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Love the theme! Thinking of purchasing, but on a Mac at least I get a double refresh of the header each page I view. Can you check that out?

Thanks, Tom

Hi Tom, Thanks. I had changed a setting in the demo. It should look right now. – Cheers

Thanks Eggbit, works fine now!

Great looking theme. Can it be used without the tour sections? Thanks

Thanks. Yes it can. You can use it as a regular business site if you like. – Cheers

hi. nice theme. thinking of using it for a diving business. there seems to be a problem with the fonts as i can see white frames behind some of the letters. using google chrome Version 27.0.1453.110 m on windows 8. thank u.

Hi. Some of the fonts will render differently on different screens and browsers. It has 600+ google fonts to choose from. – Cheers

Do you have a payment option integrated with this theme? I’m looking for them to be able to purchase a package. Maybe woocommerce or something. Also, will you have maybe an avatar feature with an area for the host of the tour to contact them to ask questions and a brief description of the host. Will it be in your near feature and opportunity for people to post they’re own tours via a front-end posting?

Hi. Paypal is integrated. I will look into adding other payment options if the demand is there. Each tour post has it’s own sidebar notes area. You could add tour operator info. I will add one to the demo. – Cheers

good job! although I’ve missed a gallery (slider) in the single tour. Good luck with sales

thank you

Clean and very nice theme. Good luck :)

am thinking of purchasing this theme to use for an oil and gas firm…i hope this will fit in perfectly. i will like to know if you have a theme full dedicated for oil and gas industry or better still that look similar to www.bp.com


I don’t have a theme dedicated to those industries. This theme is very flexible though and could be used for a variety of industries/services. – Cheers

Really nice – couple of question pre purchase:

- can the tours be sorted into 2, 3 (like “carousel” page) or 4 columns or are they fixed as full width items?

- Are the trip information pages a set layout e.g. image at top/text underneath OR can the page be created exactly as we want like a blank page?

- I am assuming the sidebars on EACH INDIVIDUAL trip page is bespoke to that page?



The tours are set to full-width, but I will add a feature to set them into columns. The trip info is not set. If you include a ‘featured image’ it will place that at the top. You can place the sidebar left or right. Each trip sidebar is unique. The registration form is optional too. I will set some different sidebars up in the demo. – Cheers

Thank you so much for coming back so quick – very much appreciated. The multi column trip layout would be ideal (it is still great as it is) as otherwise is faultless. Good luck with sales

I have a problem with Revolution slider. After I installed it, if I click on that menù page the page doesn’t load and there is an error with page blank.

Where is the problem?


It could be several things. Make sure you’re using the homepage template and have the proper slug entered in the customization page. You also need to create a slider with at least one slide. And make sure you have your permalinks saved correctly. If you open a ticket with a link I can take a better look. http://pixelgrapes.ticksy.com – cheers

Ok I have opened a ticket on that website and waiting for your soonest reply. Thanks.

Just purchased the theme and I like the look and feel, but was wondering wether there is some kind of ‘manual’ as I’m struggling a bit to reproduce some features shown on the demo e.g. how to create the same homepage.

Yes there is. Download the ‘main files’ from your ThemeForest downloads section. Unzip it on your local computer. Inside is documentation and demo content. – Cheers

Hi, thanks, now it works just fine. One more question. Would it be possible to link the “Information” button on the tours page to a ‘category’ page ? I found where the “Information” button is defined, but don’t know how to call a category page from there as the permalink is a ‘tour’.


<?php echo get_category_link(); ?>
You may need to get the category ID first. Open a support ticket here: http://pixelgrapes.ticksy.com – Cheers

NICE! and Smoooooth (looks grt on mobile too! luv the responsive menu style) How is slider made (layer slider or..?) RIGHT ON

Thanks ;) Revolution Slider.

Considering buying this theme for our adventure company. Will i be able to incorporate video galleries? Will i be able to modify the 4 icon images after the view tours section? i want to use my own symbols.


Hi. The gallery does not support video, however blog posts do support video. So you could have a grid blog page with videos. It also includes all the icons you see here: http://goo.gl/XfBd3 or you can easily incorporate your own. – Cheers

How do I incorporate videos into the blog posts. Followed the documentation but it’s not working unless I embed the video within the body of the post? Help?

Can you open a ticket here http://goo.gl/01ET8 If you include your WP login I will take a look. Cheers

Great looking theme, considering buying it for sure. One question, is there a way to have a different header background image on each page (where the mountains photo is now)?

No, but it’s a good suggestion. I’ll look at adding that feature. Cheers

beautiful theme. bookmarking this for the right client..awesome!!

How can add a static image (with full width) instead of the slider in another page? Like this in your demo http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/trek/headings-and-text-boxes/ but different for every pages?


Hi. In customization under the ‘pages’ tab you can add a header background. Right now it only support one header on subpages. I will look at adding multiple headers in a future update. Cheers

Eggbit, i like what i have seen of the theme here on themeforest. My question is i would like the fonts on the tour description to be a bit larger, is it much problem for me to change that if i would want?

And would i be able to integrate a tour booking system from another party with ease?


Hi. Changing the font size is easy. Integrating a WordPress booking plugin/system should be easy. That will depend more on the plugin. – Cheers

Hi, great theme, already purchased.

Had a few problems when I using it:

1. How can I change the text (title of the class) of the displayed icon under the tours, like: “Airfare included”.

2. Can I customize the Displayed Icon options on the tour page(post) editor? Say like add/remove the some icons or change the description?

Thank you.

Again, great theme, exactly what I’m looking for.

Hi. Yes, both are possible with a little code tweak. Please open a ticket here: http://pixelgrapes.ticksy.com and I’ll show you the edits to make. – Cheers

Great theme but I get this double loading of the header image (as mentioned in other comments) on my page – any suggestions where to look for a solution for this? Thx

There was a fix for this. If you download the theme again it includes the update. – cheers

WOW!!! Incredible support. Thx

Congratulations, you have some great work! Wish you the best sales :)

Thank You

Do you get the template pages from the live version when you purchase the theme ?

Yes, you get template pages and demo content.