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Hi need help just gone live with my website fresh install no products I have a few issues 1. After doing some home page template changes through the Trego theme options after the changes I get a flag and text in box on bottom left of page by social media options and will not go have clears cache and dosnt fix it also shows up on other devices that have never loaded the page b4. 2. When trying to change the social medial links and click save the page just sits there loading and doesn’t change the address I have changed all permissions to 777 as instructed in install doc I’m using the quick install files and have applied sql patches by copying pasting the text into the sql section in ZenCart . My web address is http://www.anarchyangels.net/

Please submit support ticket with FTP, Database and admin details.

Hi i have done as requested they were kind enough to do a fresh install for me they installed the older version on zencart and quick install and even with them installing the quickstart version the issues are still there has anyone had these issues with flag images and html text inside them after changing custom slider option. I did fix the html coding and flags and boxes go but after changing the custom slider again the flags and html code comes back also seems to affect customer sing in after account creation My thoughts is somthing to do with the multi language theme and the database. I am using the default zencart options UTF8 on both database and zencart everything is fine until new theme is installed and custom slider is changed.seems to be a bug with this theme and have tryed it on multiple servers all with full supported features and requirments with same results this needs to be fixed

ok this trego them changes the dabase from utf8 to latin1_swedish_ci for some unknown reason i believe this is the cause but how to stop it from changing and screwing things up

ksoup i see you have had the same issues that i have now. Every time I change something in the Admin > Tools > Trego Template Settings, the site title, copyright text as well as footer contact fields get messed up. and a bunch of extra junk shows up on the page in those field areas. I can go back and edit to clean it up again, but just wanted you to know. how did you fix this driving me nuts I fix the html code and everytime a change is made it all comes back little flags with html code . if you fixed it please let me know as i cant have a website that has this stuff popping up all the time

Hi not sure if you recived my email I have reinstalled for the 200th time and i have fixed the login in problim the flag isue is still there but I can live with it . I have one more question about editing the about us page I try and edit tpl_us_about_us default.php and it dosnt change the data inside page im guessing because im using the store demo and its in another languge possibly lattin its a different file that needs editing but i have gone through evry about us page i can find with out luck where can i edit the text on this page.


under the words Welcome to Trego shop.

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Please help me edit this page thanks in advance. http://anarchyangels.net/index.php?main_page=about_us

thanks for your fast reply’s lol for anyone else that wants to edit the content of the about us page it is located in /includes/languages/trego_zen/english.php not the tpl_about_us default.php

Still waiting on response editing the tpl_about_us or any of the about us pages remove the existing text on the about us page is this another bug no one wants to fix

replied on support thread

just so you are aware it is not the trego_zen/define_about_us.php file the only one that works is this one /includes/languages/trego_zen/english.php not any of about_us pages as i tryed them all lol so just a heads up for anyone wanting to change the store demo about us page edit this file /includes/languages/trego_zen/english.php not the tpl_about_us default.php


I’d like to know if it is possible to change the text and wording of the Google Analytic Cookie popup for various languages. I’ve checked all language files, but can’t fine any definitions.

Thank you very much in advance.



Hi im getting this error on main page . PHP Warning: Missing argument 4 for template_func::get_template_dir(), called in /home/anarchy2/public_html/includes/templates/trego_zen/common/html_header.php on line 17 and defined in /home/anarchy2/public_html/includes/classes/template_func.php on line 42

after changing option slider .

i see this post from someone else with same issue here

1) Go To includes > templates ->trego_zen -> common -> html_header.php on line 17 find $mjtemppath=$template>get_template_dir(’’,DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base);

replace with that $mjtemppath=$template->get_template_dir(’’,DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,’‘);

but this doesn’t work fix the error for me can you help me please

fast reply’s wow thanks for your help pft!!!!

I have an issue with the shopping cart where the button to change the quantity of the item (arrow up and down) doesn’t work at all . I have submitted a ticket and I got no reply at all. I have bought 12 month support and that’s not good enough. Please get back to me please asap

replied to ticket 1130

i have done a fresh and have a problem cant change logo get a message WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again. this happens if i try to save any setting in General Settings

an update i have tried both ways to install the theam Both ways the get warning WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.also the about us page is not in define pages ??

Hey mate it took along time for me to get this theme working too it’s still not perfect but gave up on the smaller issues as everytime I fixed them do a slider change all hell would break lose and have to restore I recommend finding the layout you want and stick with it don’t change it. The about us page I’ve posted previously on how to edit it as the Suport guys don’t seem to know what pages do what in this theme . The support is good in the most part just hard to be patient when you need a website up and running now. Just to prove you can edit it here’s my site so far bit of a work in progress http://anarchyangels.net/index.php?main_page=about_us
Not sure if allowed but if you need help with your about us page you can email me admin666 I’ll look up the exact file you need to edit . mydakota@hotmail.co.nz feel free to remove this post if not allowed just trying to help others

Many thanks mydakota but as i have paid for this theme and i didn’t pay for me to fix it!! the version is zencart 1.5.4 but as yet support havent replied to my problem

Yeah a lot of the issues seems to be caused by there sql patches that don’t support the latest versions of either phpmyadmin or the new MySQL lots of syntac errors also I’m not sure if it even supports the UTF8 caricature set good luck on getting it fixed no one seems to know how to fix it . Only hope will be if they put out a updated with some actual fixes in it

I like to install the Trego template but installation guide is offline – http://mojoomla.com/demo/trego/Installation_guide Can you please send me the working link.

Installation guide is already there in documentation folder

To Install I tried both ways fresch easy install – Both ways after editing e category or product i get the WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.

- ZEN CART V1.5.4 and php 5.6

I like the Trego – Zencart Responsive Template, what i make wrong?

will be happy to help but your support seems to be expired

This theme support ZEN CART V1.5.4? Please let us know?

yes it does

hi, i want to know how to remove google font,its very slow to open the website,because i am chinese, google service is limited by goverment.

To remove fonts provided by google, follow path

Folder path : includes > templates > trego_zen > fonts

Just rename this folder.

how to use local file replace ajax.googleapi.com,because i am in china, google api have a slow speed, i open my web hardly.

replied with email support

hi, i find a bug ,product weight cant show on tpl_product_info_display.php ,only Availability and Product Code, u have a try. wait for you reply

This is not a bug, units of product is hidden by us

If you want it than open page ” tpl_product_info_display.php “

File path : includes > templates > trego_zen > templates > tpl_product_info_display.php

Line No.: 107

you just need to remove a comment from this line in




And you get a unit(weight) of product in your product_information page

hi,i dont know admin-general setting :site title and copy right text how to use , after i changed,it doesn’t seem to be working at all.

i know copyright text often be showed on the bottom, but i cant find copyright text on my website

For Title

Replace this line in page ” html_header.php “

File path : includes > templates > trego_zen > common > html_header.php

Line No. : 33 <title><?php echo META_TAG_TITLE; ?></title> Replace with below line and your title is appear in Title bar

<title><?php echo get_trego_template_configvalues(‘site_title’,$_SESSION[‘languages_id’]); ?></title>

About Copyright text

It work and also display on screen but this portion is under the menu so, that’s the reason you can’t see a text.

If you want to see a text of copyright then put below code under the <title> tag in same page

It just for a checking purpose after that remove below code from the page ” html_header.php ”.

<title>......</title> <style>

.leftBoxContainer { display: none; }


Is this theme compatible with 1.5.5a? Please advise.

This is upto v1.5.4

Does this template support customer product reviews?

yes on details page you mean?

I’have a problem with scroll bar:

on category page if I click on a nember of pagination (blow of the category page) the products update theyself but the page doesn’t go on the top but remain blow the page. Let me know

Sorry but not able to verify your purchase.

I got this error when open the front website 1146 Table ‘*.trego_template_config’ doesn’t exist in: [SELECT * FROM trego_template_config WHERE trego_keys=’mainhome_slider_effect’ and languages_id=’0’]

And this errror message on admin page: Related Products not installed WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again. Can you help?

Please click on support tab and email us your FTP details.