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Amazing and beautiful theme. Best of luck and welcome to Forest :)


Very Nice Theme… Will use for a future project… GLWS

Thanks for your interest, hope your purchase soon. LOL

Very beautiful magento theme, I will suggest this one to my client, good luck with sales.

Wow, such a nice color palette! Clean design, I like it a lot, good luck with the sales!

Thank you


Do you think this theme will fit an Art Store?

Paintings, sculptures, handicrafts.

Profiles for artists.


Where can I see the custom 404 pages?

If you write a wrong url, you can see 404 page. like this http://trego.thesmartwave.net/abcde

You can check another 404 page on this design link: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/4510105-trego-ecommerce-psd-template

Hi !

Your theme is quite interesting. Congratulations for the new style.

One question, I could not check in your demo how layered navigation works.

Please advise. Thank you.

Hi AerExpress

We’ve customized the navigation, price slider is in toolbar and categories are in right side bar. You can customize the right sidebar for your taste if you use Trego.


Hi AerExpress

I put navigation into the right sidebar. Could check it please and give me your thought?


very great work! congratulations!!!

I would like to purchase this theme, but I think there’s a bug. On the Latest, Featured and Specials pages, the previous and next arrows on top of the page, don’t work.

Hi megalex, thanks for your purchase

The next and previous buttons do not work because there’s no more products. If you reduce the height of screen then it will show only 3 products at a time, then those buttons will work. Let me know if you have any more issues with trego, I am here to help you.

Thanks, Alex

I’ve just changed the limit of latest product view in admin module. It might work now.


megamenu frontpage demo does not work in chrome. Has errors. Menu does not popout

also i think there should be a home page that is not the splash page when you click on the logo from the category page

mouse hover over the cart should show items in cart not a mouseclick. Remember don’t make the customer think. Make it easy!

Thanks for your advice, Alex

I just fixed that issue, it might work now. I was updating the server for the next release and that error was occured. Thanks for your attention. Could you let me know your feeling or opinion about trego?

Regards, Alex

hi presale questions, In Verticalshowcaseslider/default menu (demo 4) : The slider is connect with product (add product from selection ) or required a custom (html) home for paginate ? is avalaible any manuals instructions ? only for understand.

Hi Wavi

Its just requires a custom html for homepage view. Please let me know what instructunions you need, I am here to help you.

Thanks, Alex

ok, thanks understand . ( instruction only if working with product selection ).. Forget ..very nice theme )

How can I make the sidebar less transparent?

Hi romfeo

I put a image as background for the left menu bar as some issues on IE.
You can change the image in this path: /skin/frontend/default/trego/images/left-side-bg.png

Thanks, Alex

Presales Questions: 1/ Can the menu be customized (hardcoded for content) outside of magento’s categories 2/ In thumbnail menu, will it work with only one nested layer vs two (e.g. if the products are under the main category of ‘Women’) 3/Do you have any grouped / bundled product examples?

note: your mobile QR code on the info page goes to the blackberry page vs your preview

Hi techconcert

1. Current menu is for magento’s categories. Could you let me know more about your customization?
2. The thumbnail menu supports images for sub categories with 2 deeps. 3. Yes, I have.

I will change the QR code, thanks for your attention.

Regards, Alex

1. Our client currently has text and images in the menu, not just the category name for the products since they don’t have a lot of skus 3. where are they? i couldn’t find

1. You need to customize Trego menu. 2. http://trego.thesmartwave.net/default/women/women-s-autumn-set.html

I do freelance jobs, and be happy to help you if you need any customizations on trego.

Regards, Alex


I just purchased your theme. Before I install the theme, I have a question. Do the theme folders app, js, media and skin merge with the existing magento folders or do they actually overwrite the content of the existing magento folders?

Hi megalex

The items merge with the existing folders, not overwrite existing one. But I recommend you to backup your existing files before installing trego as in the documentation.


Hi Alex,

I have a few questions concerning the activation of the theme.

1) Do I only need to fill in “trego” in “configuration/design/theme”?

2) Isn’t it also necessary to fill in the theme name in “configuration/design/package”?

3) Isn’t it also necessary to disable “cache” whilst activating the theme?

Hi megalex,

You need to only input “trego” in “configuration/design/themes/Default” for activating this theme.

Also, you need to import trego’s sample cms blocks and cms pages in “configuration/Theme Settings/Theme Installation”.

Regards, Alex

Thanks for the quick reply Alex!

Hi Alex,

I’ve activated the theme. However, when I want to access the trego theme settings, I get a 404 error.

5 stars ;-)

Hi Alex,

I’ve set “import cms pages” to “overwrite” to get the content of this page: http://trego.thesmartwave.net/demo3_default/about-magento-demo-store. But magento returns an error: “No items were imported Unable to import items (1) with the following identifiers (they already exist in the database): about-magento-demo-store”

Could you contact us via email? eternalfriend38@gmail.com Please give us your demosite address and admin information.

Regards, Eternalfriend

Hi, I’ve sent you the email

Alex, your theme is a perfect marriage of style and functionality. The fullscreen home page is something you don’t see very often in ecommerce. The product pages are very well designed: stylish, clear and easy to understand by customers. I’m looking forward to see more of your work in the near future. :-)

Hi I have a pre-purchase question or two.

1) If we wanted to have the navigation be horizontal would that be possible?

2) Is it possible to display static blocks on the home page?

Many thanks David

Hi moreskine,

1) The navigation is vertical for desktop(screenwidth>1024), it is horizontal for tablet and mobile(screenwidth <= 1024).

2) Do you want remove the background slider or add the static blocks with background slider?


Hi Alex,

I’d like to do some finetuning using custom css. Where in the css can I decrease the margin above the first phrase (=Oxford Street 48/188,) of “Contacts” to make it align perfectly with the first phrase (=Check out this great #themeforest) of “From Twitter”. You can see this at the bottom of this page: http://trego.thesmartwave.net/demo3_default/customer-service

Hi megalex, you can enable the newsletter subscribe form in trego theme settings, or you can add some css styles at skin/frontend/default/trego/css/custom.css like below.

.footer .contact-info { padding-top: 0; }

Regards, Alex

Your support is excellent, Alex!