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I have a problem with configurable products. When I click “add to cart” in catalog grid it just show “Processing… Please wait…” and never show me the options to configure, as happen in demo website.

I’ve checked apache logs and it’s shown a message: “GET /media/ajaxcart/ HTTP/1.0” 404 216 “” “

“GET /product-name.htmlisAjax/1 HTTP/1.1” 404 9892 “http:/xxx.xx/praia.html” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:27.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/27.0”

Another problem with configurable product is in Bestseller’s block. I have a main product, with 3 simple products inside (because of sizes). What is happening is: these 3 simple products is been shown in bestseller’s block, even when I set them to “Not visible individually”.

Can I check your site?

Sure, I sent you by email.

I’m trying to work the slider revolution with video but for some reason the slideshow stops at the ‘video’ slide, even thought I’ve included data-nextslideatend=”true”. Any clues?

Please email me in my profile page, I can give you revolution slider’s documentation.

I already asked this question once and was ignored, hopefully we will get an answer this time… the site is EXTREMELY slow once this theme is enabled. Profiler seems to point the problem to Ajaxcart, and because the site takes roughly 60 seconds to load any page with zero server-load, it seems to be a bug (something is waiting for a timeout before processing the next line). You can see the staging site at kac.zshot.com.

Also how to change the address/phone etc. on the footer? I couldn’t find the static block to edit and there is no mention of it in the documentation…


I am sorry I had to let you know that you should not do in Configuration > Advanced, I thought you may know it already.

Finally got the site / DB restored by IT… disabled every extension I can disable, and no effect. Started profiler and found that /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/ajaxcart/head.phtml, line 6 ”$imageSize = getimagesize($loaderSrc);” takes basically exactly 60 second to process. This is what causing the slow-down on every page. Do you know why it’s doing it?

Oh and if I comment that line, everything loads super fast…


Good day to you.

Just wondering if you could share with me the html code for the custom_menu static block which is the same as the demo site. I am having problem with the menu not displaying correct on mobile version.

Hi SW-THEMES, sorry one more question. How do I add in login/logout button into the left navigation menu?

Please reference this post http://magentoquiz.com/question/how-to-add-a-logout-link-anywhere-in-my-magento-store/

You can add the codes into /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/page/html/header.phtml

Could you leave 5 star in download page if you like Trego? It would be a great help for me. :)

Hi, I would like to add some icons before each item of the footer-menu. How to do ? Thanks Michael

You can customize /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/page/html/footer.phtml.

Hello, tou a problem when changing my site server. The following error appears: Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Trego_Helper_Cssconfig’ not found in / home / sandelly.com.br / www / app / Mage.php on line 547

Could you help me with this?

Please contact through purchased account.

Hello, tou a problem when changing my site server. The following error appears: Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Trego_Helper_Cssconfig’ not found in / home / sandelly.com.br / www / app / Mage.php on line 547

Could you help me with this?

Repeating the question, using the account you used to purchase the theme.

Can I check your site?

Sure, I sent you by email.

Is checking?

Hello, how do I set the menu at the top? thanks

Sorry, its not possible.

Awesome Theme!

Is there an overview of codes/strings/codes (eg “fadeIn”) which can be used for the animation attribut of banners?

Sorry, do not have.

The following was already asked by another user but there was no answer posted on the forum.

I am using boxslider 3 but i would like to make it clickable (make it a link to another page) .However the pager container (bx-controls) covers the complete text so the links dont work. How can i get this fixed?

I look forward to hear from you. Thanks!

This works perfect! Thanks :)

Could you leave 5 star in download page if you like Trego? It would be a great help for me.


Alex( SW-THEMES) is a very nice person with good taste. After we bought the theme, during the process of building our website, we have many questions to ask him. He always replies within 12 hours with patience. We really appreciate his after-sales service! Highly recommend!


Hi Alex,

Isn’t there in the meantime a solution for a good-working mobile-custom.js file (in skin/frontend/default/trego/js)? For mobile usage we need the ability to scroll and having the submenu’s positioned in the right way, even after having scrolled.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Thank you very much for answering, Alex.

I want to have the ability to scroll (our webshop has many categories and really need this ability in all media-sizes). We uncommented the last lines in skin/frontend/default/trego/js/mobile-custom.js for that reason and also while you advised us in a former ticket to try it. You told us that at that point of time there were some issues about this piece of code yet. So without that piece of code, we cannot scroll in the menu. With that piece of code we can scroll, but the submenu’s do not scroll. With the result that in some cases all the submenu’s are far away from the resp. main-menu-items, esp. after having scrolled. In some cases are all the sub-menu’s under the browser-window and are even not viewable, although the corresponding main-menu-item is in the middle of the height of the browser.

Can you give us a solution? Many thanks.

You can add some css styles into /skin/frontend/default/trego/css/custom.css like below.

nav ul ul { height: 200px; overflow: scroll; }

Hi Alex,

I don’t see the css below. I think you have forgotten it? Can you add the css?

Thank you very much for your help.

Site runs extremely slow after installing your skin. We found line 6 of /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/ajaxcart/head.phtml ($imageSize = getimagesize($loaderSrc);) takes 60 second to process every time. Seems some kind of bug waiting for time-out. Comment out that one line make the site run super fast (less than 1 second page-load).

1. Any idea why? What does that line do? 2. What will happen if we leave that line permanently commented out?

Ok good we will just leave it comment’ed out… Also, how to change the address and telephone number in the footer? I can’t seems to find the correct static block to modify…

Did you import sample static blocks? If yes, static block id is contact_info

Got it! You might want to add this information to your instruction files; we have close to 200 static blocks (from various different skins) and checking every one will take forever… So knowing the file’s creation date or ID / name will be great help.

we are using your theme here http://bit.ly/1jdi43q the problem you can see the product image shows white when cropped all our product images are different size we want it to adjust accordingly or if that is not possible to define width only while height should auto adjust. We don’t want this white thing appearing on image or if somehow when cropped instead of white it becomes black so it blends with background

Please let me know how this can be achieved

i understand but it is a big issue and concern for your theme to show white frame we need to disable all i am asking is media.phtml file you already wrote code above but that does not work for us

we solved the issue ourselves thanks no need for help

I’m trying to take off the shopping cart from being on every page within my website. Is there a simple way to do this?

Also, how do you create the circles with the text on the main slider?

The website is kocoblaq.com

Thank you.

Please contact through purchased account.

Hi Alex,

I think you forgot to answer my second reply of a few days ago, where I asked for the css-code you should have added below.

Thank you very much for your answer in advance.

It works fine on my end. Also, I hope you to solve general problems like this yourself in the future. Hope you to understand that I’ve already helped you a lot so far, its difficult to provide much free services as I am getting too much emails everyday.

Hi Alex,

You may be sure that I’m very grateful and happy with your kind support. I’ll try to find this solution by myself and as a return favor I’ll give you my solution. If succeeded of course.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for your understand.

FOOTER > USEFUL LINKS > Contact Us how to remove this link pls confirm.


Great theme.

I’m in the process of setting up www.denvers.com. I’m having a problem with the email signup submit button not working. The website just sits there waiting for something. Actually it’s worse, I find that I can’t navigate away as the browser (Chrome in this case) appears to insist on waiting for the call to finish?! It’s quite odd.

I’m using Ashley Schroder’s SMTP plugin though would prefer to use mailchimp or something. Not sure if the SMTP handler is causing a problem?


Thanks for the quick response. That link needs to be in your documentation! If it already is I must have missed it, sorry.

What’s going on with SMTP, any ideas?

Contacts page working now, great.

Can I make an enhancement request for the Contacts page – could you make it so you can switch elements of the address on and off, and also make some of the text labels configurable. I’d like to remove Fax / Skype / Phone. I’d like to be able to add a physical address.

You can customize it in /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/trego/contacts/details.phtml

I upgraded my magento to 1.8.1 then installed trego update the site did not display correctly on ipad or iphone and the paymnet connection to paypla does not work intermittent connections so i reintsalled older version of trego the had to change code for all sorts fo problemw like logging in useres etc where the code had changed i am now left with a site where the payment still does not work properly it does not work on iphone at all and on ipad it sometimes works sometimes does not i am talking about the connection using paypal pro i am at a total loss as what to do to fix this i cant install trego update coz it does not display on iphone or ipad and payments do not work on iphine and only sometimes on ipad help!

Can I check your site?

Before i purchase this theme i have a question: Can the sticky header be disabled on iPad, I’ve noticed from your demo that when scrolling the products is not very easy to see them.

It’s not so difficult, it needs to add only some css styles.

So if am buying the theme, then can you provide the css style Regards.

Yes, will do.