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I´ve sent you a message about Trek theme. Have you received my message?


Yes, Thanks

Hello, the top header image for each page, goes away when you scroll down and then scroll back up. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Is this in google chrome? The browser caches the page, so if you scroll before the image is fully loaded it may not be there when you scroll back up. You can try reducing the file image size so that it loads faster. – Cheers

I am unable to get the header image to appear on all my pages. I have the Revslider on the homepage, but nothing on all the other pages. I have uploaded an image under appearance/customise/pages/header image, and its only 84kb, so shouldn’t be a load time issue. it appears in the customise sidebar, but won’t show on any pages!

Also, is it possible to adjust the short codes for an accordion so that one click opens the accordion, and a second click on the same one closes it? having all the accordions closed?


Hi. Once the image appears in the preview screen, are you hitting ‘save’? The accordion change would require a customization. You can use the same code that the FAQ page uses.

yes i am saving the changes on the customisation page. still can’t make it work!

If you PM me a logo I will take a look. – thanks

I’m having trouble with the registration form that’s supposed to be on each of the tour pages. How are these supposed to be added to the page?


Yes, I checked that box, it’s on the right side of the page, and still no registration form.

here is the tour page with no registration form. http://www.alohahawaiitours.com/tour/circle-island-tour-oahu/

Make sure there is a page in the theme folder called single-tour.php – if not, download the theme again and upload that file. – cheers

I purchase the theme yesterday and have a few questions?

1)How to change the currency symbol from USD to another currency? I want to use INR – Indian Rupees?

2)Would it be possible to put a text widget in the sidebar of a single tour page like http://munnar-honeymoon-packages.com/tour/munnar-tour-package/ ?

3)I want to use my own contact form. How can the existing form be removed? Not able to find the code for the same?

4) Where are the settings to remove the background colour from black and the font colour ?

5) What is the exact size of the slider image on homepage that needs to be updated to ensure fast loading ?

Hi. The symbol change and tour page widget require a minor code change. If you PM me I can give you a hand. Do you want to change the contact form on the tour page? that is in sidebar-tour.php The slider image file size depends on what quality you can accept. You can also use a cache plugin and/or CDN. Or use a solid background with smaller images layered on top.

I am looking to use this theme for a Single Business – Fishing , I want to be able to book either full day or half days. I also want real time bookings / availability.. how would this theme work for that stuff

Hi. This theme has a simple registration form which emails the admin. We released a new theme today which has more advance booking features and can do the stuff you need. Might be worth checking out: http://goo.gl/KD9gFH – Cheers


How to set Parallax Header image for each page? Is it possible.

No, the theme uses a global header image on all sub-pages. Which can be uploaded in appearance/customizer under the ‘pages’ tab. If you want different header images on each page it requires customization. – cheers

Thanks for your answer. Which file should I edit ?

You would need to edit the ‘parallax section’ in several files. Any files with names that start with page or single.


My client purchased this theme and has written several times about the FAQ’s not working. The editor throws in ”/gallery/ in the permalink. There is no such directory on the site. http://www.kingstonscamp.com/gallery/camper-rules/ http://www.kingstonscamp.com/camper-rules/ is the valid URL I believe that my client has asked to have you look at this several times and to cc my email on how to get the FAQ’s to work properly. This was an issue from installation to now and she wants to o live for her season, but we need this fixed. Can you contact her and fix the problem She has sent you log in credentials.

Thanks in advance.


It’s not a direct email. Need to respond to the ticket above the line.

She can hit ‘reply’ on the email or login to the support area and view the ticket.

Good day, im having a problem with the rev slider, i make it work find but the bottom part of the picture doesnt show instead it has a text saying add banner test here aroud 30% of the picture its missing.

Also im having problems with the Wpml i read that this theme works with it but i cant make it work so i was wondering how to make it, i have use it before and works just find but for some reason i cant make it.

Thanks for your time

Hi. You can add banner text in appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab. Much like the demo. For WPML make sure you have the ‘string translations’ add-on installed. – cheers

Sorry i didnt explain myself, i was wondering if was possible to remove that part,i just want the full photo to show

You can remove it with css:

.banner-home {display:none;}
But you may want to just adjust the slider settings instead. You can increase the slider ‘max-height’ to accommodate your image.
Hi My background image just disappeared in Chrome. I hope you can help me resolve this issue. My working website is http://visitwashougal.com/wordpress/hiking-trails/


When you scroll down completely and back up, the background image disappears.

Chrome caches the page. If you clear your browser cache and refresh the page it will likely be there. Basically if you scroll down before the header image is loaded, chrome caches the page without the image. What you can do is reduce the file size of your image so it loads faster.

Hello I am having issues with my site on IE 8 and iOS iphones. Please see: tampabaykayakcharters.com Any advice?

Also when viewing on androids the page is floating to the left…

I can only see the ‘site launching’ page.

I commented in the support forum.

Hi, I would like to add another page that is set up like FAQ template page. We will be using this page to show our links (categorised, like FAQ’s are) to other pages and external articles.

Is this possible?

Hi. The easiest way is to use the ‘accordion’ shortcode. You can set up some faq sections using it. Otherwise, to get a duplicate of the faq post type requires some minor customization. – Cheers

How do you change the response message… i.e “thank you for registering” after the registration form is complete?

Thanks Gene

In sidebar-tour.php

Hi, great theme. I’d like to change the text ‘Tour’ to ‘Packages’ for the front end. Where can I change this?


In the Pages section of the ‘Customize’ area, there’s a Display Button checkbox. When ticked it says ‘View Tours’. I’d like this to say ‘View Packages’

Ahh. Right under the checkbox there should be a field called “button text’. You can edit that text. ;)

Thank you!

How can I change the colour of headers and the titles of pages and posts ?

The colour of the text can be changed via css:

.parallax .small, .parallax .span {color:#333;}
The background image is set in appearance/customize under the pages tab. You can upload a solid colour repeating image if needed. – Cheers

Hi, I have a problem with the tour reservation. Reserve It button doesn’t work. I can see the message thank you for your registration. As I understand I should receive an email but there is no any email my my mailbox. Please help to fix the problem.

You can check with your host to see if php is setup to send mail. If not WordPress mail isn’t going to work. You can try a plugin like this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/

The problem is related to the tour title. If my tour title is in English I can receive an email. My website is in Russian and if the tour language is Russian, It doesn’t send an email. My DB is utf-8 . Can you please help me to fix the issue?

In admin/register/mailer.php try changing this line to utf-8

$headers .= "Content-Type: text/html; charset=

My FAQ page has not worked since I purchased this product. I have submitted numerous requests, and tried to answer all of your requests for access but have gotten nowhere. Each time I respond I have to email and submit a new request. I have gone live without a FAQ page, but really need one for liability and legal purposes. This process has been going on since Feb 11, and it is March 24. Please help!!! VERY FRUSTRATED!! If I do not get a reasonable response I will have to contact ThemeForest and let them know the lack of support with this product.

The support email is not a direct email. You need to respond to support tickets by hitting ‘reply’ and typing above the line. We have not received your login details after many requests as you know. Can you just click on our profile here and send a private message with the login. We will be happy to help you with the issue. – Cheers

I have replied as you have instructed every time I received an email. I figured out after not hearing from you something was amiss, which is why I use your Submit Request Page to communicate with you. I still reply BOTH ways, AND I have sent the requested information BOTH ways. It appears the public forum is the only way to get your attention. Do you need me to send the info requested over the public forum, if so I am extremely uncomfortable with that.

We got your tickets just no login info. I’m asking you to click on my profile and send a ‘private message’. It goes to email and not public forum.

Hi there

Is there custom css so the featured image does not appear on the tour page, but still appears on the homepage. As I want to use a slider at the top of each tour page instead. See http://nomads.phillipohren.com/?p=224

You can use:
.single-tour .attachment-post-thumbnail, .single-tour .description-icons {display:none;}

Hi there What is the optimal image size for the homepage slider?


Hi. Because the slider is full width, you want background images 1900px+ wide. Otherwise they will appear ‘zoomed in’ to fill the space. You can put smaller images on additional layers. – Cheers

I’ve given up on the Revolution Slider. It just won’t do what I need it to do, doesn’t work on mobile platforms, and isn’t user-friendly. I’ve imported Layer Slider instead, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of the Revolution Slider on the front page. I deactivated the RS plugin, but the slider still shows up. What do I need to do to get rid of it? I can place Layer Sliders with short code….

Thanks, JC

Feeling dense. I added this to the stylesheet, but it doesn’t make any difference. Where do I need to put this?

Thanks, JC

Add it to the very bottom of style.css

Beautiful. THANK YOU!