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Dear Sir Any news regarding this my case? I don’t have time enough for my case and I solved my problem jsut:

- I need remove “NEW” icon on products - I want to show one of slideshow but after save automatically write ” about responsible template and …. . - very important to me Custom Field show on product page for select.

Br Abedi

And I have a problem when I select product, popup ask me “do you want go to card page” and when I click on button can’t go to check out page

“New” Icon: http://www.chicsunday.se/klaeder/byxor.html http://www.chicsunday.se/klaeder/blouse.html http://www.chicsunday.se/festklaenning/langklaenningar.html Please remove

And I have a problem when I select product, popup ask me “do you want go to card page” and when I click on button can’t go to check out page

thanks. BR Abedi

I solved CART problem, But i have problem with NEW icon and when mu client want delete a product select from card, doesn’t work

Hello I asked to a previous message how can i enable the social icons that i can see on the preview of the template, You told me that if i use the quickstart i will find it the mj-left position and the name is mod_custom. Unfortunatelly i didn’t find something like that, the only thing that i found is a module called mod_contact us but when i enable it the site is not working, i get a blank page.Can you please tell me hhow to do that to work?

Thank you

do yo have email address where I can send the instruction for this

email sent

hi, on the product page the same title appears cut.

Can you show us screenshot, where you faced the issue??

Please submit support ticket and I will send you necessary details with updated file.

Hello. When i enable mod contactus i get blank page. Also copyright text and mjposition9 is not showing when enabled.. Please help solve these issues

thank you, now its working. Maybe you have idea why mj-slideshow tile gallery links are not working? thank you in advance

Maybe you have idea why mj-slideshow tile gallery links are not working?

please submit support ticket and I will send the updated file.,

Hello. mj-slideshow tile gallery links are not working. Please send me update file.

please submit support ticket so I can send updated file as ticket response.

Hello, Product’s related products dont show on product details. Is there any solution on this?

please submit support ticket with FTP and admin details so we can resolve this.

Still waiting for a response on my ticket its been 12 days and I havent heard from you.

your ticket ID please

Hello! Tell me please, in what files I can find and change language. English to Russian. Some files I found (example.jpeg), but some can’t find. In what derictory, files they situated?

Apologize for the inconvenience caused. We request you to share more details where you change the language so we can manage it properly. Please submit support ticket

Love the template but i ran into a couple problems:

1. Trying to change the speed of the slideshow to make it slower. Was looking through older threads and I found one that said go to root/modules/mod_mj-slideshow/tmpl/default.php and it was an easy change of the number, but since it was 2 years ago I am searching through the backend and those internal files and don’t see what you were referring to. I want to make the speed slower.

2. When hovering over products in the grid format, once you hover over the picture the image dissapears and the whole box collapses. How do I remove the zoom on the products.

3. Seems to be an annoying responsive error when collapsing the screen, also my white bar dissapears when you collapse the screen. Makes the whole menu hard to see and sometime the menu gets pushed down into the slideshow. Is there an update or some way to fix this?

Need to check your files so submit support ticket with your admin details and FTP details so will enable us to server you better. also share screenshot of your responsive issue.

Hi. I’m having some problems to translate some texts, for instance “Add to Wishlist”. Don’t work overrrides language section in back end. Can I translate that text manually?, which files shoud I edit?. Thanks.-

Your support seems to be expired


A company approach me and asked me to do some maintenance on their website. And I found out that they are using your theme. Story short; I am new with Joomla and have been trying to figure out how to edit slider to be like the demo. The website is http://bluebell-halal.com/v2 . The slider does not responsive.

I am good with Wordpress but you are not selling this theme in wordpress anymore?

Hi, how do I share screenshot? This form does not allow to attach image. And certainly I won’t put my admin details and FTP details here. Which email should I send these information? Tq

click on support tab on theme page and you can send all details privately.

Hi, the message has been sent.


the background image for my website at http://bluebell-halal.com/v2/index.php/ms/ does not appear

replied on email


I am using mod_mj-slideshow_revolution, while viewing on desktop the font is big enough but when we view it from mobile it is too small. Here is the screenshot from my mobile phone https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3qBQWGE_SJ5NlE3ZXA2NUpjTm8/view?usp=sharing

The question is how do we increase the font size when viewing the slider on mobile?

replied over email


I am very keen to buy your template, where can i view a screenshot of what the invoice the buyer will receive once goods have been purchased.

And a screenshot of the email layout they receive for signing up etc…


It is the default layout of the virtuemart invoice of Register and product purchase. if you want to change on it then will assist you. so do not worry on that email layout, we can edit that thing.

Go ahead with purchase,
  • WARNING ** the template version is NOT compatible with Joomla 3.6. As of JULY 25th, they have not updated the template, despite me emailing themeforest and the developers directly

there is now where we have advertized that it works with 3.6, but we will soon release update for 3.6

Hi, I wrote 4 days ago, and still haven’t a answer, I need to fix two problems, One is the slidershow, doesn’t work, and the second is I can’t see the image enlarged when I put the mouse over the picture.

we have replied on email

Yes, but I’m still have the problems. The slider and the image of the products can’n t see

Hi, I have a problem with mod_mj-slideshow trego doesn’t work, because appear broken, I wrote to you few days ago but nobody help me and my boss is on me all days, and the another problem is the products can’t show me, just appear the name, but the image not. can you help me please??

still doesn’t work the products, when you put the mouse over the products dissapear

Ok, the products image is working now, but the main menu not!, can you fix that? and becareful because when you fix the menu, the product doesn’t. When you fixed something, broke the other.

I’m still waiting…7 days!!