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Really Trendy Work :) Well Designed for Photographers GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Unique Work , good luck with sales.
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thank you !

Great Work , I have only one question

Is this possible >>


Thank you :)

Yes, you can set the image as full background

no I mean can I write photo description on each photo or only title is allowed ?

You can add one line text at the bottom right part for each image

Elegant work. GLWS!


Great job!Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Great photographer theme! :)

Thanks! :)

for galleries and portfolios are posts being used or post types …


1. In the current version this option is not available.

2. only categories.

would these two items be up for future next version consideration

Yes, and thank you for the interest!


Awesome theme! Could you add the Vimeo social icon in the next update? Thank you, Chris

Thank you for reporting. I am currently working on the new update, after publishing I will let you know

Hi, just a quick question, when do you think the next update will be available? Thank you so much!


Just approved, there is a new update with different order types for the slider on home page and Vimeo social icons

On the home page – can the navigational items that lay over the main photo be changed to custom links or other WP pages? Currently they just point to galleries.

Unfortunately this is a list of categories and can’t point to custom pages.

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Thanks for the speedy reply. If you have the bandwidth, please consider this flexibility for future theme updates.

Thank you.

Amazing ! Nice theme ;)

Thank you :)

Is this template built for Wordpress?

Yes, this is a wordpress theme

Beautiful theme. Two things to ask

1) Is it possible to text pages to be added, or some text next / undrer the photos?

2) Sometimes when you click on home page the main menu (for example nature), images are not loaded. Content area remains white / grey with the title only and you have to reload the page to view the images (chrome / win7).

Hi, thank you!

1. Yes, you can add one line text under the photo: example, here at the right bottom part, you can see the name of the author, but you can add any text you want there.

2. I am testing with win7/chrome and I can’t get this error, could you please send me a screenshot?

Thank you!

Really nice work, good luck!

Thank you!

Unique concept between all those boring similar themes. Congrats for that! ;)

Thank you ! :)

Hi there! By the way a woocommerce integration will make this theme unbeatable!

Cheers, Chris

Thank you for the advise Chris! I am planning such an update.

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Seriously a GRT theme and style, awesome on mobile and just $LICK! Grt Work #BadWeather for bringing some WP Lighting!

jaja, thanks a lot for the comment!

Best Theme! GLWS!

Thank you mate!


Quick question:

Is there an option for a full page width blog (instead of two columns?) to accomodate the traditional photo blog format?

Warmest, Faith


Thank you for the comment!

For the blog listing you can choose between full width grid layout and classic layout.

Same for articles:

Classic post and Standard post

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