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I have bought and installed trego and its working well but I am struggling to change the font for the headings. I can see a set list of fonts under system>configuration>Trego Theme Design – Under the Font heading there are a selection of fonts like PT Sans Regular and Railway Thin etc. I would like to add a font to this list.

I have editted the CSS (styles.css) with the following:

@font-face { font-family: ‘GochiHandRegular’; src: url(’../fonts/gochi-hand.eot’); src: url(’../fonts/gochi-hand.eot’) format(‘embedded-opentype’), url(’../fonts/gochi-hand.woff’) format(‘woff’), url(’../fonts/gochi-hand.ttf’) format(‘truetype’), url(’../fonts/gochi-hand.svg#GochiHandRegular’) format(‘svg’); }

and I have uploaded the relevant fonts to the correct directory. However I dont seem to be able to get the font to appear in the menu on the Admin. Have I missed a config file? How do I do this? Is there an easier way?


You also need to edit /app/code/community/Trego/Trego/Model/System/Config/Source/Design/Font/Family/Basic.php

Hey that worked a treat and it means that I can use the config without having to hack the CSS. Awesome. Cheers!

hi there, wondering the featured product on landing page can auto loop at Demo IV? thanks.

Sorry, not available in theme options, but it can be a easy customization.

ok great, can we use mega menu (mini-menu) at Demo IV? thanks again.

Yes, it’s possible, you can set one configuration on the admin panel.


is there some documentation about page grids/blocks.

i want to make 2 side blocks – 50% & 50% but i know only 3 block div styles now from page bottom area.

col-1 col-2 col-3

Maybe smth. like this: http://aetherthemes.com/demo/neue/stylesheets/grid.css on other page i see.

BR, Kalev

You can find in /skin/frontend/default/trego/css/styles.css

.col2-set .col-1
.col2-set .col-2

.col3-set .col-1
.col3-set .col-2
.col3-set .col-3

.col4-set .col-1
.col4-set .col-2
.col4-set .col-3
.col4-set .col-4

Hi, In the product page, I would like to move the div class=”product-collateral akordeon” just after p class=”product-sku”. Where can I do the changement ? Thanks

Plase add below css styles into custom.css

.akordeon-item-content { min-height: 0; }

Nothing… I have also tried with !important but no result Because I think the problem comes from akordeon-item-body…

I just tried on my demo, but it works well.


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whats the proper way to remove the state field in the cart page (shipping.phtml)

its a bit tricky because of the javascript…...



3io Purchased

I mean this: http://note.io/1j5F042 The Netherlands dont use states in shipping information

Sorry, it’s magento default feature.


3io Purchased

Of course it is, but you also themed it!

Hi Alex, How can i remove Skype from (http://www.newsmartwave.net/trego/default/contacts/) i do not require any Skype id on my contact page.

It will be easy to remove Skype on the admin.

http://screencloud.net/v/1Lg0 you can see Skype fields are blank here, however i can see text ‘Skype’ here: http://pansuriya.com/contacts/

Please contact me from your purchased account.

Hi Alex,

please have a look with following issue.

http://screencloud.net/v/1Lg0 you can see Skype fields are blank here, however i can see text ‘Skype’ here: http://pansuriya.com/contacts/

Regards, Manish

You can remove it in /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/trego/contacts/details.phtml line 70-81

Thanks Alex

Could you leave 5 star in download page if you like Trego? It would be a great help for me.


can you tell me code i need to write to turn off from shop products list page description system that decodes html. So i can show there bulleting and bold and stuff.

and where i can replace left side: Shop link Other link to

Other links Shop link to be always last.

BR, Kalev

Sorry, we don’t provide customization service for free, only provide theme installation and bug supports.

Hi, okay how much that will cost to me :) ?

Sorry, I am a bit busy at the moment, so difficult to provide you customization support. Hope you to understand.


There is a bug with add to cart from category view if switched to “View as List”.

Default demo page: http://www.newsmartwave.net/trego/

1. Choose Sportswear / accesories. 2. Switch to “View as List” 3. Click Add to Cart on first product – “Toujours – Congnac”

The wheel – Processing…Please wait… will spin forever without refresh. If you go back to front or any other page manually you will see that the product has been actually added to cart.

I just checked it, but it works well, on which browser does it happens?

Firefox, just run again and it looks like sometimes it works sometimes not. Only with List View, with Grid View it is 100 % good. I’ll examine closer.

I tried it many times, but it worked well.

Hi Alex, When using IE9 and showing a product, the product image looks very strange.


looks normal in other browsers.,

Any idea what this could be?

Best Regards Michael Rasmussen

Nice :) when do you estimate the next release? Thank you

In 2 weeks, thanks for your patient. We’re working hard on this.

Hi, I just updated this theme for the ie issues.

Hi there,

I have a request, the menu with thumbails is beautiful, but, if i want use that menu as a second level (and not third level) is possible? for example, i sell shoes, t-shits and sweaters, so my menu will be: MAN (fist menu level) and after the menu thumbails with SHOES, T-SHIRTS AND SWEATERS.

It is possible?

Thanks in advance. Juan.

You should also customize /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/page/html/topmenu.phtml.

can you say me how i insert the category thumbail inside a default menu? just the tumbail… is so heavy?

You can get the code for that in /app/design/frontend/default/trego/template/trego/topmenu/type2.phtml

type1.phtml (default menu)

type2.phtml (thumbnail menu)

type3.phtml (mega menu)

Hello, Overall very good theme we ran into an issue on about page by trego see here http://bit.ly/1k2SHlm try to switch to french and spanish language from top dropdown you will observe that footer block in twitter stops working and also Meet our Team slider is broken We copied same code from english version but still has issues its working fine in english

Please can you check and help us solving it


Because, I think there is an javascript issue in the french about us page.

okay how do you assume we fix it? i am not sure what is wrong we copied same code from english version can you please come into our site and look please let me know where to send you admin access


Sorry, I’m a bit busy at the moment, and we provide only theme installation and bug fix services for free, not for customization.

I saw that you updatet the theme this month, but you didn’t updated the changelog. Could you please tell us, what you changed?

I changed only documentation.

Hey, In IE9 on the checkout page there is no placeholders for the input fields.

I think you should remove support for IE9 as this obviously hasnt been properly tested


Thanks for your advise.

Hi, I just updated this theme for the ie issues.

I am getting this error when trying to activate the theme. PLEASE HELP

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Blog_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/dimensi3/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 547

I get this after going to settings > configurations > themes and entering trego in all fields

Please email me your site access(ftp and magento admin) in my profile page, let me check.


Where do i edit the text “Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. ” when adding a product?

Best Regards Michael Rasmussen

Hi, It’s the message that woocommerce plugins prints itself. Please contact at woocommerce support team.


i have sent you an email describing the problems with your theme can you please reply thank you

I think I’ve already replied to you. Please install latest version of Trego with paypal pro integrated on a dev server so that I can help you. If you don’t give me access to the site, I have no way to help you. Anyway, replied to your email.

This might sound weird but I dont have any options to add #1 bxslider or the other bxsliders.

I have the revslider options available but not the bxslider. Is there something I may be doing wrong?

And also I’m the content author for the purchaser of this theme

Please contact me through purchased account. or give me purchase code through my profile page.

Hi Alex,

How do I change “Choose an” in the dropdown box (for SIZE) to “Choose an OPTION” or (just) “Size”...

Have a look at http://loosegoosecanada.com/ladie-s/hoodies/believe-in-yourself-horse-head-red-sweater-hoodie-256.html

To the right of the model you will see SIZE with dropdown that has “Choose an” I want to change that to “SIZE”


When I click the “featured” link on http://loosegoosecanada.com/ the “featured” product window pops up … but the word “FETURED Products is spelt wrong: How do I change to “FEATURED”

never mind – i found where to change it :-)