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I had issues when I first bought the theme but I’ve downloaded the newer files that they posted and all my issues went away. Everything is working wonderfully. Thank you very much for the updated changes.

You are welcome

your demo has been hacked??

its working now.

Hello, i see that your Demo Sites was hacket by some Stupid as*les.

its working now.

Unfortunately, demo site is hacked!!! It is a pity.

its working now.

Please help, the drop box for “state” selection does not work when the customer tries to edit the account details. At this point this will prevent purchases from my online store. Web site www.swayandsavvy.com.

email you the file that you need to change

Only the wordpress version is working. I wouldn’t use “bluehost”.. as I have had numerous problems with them years ago.

I personally use “Hostgator”. Just a suggestion.

Bluehost, hostgator are all under one management only and share same resources.

Hey dasinfomedia,

is the preview of this template out there anywhere. Seems like the link here was deleted :/

Gz, Dooh

its all there. Let us know if I can help with anything else.

The template is good looking, but the support isn’t the best. Takes days to respond and they aren’t the most helpful. A lot of issues can be fixed using the documentation guide that I found out about, but my virtuemart shopping cart doesn’t work with this template anymore and I didn’t change anything. My site is getting a ton of javascript errors and I’ve disabled all 3rd party extensions that were not recommended by the creators of the template. I haven’t been able to get an answer back from them other than to fix what I did wrong…when I didn’t do anything. If anyone has a solution, that would be great. Hope no one else has the same problems I did. Template is good, support for the template isn’t the best.

We are really disappointed to see the comments, as we have provided the support going extra mile for sure. Module suffix class are basic things and have been mentioned in documentation. We even resolved the issue but someone overwrote the changes we did. I have done the work again to make your cart work.

They did end up fixing my problems. Thanks

good job man! how can i disable the social icons that is not in use? I intend to keep only facebook.


Go to modules -> mod_contactus -> tmpl -> default.php

Remove code which you do not want in module

ok, thanks…

Hi ! i like your theme its great i have problem when i installed the quickstart of your theme it worked perfectly but i dont know which change i did that made large white line appeared in the frontpage of the website and when the fade is going to show the next phone its shows me grey line in the middle with text “home” how can i fixe that .. its really bothering

Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

Which FTP ?! i told you that i am working on localhost and i have to present my project based on your theme soon .. any suggestion please !

open trego -> index.php

We have set condition.css for home page on line 70.

when you change home title then this css is not working so u can call condition.css by following way. <?php if($doc->getTitle() =='Home') {?> <link href="<?php echo $this->baseurl; ?>/templates/<?php echo $this->template; ?>/css/condition.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <?php } ?> Thanks

I buy your theme but filter module for product category is missing can you please check or send me


I didnt get the email can you please send it again thanks.

content of email is copied here anyways.

Is this template also compitable with virtue mart 2.6?

yes it does support VM 2.6

Dear support team,

I need to change special menù on Trego (latest, featured, specials). I want to delete only one item (featured). How can I do? And where I can find these single items? Thank you.

I am not able to verify the purchase. Can you please communicate from the profile you have purchased item

Sorry, I purchased on 14th April 2014 with another account (nanni76). If you want I can do log in with this account and do the same question. Thank you

please do so. Thanks

Here I am. I need to delete only “featured” item from special menù. I can’t find these single items (latest, feature and specials).

Go to-> modules mod_specialmenu -> tmpl -> default.php

remove line 21

Thank you!

Hi, great looks but not working. I have installed it on Joomla 2.52 and Virtuemart 2.64. I have problems with the template stability. When I have selected the Virtuemart’s option of displaying “ask a question about product” when price is not shown, there was not a pop up window for sending email, what’s more eventually the product pages have totally disappeared and categories layout has changed to a single column. You can see it here: www.hydrofil.com.au/shop . Changing Virtuemart’s settings to previous ones has not changed anything in the categories layout and product page display which remains blank. I have tried included in Virtuemart templates and the they work normally. I need a solution to the problem. Is Magento version of the template more stable?

1) “call for price” issue resolved. 2) wish list and compare disable 3) for cart issue it is provide by virtue-mart, and first Bill to and ship to information shows current client information if you are not logged in site then it will ask .

Thank you, you guys are the best. Just one question, if I install VP One Page Checkout for VirtueMart http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension-specific/virtuemart-extensions/virtuemart-orders/25503 will it work with your template?

You may give a try, since this extensions is not part of the package I do not have definite answer.


How to adjust the time between slides in Mj-Slideshow?

Please advise.

Thanks, Sam

If you want to adjust the time between slides then follow this path Go to ROOT/modules/mod_mj-slideshow/tmpl/default.php and find this line

<script> jQuery(function($) { $(’.bxslider’).bxSlider({auto: true, autoStart: true, autoHover: true, autoControls: true, pause: 5000, mode:’fade’, speed:1000}); }); </script>

Here you can increase the pause value for time adjustment

That worked. Thank you.

we just use Quick_start to install is clean install but “add to cart” not work ~~ why? site : http://newatever.com/

Visit profile page and please send us FTP and admin details.

i have send ftp account to you. when can fix it?

hi there,

we have purchased your tem,plate yesterday and i need to ask again.. how to install the demo IV version of your template.. and is there a newer version of quickstart-files?

best wishes and thank you for a quick respond sel

Please maintain single thread for support.

itrs me again.. sorry. the delivered files and the quickstart files seems not to be the same like your installation on http://themeforest.net/item/trego-premium-responsive-joomla-theme/full_screen_preview/6650123

i need the demo 2 and the 4 demo-version.. How to install them? Ii need it asap for a demonstrationa in the office.

with my best wishes sel

demo is different from the quickstart, b-coz we have to show all the features.

demo 2 is already available in the mj-slideshow extension, go to modulemanager/mj-slideshow select the effect 2 and for demo -4 you have to install separate extension called ‘mod_mj-slideshow_vertical’ in Slideshow extension folder.

at a time only only one slideshow is working, so if you want both demo at a time then you need to have two separate installations.

Unable to change currency from Euro to Canadian Dollars. How can I do this? And product is showing up in all categories. How can I limit it to just one category?

Go to Admin panel/virtuemart/configuration/currency and find the Canadian dollars and publish it, if it is unpublished. Now you can see this currency at front site

for category issue: If you add a product to single category then it will appear in that category only, but if you assign single product to multiple categories it will appear in multiple categories.