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I have a slider error. I receive the message ‘Slider with alias not found, maybe you mean Slider 1’ I have made sure there is a Silder saved under this name and there is. When I paste the short code into a page it works but….I want the slider to display in the widget area at the top of the page. Why isn’t it working?

Go to appearance/customize/pages and change the slider slug to something else & then change it back to slider1 and hit save. That should commit the setting.

Thanks that fixed it :-) I have another problem now that I’m sure is probably an easy fix too but I just can’t figure it out and i’d really appreciate some help. I have a link problem. When I click on the information link that corresponds to a tour I am taken to a blank page. There is /tour/ in the address that seems to be causing the problem. If /tour/ wasn’t there the link would work. How do I fix this? I can also see tours available from the demo material that do have /tour/ in the permalink description however they aren’t appearing on the site. Brad

Go to appearance/customize/sidebar . Change the setting to left and back to right then hit save. It’s a similar issue where the setting is not committed to the database.

Hi PixelGrapes I try to show a tour detail but the page not working http://alianzatourjc.com/tour/sking-in-the-alps/ Can you help me please.

I can;t see the link because it’s in maintenance mode. But I think if you go to appearance/customize/sidebar and change the setting to left then back to right and hit ‘save’ it should do the trick.

Yes thank you so much. :)

Question 1) I am trying to load a logo and it does not appear. When I refresh the page it is blank. How long do I have to wait for the logo to appear? I waited for about 5 min with no luck. What formats should the logo be?

Question 2)

If I want the div navbar-inner to be white, do I need to create a child theme?

Question 3)

How can I remove the black background from the active page in the navigation menu, do I need to create a child theme?

Many thanks


Thanks for your response, however, with regards to the logo, it didn’t work. I uploaded the png file which is 272 × 65px in size and did as you mentioned but it did not work. Not only does the logo not appear in the customize screen, the page displays blank in the browser.

Can you provide further help?



Are you able to upload images in posts?

If you post to the support forum I can take a look.

I have no problem uploading images in posts. How do I post my site so you can have a look, I am assuming you need log in info to access the back end. Please provide more info on how to post to your forum so you can have a look.