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Hi, we would like to display the flags without a drop-down in the main menu or next to the search button… is this possible? If yes, could you please help us with the “code” Thanks

Yes, it needs some customizations in /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/page/switch/languages.phtml, please email me in my profile page.

Hi Alex,

I’d like to display 2 products on each blog details page. Could you point me to a direction that I develop towards?

Thank you.

You can customize /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/trego_blog/blog.phtml and add css styles into /skin/frontend/default/trego/css/custom.css

Will try that. Thank you.

Is possible to get the new version of Revolution Slider with the documentation or at least just the documentation of the included version?

Please email me in my profile page, I can give you only the documentation, and for others, you can contact to the revolution slider’s author.

The PSD link supplied in the download files was dead, can you please supply new link?

Please email me in my profile page.

We have purchased this template and love it. However we can’t seem to enable the search function in the sidebar. Where can we do this? It is not showing in our site at this moment.

It must be showed without any settings, can I check your site?

sure we have setup a testversion at www.smoketest.nl

Can I check your admin? Please email me in my profile page.

Hi EternalFriend,

I´m a happy new customer and have dl your theme, but unfortunately I`m new to install megento. As I read you can help with this or?

Regards Håkan

Please install Magento CE on your hosting server, then please email me your site access(ftp and magento admin) in my profile page.

How do you add Instagram to social? I saw your previous link but I cannot find that page anywhere.

We’re planning upgrade the theme for it, but for now.

Ok great but I kinda need it now. Can I not manually add it via PHP? I just don’t know where the file is.

Please contact me with your purchased account.

Hi eternal friend

New products aren’t showing. I’ve created a new sub-category under default category. I’ve added a test product to this sub-category, but the product is not showing: Get the following msg: There are no products matching the selection.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Products working working now… is it possible to have 3 images for the same product when hovering? I would like a front, a back and a sleeve image

Sorry, no, it shows only 2 images in the category view page.

Ok – it shows 3 images when you add to cart so it should be OK – Really, really like this theme!

Hello and congratz for this great work !

I don’t found support so i post ir, my bug concerne magento

I have a probleme with Filterproducts

when i click on i have got an errore message :

Cannot send headers; headers already sent in /home/savoirfa/public_html/test/app/code/community/Trego/Filterproducts/controllers/IndexController.php, line 44

the website : http://test.savoirfairecorse.com/

i read something on this bug , but i m noob so , peoples are talking about space …

can you help me?

i make a mistake errore is on line 42 Error log : Cannot send headers; headers already sent in /home/savoirfa/public_html/test/app/code/community/Trego/Filterproducts/controllers/IndexController.php, line 42

ligne 42 of the file : array(‘template’ => ‘trego/filterproducts/newproduct.phtml’)


Please email me your site access(ftp and magento admin) in my profile page.


On my website IE9 shows similar problem like this: http://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2014/03/15/Screenshot3.png

I have latest version 2,05

Yes, it’s Ok on other versions, only IE9 shows this error.

I will check and update it soon. Not sure why it happends.

Hi, I just updated this theme for the ie issues.


Is it possible to have 3 products in a row for category view and “View as a Grid” with sidebar visible?

Sorry, it requires customization, not available at the moment.

I realize that. I can make all the css customization by myself, please just point me where to adjust column number for grid view.

You can edit the css styles in /skin/frontend/default/trego/css/styles.css line 4645, etc.

HI Eternal Friend,

Making progress with the template – having problems with the search link – I type in t-shirt or just shirt, but the result comes back empty (nothing found) I have a couple of test products that have the word “t-shirt” in their setup, but no results from the search – I have reindexed the search – still no luck



never mind – seems to work now – call it user error :-)

How to create slide in revolution slider? (It have not revolution menu under CMS.) I need more manual for this. Please help.

Where is slider editor?

Please email me in my profile page, I will give you rs documentation. And you can edit the sliders in CMS > Static Blocks > Homeslider 1 – 7

Hi, I bought the theme today and love it after installing (Demo 1) it to my store!!

I do have a question though….is it possible to remove the circle from the homepage? I would appreciate your answer.


You can add the css styles into /skin/frontend/default/trego/css/custom.css like below.

.bx-wrapper ul li div { background: none !important; }


.bx-wrapper ul li div { display: none !important; }

Thanks for the info. It worked well

Could you leave 5 star in download page if you like Trego? It would be a great help for me.

USEFUL LINKS > Contact Us How to change url of this page I want to point this link to cms page http://londonmarket.in/contactus/ pls confirm. Kamal

Hi, i bought the template and everything is great but i have 1 problem which i couldn’t fix/solve.. It seems like the searchbox on the sidebar is disabled but its not disabled.. i’m unabled to write text in the search box and i can’t find why or how to fix this.. http://flagandsymbol.com


I can see an alert box when I mouse right click

I removed the script and it solved the problem, thanks

:) Could you leave 5 star in download page if you like Trego?

Hi, I have problem about the product page is empty, please check http://depresmas.com/client/biocalth.com/index.php/products/biocalth-chewables.html What is wrong?

I think some php configurations have been set with small sizes, please email me your ftp info in my profile page.

hello, I need help using the thumbnail menu. Can you help

You can add the thumbnail images of the 3rd level categories in manage product page

I’ve set up 2 simple products: a ladie’s small, blue t-shirt and a ladie’s small blue t-shirt. Thy both have attributes: size and color.

When I go here http://loosegoosecanada.com/ladie-s/t-shirts.html there are 2 pics of the 2 products. (Shouldn’t there be just one?) but the problem is when you click on one of the images to add to cart, there is no drop-downs for the size and color options… I’ve tried to find what I’m doing wrong, Anybody have an idea?

oops, I meant a ladie’s PINK and a ladie’s blue but still no dropdown(s) to choose color and size… Thanks for advice!


I have a problem with configurable products. When I click “add to cart” in catalog grid it just show “Processing… Please wait…” and never show me the options to configure, as happen in demo website.

I’ve checked apache logs and it’s shown a message: “GET /media/ajaxcart/ HTTP/1.0” 404 216 “” “

“GET /product-name.htmlisAjax/1 HTTP/1.1” 404 9892 “http:/xxx.xx/praia.html” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:27.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/27.0”

Another problem with configurable product is in Bestseller’s block. I have a main product, with 3 simple products inside (because of sizes). What is happening is: these 3 simple products is been shown in bestseller’s block, even when I set them to “Not visible individually”.