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The sidebar doesn’t appear in my tour page.This is the only one thing stopping me from launching the site. Please help me out. Thanks!

Link to the page : http://wishbone.co.in/newsite/tour/annamalais-trip/

It looks like a file is missing. Check your theme folder for single-tour.php If that file is missing, download the theme again and just upload that one file. That should fix it. At least that is my guess without seeing the backend ;) – Cheers

Hey thanks for the response. I do not have any such file in my theme package! I do have a sidebar-tour.php though. Is that what you are talking about ? If yes, then it is already uploaded.

Download the theme again from your TF downloads section and you should see it.

Hello I would like to know how I can remove the header that appears on the inner pages? Not only the picture, I occupy remove all header space.   Also I would like to update the theme without losing the changes I’ve already made. Is that possible??



Hey William. You can update the theme without losing any content, posts, images, settings. Hover if you have made changes to any theme files including style.css those changes will be lost. Unless of course you are using a child theme ;)

After updating you can add this to css to remove header:

.parallax .container.box{display:none;} .parallax {height:80px;}

Perfect, thank you very much for your prompt response.


Hello! Once again asking for your help :P Why on the blog page appears Kayaking, in stead of a blog header?Can I change this? http://mistica.mx/blog/

and on the home page, why does do the feed do not respond to my twitter?

Thanks in advance , have a good day :)

You need to enter your twitter username. it looks like you have username twit?

Is it something that I have to configure from the dev twitter panel? That twit shown in the website is not something that I have twitted. To be honest with you I feel a little bit confused about the terms used in the dev. site :P Should I show you via PM more info so I can be more clear?

yes, please do. Thanks

Hi There.

In the banner of Trek theme under the slider, it consists of three elements. 1) Premium Adventure Tours by Trek. 2) Because we think it’s time for a new exciting challenge! Are you ready for an adventure to remember for a lifetime? 3) View Tours Button

I have removed the button and i want the text to fill the space where the button was. How can I do this?

In page-home.php change this “span6” to this: “span9”

Error 404 page not found after updating. Please help. I Submited a Support Ticket. Thanks!!

Hi. Have you tried resaving your permalinks setting?

I’m having the same issue with no sidebar appearing in any of my tours. No tour notes, no registration form, etc. There is no single-tour.php file in the downloaded Trek theme files (and I’ve downloaded twice). How can I get a copy of this needed file?

Thanks, JC

No, I mean the text under “Latest Tours” on the front page. It says “Deposit/Payment” and I want it to say “Cost.” I have a screen shot, but I don’t see how to send it to you. Let me know how to get it to you if you need it.

Thanks, JC

Ahh ok. In admin/shortcodes/featured_tours/recenttours.php


I’m getting 404 page not found after WP update as well … it only happens on the tour pages i.e www.mydomain.com/tour/name_of_tour/ ... if I set permalinks back to default everything works fine, but as soon as you change permalinks to anything else, the tour pages become 404 errors … how can I fix?

resaving permalinks does not help – I’ve tried every solution I can find on google but nothing works. ??

Yes- should be working now.

nope – sidebar is still not showing on tour pages and FAQ permalink is now set to ”/gallery/” for some unknown reason

Did you clear your browser cache? Permalinks look ok from here. The tour sidebar is a different issue. Download the theme again and just upload the file single-tour.php again. Make sure the permissions are set correctly.

Another question: My client doesn’t allow children on his safaris, so I need to remove the “Children” drop-down box from the registration form. How do I do that?

Thanks, JC

Two files. You can alter the form in sidebar-tour.php You will also want to adjust admin/register/mailer.php

I have a question, how can I activate the comments only on the blog?

I have comments checked on the screen options, and dicussion settings correctly :/ http://mistica.mx/the-basic-vocabulary-you-need-for-your-vacations-in-mexico/

Can you PM me a login and I can take a look at what is happening. – Thanks

There is goes :)

Hello! I would like to create another TOURS sequence only for lodging options under a new menu item called Boutique Lodging. How do I do this?


There are two ways. You can create a category called Boutique Lodging. Then in your menu create a new link and enter the category url. Or you can create a new page and use the category short code [featured_tours category=”boutique lodging”]

Hi again. Got it to work. Now how do I add sub items (hotels like tours) to my main menu Boutique Lodging?

What do you mean same format as tours? You could create another category named hotels and use the short code to display it on a page. Then add it under to your boutique menu item.

Hello, please could you help with one thing? I can’t add images in gallery and slider… The button doesn’t work. Also in a post or tour I can’t add an image! Please could you help me? My web is www.voyagerviatges.com

The problem is buttons don’t work.

Awaiting your answer. Many thanks


Hi Marta. Is your WordPress uploads folder writeable? If you click on my profile and send a private message with a login I can take a look. – Cheers

Perfect! I sent you! Marta

Hello again. How can I add hotels in the same format as tours to a new menu I did called Boutique Lodging?



I have some problemas with some url in the safari, the website doest not works good, i dont know why, i think is something about plugins but i am not sure. The message in the PC is webkit2webprocess.exe is not working…

In the ipad it is working but only the url to tour working good… the web site is morelocal.co

Any suggestions?


It seems like the links don’t work from the homepage mainly. I see an error from flexi quote rotator. webkit2webprocess.exe sounds like something on your local machine. If you have a quote rotator plugin or anything only running on the homepage I’d disable that and start there. – Cheers

Hi, I don’t see any excerpt option on my pages,posts and tours pages. Am I missing something? Perhaps a setting? I installed a new SEO plugin. Could this have something to do with it?

Many Thanks

Better yet, click on my profile and send me a private message with a login and I can help. – Cheers

Should be there now. Theme version 1.3 is available. – Cheers

Good day, im interesed in buying your product since the other theme i bought its pretty much awful but before i buy i just want to know few things dont want to waste any more money

1st its payment integrated i mean i can have diferent prices for diferent packages?

its possible to move the logo the other theme i have to pay the autour in order to do it

thanks for your time

Hi. Yes, you can set different prices for different packages. The theme uses PayPal for payments. Moving the logo does require customization. – Cheers

Hi, when I check my site with PageSpeed ??Insights from Google developers. Get the following message.

Items you should correct: Remove the blocking JavaScript and CSS display the contents of the upper half of the page.

This is due to a problem with the theme? How I can fix it?

My site is. http://goo.gl/L8Soj1

Best regards.


Hey William. The theme loads js in the footer. But there are some plugins loading js in the header. A good way to speed up your site is to use a cache plugin and possibly CDN.

Support request #1600:

You had offered (in email) to take a look at my installation issue via a WP login, so I sent them by email (to Jeff) on 19th January but have heard nothing back.

Please confirm that these details were received and let me know when I can expect a response.

You didn’t want to provide login details in the ticket, so you emailed a username and said you would follow up with a separate email with a password. I do have the username but not the password. If you can send that I will certainly take a look. – Thanks

Thanks, understood. Will resend.

Have resent to Jeff by email.

When someone submits an entry on the standard form on the tours page, its comes up on their page as ‘sending message’, and nothing happens. I dont get the results of their form anywhere in the back end. have i dont something wrong?

Sounds like a jQuery conflict. Try disabling any extra plugins to see that helps.

Hello there, under the slider there are 4 icons with culinary tours,travel excursion,etc with a text, im trying to find where its that in order to change it but i cant, i was wondering how do i make this changes. thanks

If you’ve imported demo content go to your pages and select the homepage you should see short codes in the content area of the editor. You can edit them there by replacing the text and/or the icons. http://goo.gl/rHmEG9


I sent you a private email with web credentials to take a look and help with add images buttons. Now I have an error in my site: Fatal error: Call to undefined function putRevSlider() in /docroot/wp-content/themes/trek/header-homepage.php on line 70 the site is www.voyagerviatges.com

Please could you tell me something?

Awaiting your news. Many thanks


Hi Marta, I couldn’t login with those ftp credentials. Can you verify and email me. Thanks

I sent you! thanks