dash board and approve/decline booking e) Guest and Admin receive email regarding booking confirmation/decline. f) if booking is approved. guest logs into his dash board and pay the booking fee/deposit g) email goes to Admin, hotel owner and guest with booking detail and confirmation. 9) Or when a customer send a booking does it go as a confirmed booking and for customer to pay online. 10) Is there a dash board I (Admin) can see all the bookings and website demographics. Where I have admin control. 11) Will this support about 1000 accommodations. Thanks


1 and 2. You can set up different users for different hotel owners so they can list their hotels but there is no sign up page for hotel owners, so they need to contact you to create a user for them. So they/you can add hotels in what ever place you need.

3,4,5 and 6. The theme only allows to book a hotel the payment should be added with pay-pall or some other third party app. With this said, you must also take in consideration to style the payments pages.

7,8,9 and 10. As in the answer 1 you have to add all the users then they have the ability to access the booking part of the theme in the admin dashboard. So when a booking is made they/you will be able to see the booked hotel. And you have the ability to approve or deny that booking. After that they/you have the ability to send emails to that person who booked the hotel with the response that the room of that hotel was approved or denied.

11. I have tested it with many bookings and I do not see any problems going to 4 digit numbers.

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3,4,5,6 ) Does this these only support Paypal? When a booking is made who receives the money? (Admin or hotel owner).


PayPal can be added with the embedded code that PayPal provides. So when you do get that code from the PayPal website, you would need to add some fields. So the account that is linked with that button will receive the money

This is the doc that you need to follow in order to add the PayPal button.


So notice that the PayPal button is not a theme functionality. You must add that by yourself

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I am evaluating this theme for my WP site (to substitute Adventure Tours). Some questions: 1) Can I manage the calendar in order to define the booking policies for each event? (for example Event 1 can be book till 24 h before, Event 2 only till 7 days before) – 2) Can I use Elementor to design the pages? Or is not necessary because your Theme is easy to customize? 3) Can I show the events, tours and so on in a chosen order (date, name, order sequence nr or something like this)? 4) It’s possible to give permission only for translation purposes? I want someone translate but not publish the pages? Thanks!

Last answer! Can I integrated external calendar?


To make it clear in this theme we do not call the custom post “Events” but “Tours”.

1. In tours you can choose dates that a tour is available. But note that this will add the text in description (attributes). But when a user uses the booking system, the calendar used there is not able to disable dates. So you need to disapprove all bookings that are made in dates that are not available.

2. The theme is build upon templates. So there are parts that you could customize with js composer or using any kind of plugin that uses shortcodes but other parts are fixed for that template.

3. You can change the tour order or the publishing date to change the order.

4. This is more a wordpress question and not a theme question. If you find a plugin that adds a role for users to just be able to translate and not publish posts, then use that but by default the theme does not do that.

5. You can use any kind of plugin that you want, but you can not add an external calendar in the booking system without changing core functionalities of the theme.

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Hi can you help me to import fummy content? Thanks


Sure, please contact us via our support forum: support.umbrella.al and open a new support ticket providing your WP login details.

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Hi, I want to have a multi hotels directory website (not for one hotel only) and am looking for a WP template. could you please tell me is this template is suitable for my purpose? Thanks

I am trying to edit filters below the slider on homepage but I dont know where to go to find “OPTION”. I looked everywhere in the backend but i dont see where is OPTION. Could you direct me please

Does it support Arabic? 2. Does it support the direction of the gulf? 3- Is it a multi-agency tourism What does it mean to register more than one tourist agency to offer its services?

I am evaluating this theme for my WP site and I was wondering if there can be more cities listed in the Travel Guide section. Currently, the demo has only one city: Paris. Thank you

What is the procedure to upgrade this template, you can help me with the steps to follow, there is a self-installer or just replace the files of / template.

This theme work on wordpress 5.2.2 and have css.style?

I’m having the same problem when I try to import the content. I get lots of “Failed to import um_location”. Can you please help me?

hi can i change booking bar with search form from TravelPayouts ?

I have some pre sales questions. Kindly answer them

We are looking for a theme that has the below;

1.Minimal Hotel listings like this https://prnt.sc/qvovwa 2. Each hotel to have a portal/account where they can manage their hotel bookings and add hotel rooms. 3.Allowance for setting a  commission for each booking made through the site. 4.allow payment via card or paypal and Easy of integrating local mobile money payment gateways 5.Allow reservation of a hotel room and payment at the hotel, store customers card information just in case s/he fails to pay we can bill from the card. 6.Allow free cancellation within a specified period of time, if cancelled out of that time frame bill from the card a certain percentage of the cost. 7.Allow hotels to withdraw funds paid via the website minus the commissions. 8.Allow hotels to pay commissions for the clients that paid at the hotels but booked from the website 9.Hotel reviews 10.adding custom client signup fields i.e add field for passport number. 11.Geolocation


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