Discussion on Travelogue - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Discussion on Travelogue - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

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How do I disable the featured image on homepage for mobile?


It is not recommended to disable the featured image section from your site, since it will break the beauty of the layout.

But if you are sure you want this, please share us a link to your home page. Then we will give you some tips.


can normal page viewer post a blog also? or need to signup and signin?


In Travelogue theme, only admins can add new posts.

Hi. This template is compatible with WooCommerce?


This theme was not designed to include a Shop page, so if you install WooCommerce, even tough is compatible, it will not match with the rest of the website.


Hello, I have a trip site. I use Jannah theme on this site but I do not like this theme. Do you think your theme will be compatible with my trip site?

Internet address: https://www.geziyerler.com/yenimahalle-gezilecek-yerler


If you are referring if you would be able to show the current posts with our theme, then yes, it can be compatible.


Hi, I love the theme, it works really well except for the homepage image which is not responsive. It looks great on my Mac but doesn’t show up on my iPhone at all. Can somebody help me? Maybe with some additional code to add to my website?


Please send us a message at our support at modeltheme.ticksy.com so we can have a look at this request.


header animation. I tried to remove the header animation (coming up and down) from the theme options https://ibb.co/bCiV7b and when i select no animation it just “breaks” the page, it no longer has animation but everything is no longer squared or aligned, the featured image is stuck in the middle covering half my post squares, the squares are less wider, etc.. Can you remove the header animation or remove the header completely and just display my posts square grid?

Hello verduzzco,

Please create a new ticket at modeltheme.ticksy.com with your request and WP log in information. Talk to you more there !


Very nice theme but I cannot display my categories with the sub categories.

For example I am have international category as a parent category and Asia, Africa, Europe….etc etc continents as sub categories . So when i click on International Tab in my menu I see all the post of International category.

Is there a way where I can show Parent Category >> Sub Categories >> Post

Please help me out as I like this theme alot but need this functionality added in it.

Hello Jaldev,

Thank you for purchasing our theme !

Please send us a message at support@modeltheme.com with the WP log in information and the FTP credentials to take a look at your website.

Regards and have a great day,

- Andrada from Modeltheme

Hello, I am considering purchasing this design, but I would like to make sure I will be able to accomplish my goals with the site. Am I able to upload/post videos as well as larger photos to pages?

Hi and thanks for beingi nterested in our theme!

If I got your well, do you want to add large images and videos to a post/page(for example: http://traveloguewp.modeltheme.com/image/city-of-angels/ , in content of the post, after scrolling the header)? Or videos and images as background of the header?

Please let me know, Cristian

Hi. I want to build a travel website . I need the users to register on the page and to tell their travel experiences through text and photos . They can publish the places they visit . You could do need some plugin or to cover such functionality . Thank you


Our theme doesn’t come with such function, to submit travel experiences. You can only add them by yourself(admin).

Regards, Stan

Hi I encounter the error below. the error continue exist even after changing the folder permission to 777. How can I fix it ?

Slider Revolution error: could not unzip into the revslider/public/assets/ folder, please make sure that this folder is writable

Hi and thanks for purchasing our theme!

As I see there is a server problem. To fix the permissions of your site check this stackoverflow post: http://goo.gl/E0lJlG To do this you need to have SSH access.


Translate. I can’t translate the theme: (Posted on, tagged…) The most basic things. I tried with loco plugin, with new travelogue.pot. ¿Can you help me?

Hi and thanks for purchasing or theme!

The translation are made in “travelogue.pot” file, but if you don’t succeed, please submit a ticket via: http://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ and we’ll help you with your problem. Make sure to send a private ticket containing your wordpress admin login + FTP.

Regards, Alex from Modeltheme

Hello I bought a beautiful template but when you add entries to promote the image that is on the menu gets very long http://podrozemaleiduze.net.pl/


Hi and thanks for purchasing our theme!

It will be perfect if you can submit a ticket via: http://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ with screenshots where you have the problem. This way my team will be able to give you the solution easily.

- Cristian

Will you provide requirements for the perfect fit and/or resolutions of images that will have to be embedded in the theme?

Yes, sure!

1. All header images should be 1280×720px or bigger. 2. For blog posts and gallery you have the size: 480×320px

For any other questions my team will give you assistance after purchasing the theme.

Regards, Cristian

great thanks. highly considering it. give me some days :D

Hi im kind of a n00b in WordPress. But how do I select which post is the “start” site. At the moment my latest post is my “start” site… Thanx

Hi and thanks for purchasing our theme!

If you are talking about the first post from page. It is set by date.

If you have problems you can submit a ticket via: http://modeltheme.ticksy.com/



I really like this theme but before i buy the theme, can you tell me if it works with Visual composer? Does the theme build content based on post or portfolio as it is not clear how the home page is made? and is categories a filter because when i click on a ‘category’ it takes me to a post page instead of posts/portfolio based on the selected category?




The theme wasn’t tested with Visual composer. So we can’t assure you that will 100% work with this plugin.

The category link can be changed. I checked the menu now. When you click on the Category url from Navigation menu, you will be directed to Category posts page.


Hi ! I just bought your theme for Wordpress and looking how to define the “big” class on isotope tiles like on HTML demo version on home page… I’ve looked documentation, but I must miss something. Thanks for your help.

Hi and thank you for purchasing our theme!

On wordpress Version you can only have BIG or SMALL boxes, not mixed as you seen on the HTML version.


hi your theme keeps crashing…look how it becomes: http://www.willditransportexpress.com/main/


Do you have the /main/ page created in the admin panel? Or its a folder on ftp?

Please let me know

yes the main page is created in admin panel

Please provide FTP access + wordpress admin access via a ticket at http://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ Thank you

Hi we just bought the theme. But when we try to upload any media in admin it show “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”. After we refresh the page the image actually successfully uploaded to media. We are using Wordpress 4.4.1. We try to revert back to default theme and the upload error is not there. Please assist ASAP.

Hi and thank for you for purchasing our theme!

Please provide FTP + wp-admin access via a ticket at https://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ . We will make a check to see wehre is the problem.

Looking forward to your reply! - Cristian from ModelTheme!

Hi we already submit the ticket and all the necessary information.

Thank you. My team will make a check within next 24 hours or less.

Hi, is it possible to have category inside gallery page so that when we click on a picture category in the gallery, it shows the image from the gallery category ? As i see, for now it’s only pictures from one whole gallery. Thanks for your answer !

Hi and thanks for being interested in our theme!

On the gallery page you can filter the items by category. You can’t have only items from a category on the gallery page.


Ok seems cool ! We want to use your theme to keep a traveling blog and we will share lot of pictures from our different destinations. So if i understand well, you say we can display our different albums on the gallery page, and people clicking on the albums would be able to see pictures only from the album ? How could we do to display albums cover on the gallery page with your theme ?

Yes, your different gallery albums will be shown all at once, but if you filter them using the filter from left-bottom-side you can see only the items from a particular gallery, as you wish to have.

Regarding the “albums cover”, you can only set a single header image.


can this theme be used on existing wordpress site with existing posts

Absolutely yes,



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