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Hello. Is there a way to put videos into pages like on the blogs?

If you use the text editor you can paste your embed code in the content area. And then wrap it in a responsive container like this

<div class="video2"> embed code </div>

Hello there,

My website cannot send messages either from the Contact Form or the Request Form. It gets stuck in the “Sending Message..” .. Any ideas?

It normally would be one of those two things. Unless you are on a Windows server?

I am not. I am on Linux.

Fixed it. Re-Installed theme and fixed the problem. Thank you :)

Hi i am having a bit of a problem here, i am trying to have a section on the homepage that displays only the most popular tours,

[featured_tours category=”most popular”] i have created a category called most popular but when i put i put this shortcode on the page it just displays all the tours.

I tried doing the same with carousel with the same results all the tours i have to offer show up.

Do you know a fix for this ?

Unfortuanetly i cant give you access or have you look at the webpage since i am making the web on a localhost.

With thanks

Use the tour category slug. [tours category=”category-slug”]

Hi i am using the cat slugs

Should work. If you PM me a login I can take a look for you. – Cheers

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with the FAQ page. Similar to what another poster has said. I have created a few FAQ categories and they appear but all the FAQ posts that I’ve created have failed to appear under the categories.

Any ideas?

Did you create new categories? If you rename the existing categories from the demo content it may cause a permalink issue. But if you create new categories an resave your faq posts it should fix that issue.

Hello, I’m trying to create my menu and I have followed your instructions.

This theme has one menu. ‘Main menu’ is the main navigation. Go to Appearance > Menus Add Menu Name Click Create Menu Then select it from Theme Locations

But I can’t reach Theme Location. can you help me please? I’ve update at last WP release. Many thx. :(

Fix it… Sorry!


I´m interested in buying this theme. Questions:

1. There is only one image shown for each tour. Is it possible to show more photos for each tour with an image gallery?

2. Is it possible to arrange all tours by destinations, as I offer just one tour type in different locations?

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter. Yes you can do both. – Cheers

Hello again,

do I have to custom code for that purpose?

Thanks, Peter

No. You can add a photo gallery to tour posts. And tour detonations can be arranged using categories. Cheers

Good day,

Submitted a request (#2113) regarding the slider display. Looking forward to your reply.


No sorry, have not received it. The support mail is not a direct email address. You will need to reply to the ticket email above the ‘line’. Or you can log into the support area to update the ticket. – Cheers

Ticket updated.

Any update on this?

Has there been a option for a Instagram icon in social settings yet?

Yes. Version 1.4 has Instagram and Youtube icons added. – Cheers

How can I restore typography option to blank? to load default font.

You should be able to select the blank (default) space from the dropdown and hit save.

any way to allow comments for the tours? would love for my customers to leave comments about it.

I agree – that should be an option. So I just added it to version 1.5 which is available for download now. – Cheers

Hi Trek theme support !

I would need to do a page like you did in the demo with tours from only 1 category, how do I do it ?

Thanks you !

HI PixelGrapes, So I tried the second one works perfectly ! But the first one, the one I would like to have… doesn’t work… why???

You may need to upgrade theme to version 1.4+ for the second shortcode.

Thanks Thanks ! Perfect now!

Hi, I have installed wordpress 3.9.1, after I added the template from the dashboard but when I try to import the “demo” content I receive this message if I check the option “Download and import file attachments”. Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@saporitours.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The uploads folder is already 777

If I don’t check the option “Download and import file attachments” the importantion works but there aren’t images in the blog now.


Thanks for any help

Sounds like the server is timing out. May need to increase the php max file size & max execution time.

Can you suggest me some value? Because the problem appears at once when I click “submit”. Thank you

Settings like this should be good: http://goo.gl/LGmA0o

Hi there A couple of questions - What is the default loading order for the theme? - Is there a way to prevent the icons appearing at the top then dropping down when the slider loads? Is it to do with the image size being defined? - We opted not to have an image header, is there a way to also remove the space, so the top of the page sits closer to the menu bar? www.nomadssecrets.com thanks

You could give the slider a minimum height.

#slider {min-height:600px;}

For the spacing, please see the last line I added to your custom css. You can adjust the px as needed. – Cheers

Hi there

We just moved the site to a new host server. And I can see all the tour snipets, in admin all the tour pages are there, but when I click any I get a 404. Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening?

You may need to go into settings/permalinks and resave the settings.


It looks great this theme, but before purchasing it, I would like to know if it supports qtranslate plugin.

Thank you!

Hi. Yes, the theme has a language file. Cheers


I tried to make the footer widget area one column by altering the functions.php file like you suggested above with <span12>, but there was no change. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

It looks like you have ‘span2’ ? Depending on how you want it to appear, you may also want to add some css:

.footer {text-align:center;}

Yeah, I was messing around with different span numbers and left it at 2 for no reason, since it wasn’t making any difference. What I’m trying to do is get that “site map” at the bottom to list everything in one row. I’ll try that CSS alteration.

If you PM me a login I can take a look for you. – Cheers

Hi, question about the theme. I have seen comments requesting the ability to have unique header photos on pages and your reply that this is a planned development for a future release. Do you have an approximate ETA?

I would invest in having customized about the theme, but if the enhancement in due shortly I can make do in the meantime.

Hi. I don’t have an exact ETA. We’re bundling a few items together in an update and will include unique header images. Probably still 2 or 3 weeks out. Cheers

Perfect, that’s all I need to know – if we’re talking about a few weeks I will make do in the mean time. If it was more like an unknown number of months I’d pay to have it customized.

I’ll be waiting patiently!


I’ve got 2 issues with the blog section of the theme.

1. The title of the blog and subtitle doesn’t appear. If there are no posts it stays blank, however if I add a post, the title of the latest blog post is shown in the header slot.

2. There is no ‘featured image’ available on posts. I used to be able to add images but now the option has disappeared. I have checked ‘screen options’ and there is not featured image option.


I have fixed the featured image issue – a plugin was causing an issue. The 1st issue, with the blog and post titles is still present though.

Hi. Go to appearance/customizer and select the ‘static front page, tab. Set the posts page back to the default ‘select’. Should do it.

Brilliant, that fixes it.


Hi, I am loving this theme – thank you! However, like someone else in the comments above I am experiencing an issue with slide transition on the home page. The slides “blip” a little before transition. How can I solve this please? Site is at http://projectsfive.waterstreet.co.uk if you need to see what I mean. Thanks, Neil

Hi Neil, Sorry for the delay. What browser are you using. It appears ok for me in Safari.

I’m using safari on desktop and mobile/tablet, plus in Firefox and Chrome I get the same effect – the next image in the slider flashes for a split second on top of the existing image before the full transition

If you re-download the theme, you can get the current version of revolution slider from the ‘includes’ folder. Try re-installing the plugin to see if that fixes the issue.

IHi there I have a small problem with the mobile version. I would like in the mobile version, the main menu does not scroll down…! How I can do that?


The same thing should work on mobile. You might need to clear the browser cache. You can adjust the slider spacing

.home #slider {margin-top:0px}

Sure, the mobile version also works. What I mean is that if it is possible to not use the fixed menu for mobile only. But for other desktop or laptops work with the fixed menu.

( I do not want to use the fixed menu for mobile only, but for desktop or laptops yes I would like to use. )

Would that be possible,? if not possible, however I appreciate the help you’ve given me.


Change it to this:

@media (max-width: 480px) {.navbar-fixed-top {position:absolute;}}