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Hi I have a problem with the html code page builder module. I insert a code but after updating the page the code is modified/simplyfied.

is this a known bug?

Can you please post this request to my help forum? I’m out of the office these days, the support staff will check it.

ok, thanks

Thanks for understanding.

Hi, I have a problem with parallax backgrounds on mobile (tested on iphone 5, chrome and safari).

If you make the test on a desktop computer by resizing the browser window, the parallax background will work good and will look correctly resized.

But the parallax background will look not resized you test it on a real device.

here you can see the screenshot comparsion:

the website is this:



I guess it is a duplicated comment.

yes sorry, because I insert this issue in your previous comment reply, you can delete this :)

There is no option to delete the comment, let’s leave it.

I have trouble loading my website. It does how ever show up when I’m logged into wordpress, but does not show up while viewing normally on safari,chrome or firefox.. a blanck page appears, when loaded. What is the problem here?

Hello! Need your site details, I’m sure it is not theme related issue. Maybe you did the wrong installation.

Hi, Can I set the number of portfolio masonry blocks per row? I have 12 portfolio items but am getting 5 columns on each row, so I have 3 rows with 5 blocks, 5 blocks and 2 blocks. I’d like to have it set 4×4x4.


Hello! It is possible, but it requires the changes in the page builder module. It can be done as a custom solution.

Hi, Thanks. I’m not fully sure now how many blocks I need. I thought it might have been a quick option to try out. I’ll let you know if I need to change it.


How can I change the ”?” from the FAQ to another letter?

Thanks, B

Hello! Please post this question to my help forum and you will be assisted. I’m out of the office these days. Thanks for understanding.

Can any one help??? I posted a question on the forum but haven’t heard back. How or where can I edit the Portfolio Posts Preview Style settings? As it works currently all of the styling CSS is stripped when you are viewing the content in the preview window . There no breaks from the heading and body text, etc.. I would like my content to show the text with full CSS styling. Please help. Thanks.

Hello! What is the link to your forum thread? Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to get a response. All the questions are answered in the order they were submitted. Thanks I posted on the 19th I just added a screen shot to the post as well hopefully to better explain

BTW… Thank you so much for the response! You guys are awesome and I LOVE the theme!

When I install the plugin when am done with development of my theme how do I set it up for sale on in themeforest ?

so are you saying of i buy this theme from GT3 with a developer license i can change the design I can resell it.

Please use this contact form to ask all the questions that you have regarding the plugin

Hi, I have a problem with the Page Builder.

Each time I create an item (e.g. Tabs), at first I can normally create the content. But, then, when I want to edit it again and click on the Edit button, I can only see the title but the editor and the whole textbox disappears (no MCE editor) – this appears to many elements of the Page Builder.

This is quite annoying since changing an existing element is almost impossible. I tried it on Mac Chrome/FF/Safari. Please provide a solution asap since my site can’t be finished like that…

Thank you very much Marcel

Hello Marcel! 1. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the theme and page builder. Note, that each theme has its own page builder version, do not use the one which is available on our site. 2. If there is still issue, please send your wp-admin details and the name of the page where you have this problem

I made the update but same issue… where can I send you my wp-admin?

Please send them to support at Do not forget to copy/paste the issue that you have.


I really like the clean look of this theme, and the various functionality options as well. Just wanted to confirm if I can use it for an eComm site with woocommerce or WP eCommerce plugins?

Hello! Please review WooCommerce features to better understand what you can do with that plugin.

The WooCommerce page claims that it will work with any theme.

I just read one of your earlier replies to a comment saying “For example, tomorrow you will install the woocommerce plugin and keep saying that it does not work properly with the theme”

so I wanted to make sure I can use it.

Yes, the woocommerce plugin will work but it requires a lot of styling… which means that you may face the problems on frontend.

Where do you edit the tagline once selected in view options?

You are the first customer who wants to edit the tagline types content.

That doesn’t mean it was built right. Defend hard-coded text in WordPress themes all you want.

You can change any theme phrases in .po files.

Having installed this both on my local machine and on a test server (separately) I am having an issue with the theme navigation menu. It appears to be non functional screenshot. What am I doing wrong?

I figured it out..If anyone else gets stuck here. What you need to do is go to appearance->menus. Then click on manage locations and assign the main menu to the menu slot.. Silly me :)

Hello! Frankly speaking its mentioned in the documentation ;)

Hello, congratulations for your theme. We would like to know if it is possible to change the shapes on homepage slider (squares, lines e.t.c.) and use our one.

Hello! Thanks for your nice words. We use the Revolution slider plugin. You can find all the required info in the documentation

Revolution slider is not working correctly…ALL slides after first are blank…it’s setup as usual in the admin, have used this plugin numerous times, won’t work in this theme.

If you view the source, you can even see all the slide data is there just fine…

You can’t update it automatically, sometimes the customers purchase it directly from the slider developer to use it in different projects. Anyway, please send your wp-admin details and we will take a look.

Thank you I sent you a message containing that information :)