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Hi there How Can I remove children as an option to the sidebar reservation form?

You can edit the form in sidebar-tour.php and edit the mailer in admin/register/mailer.php

Hello I would like to know how to do to put a <Site Map< as you have in the demo!

I would also like to know how to do to make Tabs? I see in the demo there is something like this: Tabs. Home -Profile – Messages Sed ut unde omnis perspiciatis. Tabs can be added in any page?

And finally I would like to know how you can put a frame on the top of the page as in the demo:



Can you please let me know, where to change the inner page banners from, if I want separate banners for separate pages.

Regards, SSgthemes

Hi. The theme currently only supports one global header image. This has been a suggested update that we are looking at. You can add different header images with css and page id.

Hi, I have a problem with the tour forms. It doesn’t send emails. Please help to fix the issue.

You can check with your host to see if php is setup to send mail. If not WordPress mail isn’t going to work. You can try a plugin like this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-mail-smtp/

Just a suggestion for a future theme update: Because my client offers safaris during specific times of the year, it would be great to add a calendar/date field that will show on the tour excerpt below the featured image. So, for instance, you’d have the tour’s featured image, then “July 18-25, 2014” followed by all the icons for meal included, lodging, etc. and the excerpt.

Right now, there’s no way to showcase the date without putting it into the excerpt manually.

Just a thought!

Cheers, JC

Thanks for the suggestion. – Cheers

One more note today!

My client isn’t using his Twitter feed on the home page, so we removed the twitter shortcode. However, this leaves a blank bar above the footer where the Twitter feed would usually go. How do we get rid of this blank bar between the testimonials and the footer?

Thanks, JC

That blank bar is the footer section for widgets. If you go to appearance/widgets you can drag them to the footer sidebar. Do you want to remove the widget section?

Ah ha. Yes, we don’t need any widgets in that spot, so let me know how to remove the bar.

Open up footer.php and remove this:

<div class="footbg">
  <div class="container box">
    <div class="row footer">
      <?php get_sidebar('footer');?>
    <footer class="foot">
      <div class="row"> </div>
  <!-- /container --> 

Hello I would like to know how to do a Site Map as you have in the demo!

I would also like to know how to do to make Tabs? I see in the demo there is something like this: Tabs. Home -Profile – Messages Sed ut unde omnis perspiciatis. Tabs can be added in any page?

And finally I would like to know how you can put a frame on the top of the page as in the demo:


Hi. Create a new page and select ‘site map’ from the templates drop down in the right margin. It is generated automatically.

To add tabs you can use shortcodes on any page. See near the bottom of the documentation for an example. http://pixelgrapes.com/docs/trek/

To add a header image go to appearance/customize and select the ‘pages’ tab. You can upload a header image. Once it appears in the preview screen hit save. – Cheers

I have still not received any help with the bug on my site. If I would have known that this item wasn’t supported I wouldn’t have purchased it!

I don’t see any questions here or any tickets under your username? Do you have a ticket # – Thanks

Hi there Can I use the short code [featured_tours category=”snow sports”] within an Accordian?

No, that shortcode won’t display inside another shortcode. Cheers

Hi I really like your theme. I’m building a website based on your theme. For the tour page, I’m using tour category shortcode. But it doesn’t display all tours. All pages are working fine except one page which has 17 tours. It just displays 8 tours. Here is the link. http://visitwashougal.com/parks-landmarks/ Please let me know how I can resolve this issue.


Hi. Sounds like a WP setting. Go to settings/reading and increase the ‘posts to show at most’ setting. – Cheers

It is resolved. Thank you so much! :)

I have just realized that on a tablet/phone the full drop down menu isn’t showing. on my page http://www.vilayatours.com it is only showing 6 items but I have a total of 8.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

I have a samsung tablet (10.1”) and a samsung phone and neither show the last two items on the menu and the menu doesnt scroll. Please advise if this is a compatability issue or not. And where do I include the code snippet you sent in the previous message (it looks like the stylesheet but just want to be sure). Thank you for your help. .

Yes, add it to the very bottom of style.css You may need to increase the height number. I don’t think it’s compatibility but rather just the size of the samsung screens. Let me know if it does the trick. – Cheers

Thanks. It is now working on the Galaxy Tab. Still only showing 6 menu items on the Galaxy Mini phone (only 320pixels) – I guess that is an ‘old’ phone now. Anyway of getting a scrolling menu?

in the Appearance> Menu why there is no Tour Categories which i can drag to add in the main menu? The only categories is for the post.

Hit the ‘screen options’ button in the top right corner and make sure you have ‘tour categories’ checked. – Cheers

Hi there, love your theme. Before I buy I have 3 questions: 1. Can I use a multiple languages plugin? 2. Which payment gateway can I use? Only Paypal? 3. We have 3 different currencies for tours on different continents. Can we somehow decide which currency to show to the customer and also use a currency converter?

Thank you! Katrin

Hi Katrin. The theme is compatible with WPML. It only uses Paypal. It would require a small modification to show different currencies for different tours. Paypal will show the conversion at checkout. – Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick reply :-) If you are saying for different currencies it needs a small modification that would mean some developer going into the code? Thanks!

Yes, or you can do it. It’s a real simple change which I can show you how to do. In fact, I can set it up for you and all you would need to do is add your page names to the code. – Cheers


I’ve created list of International and Domestic Tours as separate pages using the following shortcodeL

[tours category=”domestic”]

[tours category=”international”]

There is no style for these pages. Headings run over lines, the icons appear in a vertical list rather than horizontally and the font looks hideous.

How can I fix the style for these pages?


Hmmm,thanks for your quick response. It has fixed the font issue but the heading text is still wrapping and the icons still appear horizontally and I’ve also noticed it’s displaying all the tours twice. The first lot of tours are the ones that are displaying weird. The second lot are displaying properly. Also, the same tours are displaying for both International and Domestic packages. I have 4 ‘international’ packages and one ‘Domestic’ package. I’m quite sure I’ve applied the categories and template correctly.

I set the page attributes to ‘default template’ and that fixed the problem with the page displaying both sets of tours. But the formatting issue still remains.

Can you PM me a link so I can take a look. Thanks

Hi there I am using your button shortcode on a page, I have selected whole shortcode and added link but it will not work. Is there a better way? http://nomads.phillipohren.com/about-us

Try it like this:

[button size="large" link="contact-us"]Your Journey Awaits[/button]


i want to have only blog articles from one category on the homepage (from the blog). Is that possible?! Can you tell me which wordpress function i have to change?!

Thanks a lot

Yes. The easiest way is to open admin/shortcodes/recentposts/recentposts-half.php You can add your category ID to the loop array like this:
$args = array('post_type'=> '',
            'ignore_sticky_posts'   => 1,
                        'posts_per_page' => $number,
                        'order' => 'none',
                        'cat' => '15'

Hi there, would you be so kind to let me know how i can use a different cover image or header image (where now there’s the mountain with snow) for each page? or at least for each tour? I read all the other comments about it and i guess I’m gonna have to add some code?

Also, is there a built-in way to make the theme multi-language?

Many thanks

Just read the website is compatible with WPML. So please just let me know how use a different cover image per page! Cheers

You can do it by adding css like this:
.page-id-76 .bgimage {background: url('your_image');}
Just change the page id to the page you want to use the image on. – Cheers

Awesome! Thanks

Hello, i like to buy your theme, but, i would like if the following plugins are full compatible:

W3 Total Cache Plugin   https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/

WP Smush It http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/

Thank you in advance..

Yes, you can use those plugins with the theme. – Cheers

Thanks!!? I bought it allready! ;) chears

I want to change the background&font of parallax h3 and some other stuff but when I check my style.css file on server it has very few lines and I cannot find parallax entry. WHen I check the code with firebug or on downloaded file style.css, it has plenty of lines and I see parallax.

Sound like you may not be in the themes/trek folder. You can view style.css for the theme from the WP editor. In appearance/editor.

7 – How to insert the background picture on pages like: Contact page, FAQ ,...(Located at the header) like shown on the demo.

Where can i open support ticket

In appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab you can upload a header image. You can open support tickets at http://support.pixelgrapes.com – Cheers